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Why European Dating Apps Are So Popular These Days

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If you’ve lived in a western country all your life, you must go to Eastern Europe, South America and East Asia so that you will realize it is a beautiful world. By that I mean if you are a western man from an English-speaking country, you’d better enjoy travel dating.


I’ve been to Eastern Europe, South America and East Asia in order to hook up with hot women in those countries. I find Eastern Europe the best because women in Eastern European countries are the hottest girls in the world.


  • I use European dating apps to meet Eastern European beauties before I arrive there.


In order to hook up with Eastern European ladies faster, I have joined Brilic, the best European dating app in 2019. This is how it works:


First and foremost, I created a dating profile on Brilic dating app when I was still in Los Angeles, California. I searched for women in Poland before I got on the plane.

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I met several hot girls in Poland on the European dating app. We were chatting for a few days already.


When I arrived in Poland, I met each girl in person. I have to say that most Polish girls are 7s, so they look better than most American girls who are chubby and believe in feminism.


Honestly, I want to date 9s and 10s. But in reality, I’m very happy with dating 7s in Poland because these Polish ladies speak English fluently and they are interested in foreigners like me.


Thanks to the European dating app, I was able to build a rapport with these Polish beauties instantly. Here is the conversion rate: I chatted with 5 Polish girls and met 4 of them in person. I hooked up with 3 of them within 1 week after I arrived in Poland.


This conversion rate is almost impossible in Los Angeles and here’s why:


When I was in Los Angeles, I oftentimes see pretty ladies in the street because this is the second largest city in the United States and many hot women move to Los Angeles in order to become models and movie stars.


But the problem is I’m not an A-list celebrity. Almost all girls in L.A. are dreaming of dating A-list celebrities because they are already in Los Angeles.

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That’s why girls that I wanted didn’t want me – they want to date Leo DiCaprio.


Frankly, I’m probably an 8 – I look like the younger version of Keanu Reeves. I go to the gym and have a six-pack. I’m not shorter than Leo DiCaprio. However, the problem is I’m not Leo DiCaprio.


Financially, I’m doing reasonably well – I can live wherever I want because my business is completely online. And I can afford to travel around the world.


Yet again, the problem is I’m not an A-list celebrity but I want to date very hot girls. That’s why I had to leave Los Angeles.


Well, I actually left America and moved to Eastern Europe in order to date hotter women who aren’t entitled.


  • The differences between Polish women and Ukrainian women are subtle and interesting.


As a matter of fact, I also used European dating apps to meet Ukrainian women before I visited Ukraine. It worked to some degree.


The main issue with dating Ukrainian girls is that most Ukrainian beauties don’t speak English well. I had difficulty communicating with them.


Having said that, I figured something out in Ukraine. I approached a guy in a nightclub who wanted to practice his English with me. I leveraged my US dollars to buy him drinks, so he wanted to become my friend.

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Then this guy started to introduce hot Ukrainian women to me because he really gets it. I appreciate his intelligence.


This Ukrainian man was my wingman and translator. I got laid mainly because of his help. Quite frankly, I learned this technique from the Kingmaker podcast last year. And it works extremely well.


Yet when I was trying to use the same technique in Poland, it didn’t work anymore because Polish men just didn’t get it. Anyway, fortunately, most Polish girls speak English very well, so I didn’t have many difficulties communicating with them.


Here is my observation: Polish girls are less attractive than Ukrainian women. Most Polish ladies are 7s, whereas most Ukrainian beauties are 8s, 9s and 10s. Most women in Poland speak English fluently because they started to learn English early, whilst the majority of women in Ukraine can’t speak English well because they started to learn English later.


But of course, both Polish ladies and Ukrainian ladies are on European dating apps. That’s something they share!


In my opinion, Ukrainian women are better at doing makeup and dressing up because they are competing for limited resources, i.e. high-value men in Ukraine. Because there aren’t many rich men in Ukraine due to their bad economy, beauties in Ukraine have to look extremely attractive in order to get high-quality men’s attention.


Polish women are more westernized, so they pay less attention to their looks. That’s why they generally look less attractive than Ukrainian beauties.


The best part of living in Eastern Europe is I make First-World money online and I can live a high life in Eastern European countries. Please note that the average monthly wage is US$591 in Poland and the average monthly salary is US$301 in Ukraine.


That’s why many Ukrainian women have moved to Poland recently. Anyway, I know I make much more money than people in Poland and Ukraine, so I can always afford to take my Polish and Ukrainian girlfriends out for some fancy dates.


And they are truly impressed. Yet I didn’t really spend a lot of money according to my standards.

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  • Are Eastern European women use European dating apps to look for casual dates or serious relationships?


In general, most women in Poland are more open-minded and are happy to hook up like western women. One of them told me that her favorite character on TV is Samantha Jones.


Therefore, a lot of girls in Poland use European dating apps for casual hook-ups only.


But Ukrainian girls are more traditional, so they tend to look for serious relationships on European dating apps. By the way, when western men go to Ukraine, Ukrainian women will ask these questions:


  1. Why are you here?
  2. Are you here for s*x?
  3. Are you planning on going back to your home country?


It happens to me all the time. Each Ukrainian stunner that I’ve dated has asked me these questions. They are very curious. Hence, please make sure you have prepared your answers to these questions before going to Eastern Europe.

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Also, I have noticed that most men who are into travel dating are from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. It is said that when men from these countries are leaving the West in order to meet women in other countries, that means women in the West probably aren’t very attractive these days.


Indeed, I’m not a fan of western women because western girls who are 9s and 10s don’t want to date me, but I can easily get 9s and 10s in Eastern Europe. That’s just my reality and my honest opinion. Maybe your reality is different and you have a different opinion. And that’s okay!

You may argue that western men make more money, so we can afford to travel around the world. But that’s probably only one factor in the dynamics. A much more important question is: What really motivates western men to leave western countries?

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