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Couplemaker Dating – Chat Meet (dating app review)

Couplemaker dating app is the Internet’s No. 1 blind date app.

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Couplemaker dating app is a mobile dating product launched in Korea and it’s now very popular in English-speaking countries as well. Actually, if you are a western guy looking for a Korean girlfriend, you must download Couplemaker dating app now.

Efficient blind dates at your fingertip.
• Crush factor: circle the user that you like among a list of members’ photos that are introduced to you.
• If you and another member circled each other’s dating profile, that’s a match.
• Once the match is discovered, you can see each other’s names and contact details. That’s how you contact each other.
• Every dating profile is manually checked by Couplemaker dating app’s staff members.
• Only approved users can use this service.

$6.49 – $65.99 per item

• Couplemaker dating app is a great alternative if you dislike mainstream dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble which display your photo AND your name in the community. In other words, if you live in a small city where everybody knows everybody, you probably don’t like it when other members can see your name as well as your photo at the same time.
• Couplemaker dating app is the best blind date app on the market because you will only see another member’s name and contact details after a match is made. Your privacy is well protected.
• Couplemaker dating app is the best Korean women dating app if your goal is to get a Korean girlfriend.

• Couplemaker dating app doesn’t have enough English-speaking members if you live in an English-speaking country because the majority of its users are in Korea.
• It is quite expensive, compared to other similar dating apps. You have to pay in order to contact other members.


Users’ comments:
“Now I don’t need to ask my friends and co-workers to introduce other singles to me anymore because I can easily meet interesting and attractive people on Couplemaker dating app. This is so handy.” (Leeanne, 32, Sydney)
“I always wanted to meet more Korean women. Luckily, I found Couplemaker dating app on the Internet! Now I’m dating three Korean beauties at the same time.” (Linus, 35, New York)
“This is the only dating app you need if you want to date Korean ladies. And the Korean girls on this app are absolutely stunning!” (Benjamin, 27, L.A.)
“I am a Korean woman living in America and I only use Couplemaker dating app to meet western men, because if I use Tinder or Bumble, I will meet many western men who aren’t interested in Korean women like me. But on Couplemaker dating app, I always meet western men who are very interested in meeting Korean girls. This is perfect.” (Kim, 25, Miami)

Experts’ comments:
“Couplemaker dating app is the No. 1 blind date app for those who are interested in meeting girls from Korea.” (Jade Seashell)
“When you travel to Korea, you must download Couplemaker dating app immediately.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:
Couplemaker dating app is an effective app for you to flirt with ladies from Korea. You need to make sure your photo looks great if you’d like to have more matches on this app.


The quality of your photo determines how many matches you’ll get.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Robert says

    I still don’t believe it, but I’ve met my wife on the Couplemaker Dating. I was registered here by chance, to tell the truth, my friend created my profile, he was very worried about my fate. I was even angry with him and asked to delete the account. I’m so glad that he didn’t do it, since it was here that I found my true love. I had been using the app for 2 months, and there were a lot of people who messaged me just to entertain, although I myself did not look for anything serious there. I always thought that such apps were just a waste of time. One day, the future wife wrote me, we met, and never parted again.

  2. Helen B says

    I have been using Couplemaker Dating about six months, and I can say that this app has its pros and cons. I like the nice design, it is convenient to use the mobile application – all the buttons are in their place, the app is user-oriented, and it is very easy to use it. As every dating app, there are paid services, whether everyone decides to use them or not. But the only thing that distinguishes the resource from numerous analogues is a lot of foreigners, and indeed there are many registered people with whom you can communicate, it is possible to find your soul mate in another part of the world.

    1. Justin K. Hankins says

      As for me I don’t completely agree with you. I think that the main principle of this app is to ask for user’s money. Attention – if you are not ready to write messages first, then there is no sense in registration and subscription for the paid services, if you have a registration and there is no premium account, then the bots are actively browsing your questionnaire! There are a lot of fake profiles, as well as photos non-real users.

  3. Lisa says

    Couplemaker is the first dating app that I’ve decided to use, and probably it’ll become the last one, because I’m completely satisfied with it and don’t want to look for something else. It’s much more interesting to browse for the necessary accounts with paid services, but if you want you can communicate for free. Especially, if you start to communicate closely with a guy, he usually offers to pay for services himself! So there is no problem with that. Everything is convenient and beautiful.

  4. Tisa R. says

    You can only register and fill out a form for free. By the way, registration and profile are not bad. But if you want some additional functions you need to pay. I think that this app is nothing but an imposition of expensive subscription. That’s why I’m interested how to delete my profile? I just wasted a lot of time over here without any results.

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