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Elite Dating App Advice: Who You Know VS Who Knows You

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If you are an entrepreneur, the skill of attaining publicity is perhaps the most important part of your business. This is what I learned after using an elite dating app. I met a Taiwanese woman via that app and I’m eternally grateful because I learned so much from her: Taiwanese people highly value relationships. More importantly, they value who know them more than who they know because the former is the key to financial success.

  • The key message is so empowering:

When I was learning Chinese language, my Chinese teacher told me that “guanxi” is a Chinese word which has entered the English language. Then I looked it up in Oxford English Dictionary, I saw the definition of “guanxi”: (in Mainland China and Taiwan) the system of social networks and influential relationships which facilitate business and other dealings. My Chinese teacher is right. Just now I even Googled “define guanxi” and saw this word is already an English word on Google.

I asked my rich Taiwanese friends about it. They told me something even more powerful. A rich Taiwanese friend literally said, “Yes, your qualification is important when you are looking for a job. But many people have the same or similar qualifications. So, oftentimes, it’s not about what qualifications you have, it’s about who you know. Oh, it’s more about who knows you.”

“What do you mean? Who knows me?” I was curious.

“Yes, who you know is important, but who knows you is ten times more important,” says my rich Taiwanese friend, “For example, I know John, the powerful business owner of ABC company, but John doesn’t necessarily want to help me with my career. Nevertheless, Mark knows me & Mark is the powerful business owner of XYZ company – When he is looking for a new manager, he will think of me because he knows I’m a good manager.”find real girls

  • I met Pauline via the elite dating app & this is a life-changing experience:

Pauline, a sexy Taiwanese woman, was a singer in her 20s. When I met her on the elite dating app, she was 35 years old and became a rich Taiwanese woman already. However, she didn’t become rich because she was a popular singer.

Pauline’s story is very interesting. When she started her first business (a show business), she was only 17 years old. She never had a music lesson in her life. She just knew how to sell tickets and DVDs/CDs to the right audience. She hired four girls who were better than her – those four girls studied music and were able to sing the demo for her (demo = someone sang Pauline’s section of a song and recorded that voice so that Pauline could imitate what she heard & add something new – isn’t this another example of “stealing and building” which is a perfect PR strategy?) Better still, those four girls actually look more attractive than her – Pauline knew s*x appeal sells & she also said, “Ego is the enemy.” Wow. I’m glad that I was a member of the elite dating app and met Pauline. She is such a great mentor.

Pauline named her girl group “The Gemstones” because every girl in this group had a stage name like “Diamond” or “Amethyst” (I can’t remember everyone’s name in her girl group& Pauline’s stage name was Pearl or Pearly – again, I can’t remember every detail.) What happened was Pauline had a voice injury and couldn’t sing anymore. After she was lip-synching throughout the final show, they announced that Pauline’s show business was closed permanently because the other four girls didn’t want to continue without Pauline.elite dating app

As Pauline was removing her makeup in her dressing room, she was silently crying because she knew her show business was over. At that moment, a gentleman came backstage. Pauline thought perhaps someone was going to complain about the fact that she was lip-synching during the final show, but that gentleman changed her life forever.

In fact, that gentleman bought a season ticket and came to see Pauline’s show for seven times continuously, so he could tell that Pauline had a vocal cords injury and the situation was getting worse and worse.

Pauline told him that she couldn’t run her show business anymore, and she felt lost and didn’t know what to do next.

That gentleman asked her to work with him. He said, “I have a similar business, but mine is not local – my show business is international. I’m the owner of my business; I’m not a singer or dancer. I think you can become a fantastic manager for my show business.”

Just like that, Pauline got a fantastic job offer twenty minutes after her singing career was over, because that gentleman knew her (not because she knew that gentleman).

The ending was the new beginning. If that ending didn’t happen, perhaps I wouldn’t meet Pauline on the elite dating app.

The conclusion is pretty clear: Publicity is the fast-track to new opportunities. Because Pauline was relatively well-known in her local area, the right person knew her (that guy bought a season ticket to see her show for seven times).Elite Dating App Advice

In terms of career options, the fundamental difference between someone who lacks options and someone who has lots of options is publicity.

Having said that, my rich Taiwanese friend from the elite dating app doesn’t want to have mainstream fame because in her opinion, mainstream fame brings more liabilities than benefits. “If you want opportunities to find you, you don’t need to have massive publicity. You just need to have the right publicity,” says Pauline, “In my case, I was a local showgirl and perhaps thousands of people knew me at that time. And that was enough. Basically, I could do whatever I wanted with that show business as I had thousands of fans. And I didn’t have the liabilities of mainstream fame.”

If she didn’t have her show business which failed due to her vocal cords’ injury, she probably wouldn’t become so rich today. It was her show business that gave her the right publicity, thereby bringing her a high-paying job. Without the right publicity, opportunities like that wouldn’t find her in the first place.asian women on app

  • The perfect recipe that Pauline taught me: Turkey Burgers

As many Taiwanese people are health-conscious, they prefer something yummy, healthy and fast. So, if you’d like to learn how to prepare this perfect lunch in record time, this recipe is for you. (Don’t thank me. Thank the elite dating app that introduced Pauline to me.)

Serves 8:

A) 1 egg
B) 1 red onionC) 1 pound of ground turkeyD) 1 tablespoon tomato paste
E) 2 tablespoons olive oil
F) 2 tablespoons ground almond meal
G) Juice of 1 lime
H) Salt and pepper
I) Finely chopped cilantro

Chop the onion as finely or as think as you prefer. Fry in 1 tablespoon of the olive oil until it becomes lightly browned and soft. Mix all ingredients except the onion and the lime juice in a bowl. You can use your hands at this stage. Split into eight burgers and fry the burgers in the other tablespoon of olive oil over a low heat and then turn frequently. Squeeze lime juice on both sides when they are almost for dating


I didn’t know joining an elite dating app is such as magic.


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