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iPair dating app review (Asian Singles)

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As the Internet’s leading Chinese dating app, iPair has over 9 million users worldwide. Most of its members are in Taiwan. If you are looking for a Chinese lover, you must download iPair dating app.


  • Live videos: Members can upload live videos to showcase their lifestyle.
  • Instant dates: Find men/women who want to catch up now so you’ll never get bored.
  • Interest? Yes/No: See who is interested in you (this feature increases 300% of its success rate).
  • GPS locates where you are and show you members nearby.
  • Mood: You can display your mood today and get attention from others.
  • You can find different languages on this app, meaning you don’t have to know Chinese language in order to join this app.
  • Every dating profile is verified by iPair dating app’s staff members who work 24/7.step4


  • Automatic direct debit: New Taiwan Dollar $660 per month;
  • 3-month subscription: New Taiwan Dollar $563 per month;
  • 6-month subscription: New Taiwan Dollar $465 per month;
  • 12-month subscription: New Taiwan Dollar $358 per month.


  • iPair dating app is run by a listed company, so it’s safe and secure.
  • According to Institute for Information Industry, users who joined iPair have a high success rate: 1 in every 21 individuals gets married successfully; 1 in every 5 individuals gets a long-term relationship; 1 in every 3 individuals gets a date. It is estimated that approximately 300,000 people will get married because of iPair; about 1,200,000 people will find partners on iPair; at least 2,000,000 people will find dates on iPair.


  • Most of its members are Chinese, so it’s not really a worldwide service for everyone.

Users’ comments:

“I like iPair dating app because I found my Chinese girlfriend on this app. We are so in love! I recommend this app to anyone who is interested in dating Chinese women because this app definitely has a lot of hot Chinese girls!” (Todd, 28, San Diego)

“I used to be on iPair dating app when I lived in Taiwan and it was a fantastic dating experience! I definitely enjoyed the benefits brought by this app. Taiwanese girls are the sweetest, sexiest women in the entire world! Indeed, if you walk down the street in Taipei, you will see almost every woman is extremely stylishly dressed. You won’t see anything like this in other cities/other countries – that’s for sure! Women in Taiwan are very good at fashion and beauty because they think it’s their job to look pretty, thereby getting the benefits of having male attention.” (Brad, 26, Toronto)

iPair dating app is a legitimate dating platform which is very popular in Taiwan. My friends and I have joined this app in order to meet new people and we are very happy with the results that we’ve got.” (Julia, 22, Taipei)

“I joined iPair in order to lose my virginity because I really didn’t want to be a virgin anymore – it felt like an obstacle in life. Luckily, I met a mature guy who only wanted to sleep with me, so he didn’t care how painful I felt and just penetrated me so hard. Although it didn’t feel right at that time, now when I look back, I have realized that he actually helped me to lose my virginity successfully, whereas some of my friends who have normal boyfriends couldn’t do it properly – their boyfriends didn’t want them to feel the pain, so they are still virgins, which is quite sad.” (Amy, 21, Hong Kong)asian women online

Experts’ comments:

iPair dating app is a high-quality dating platform for singles to meet each other online. It is particularly popular in Chinese-speaking regions. Therefore, it’s usually recommended to people who are interested in meeting Chinese women online.” (Jade Seashell)

“Anyone who wants to date Chinese beauties must try iPair dating app.  If you try to meet Chinese women by yourself in real life, you may meet 10 eligible Chinese ladies in one year and then you’ll need to work harder and convert them into your lovers. In contrast, if you decide to join iPair, you will love this short-cut in your love life as it is the fast track to Miss Right!” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

iPair dating app is a well-known Chinese dating app for men and women to meet each other. Although it was launched in Taiwan, it’s actually quite popular in other places as well. Those who want to date Chinese beauties can find good luck on this app because there are a large number of hot Chinese women in this community. Because of its live video feature, only good-looking Chinese ladies would join this app and show off their attractiveness. That means the app itself is already a filter which only gets attractive Chinese girls who will get men’s attention fast. No wonder iPair is such a commercial success in a short period of time.

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iPair has made meeting Chinese women easy.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Frank C says

    I was looking for hot Asian girls for a long time with the help of different international dating apps. But now I can say that IPair Dating App is the best one and it makes me really happy. It corresponds to all my desires and dreams, it provides me with beautiful and sexy Asian girls who are ready to get acquainted with the European men. Marriage or just entertainment will not be a particular problem for you if you download this dating app. You only need to register and optionally fill out a questionnaire with information about yourself. So other people can be interested in you. Then just choose from the list of applicants and build your love.

  2. Sheila B says

    IPair Dating App is a real trap for me! This app doesn’t work properly. I was blocked without the right to renew the profile for sending advertising to the event to people. I lost the contact of a man that I was communicating with. My profile with photos is still in the internet. I can’t even delete it. I just have access blocked!

    1. Pauline B says

      It’s a dating app, not an advertising site! So, it’s all your fault. Personally, I also do not like these ads everywhere! And I wish all these users were blocked. I think that the main advantage of this app is that it has great security system and here are just a few scammers and bots. Registration on the site is absolutely free. The price of additional features does not bite, but on the contrary attracts those who decided to find their long-awaited love through the Internet.

  3. Laura J says

    This happens very rarely, but this app has almost no negative sides. The only negative point is the need to pay for additional communication functions on this online platform. For example, if you want to see those who liked your profile, you will have to renew your free subscription to one of the paid ones and pay for it by card.

  4. Frederick says

    I think that this dating app will be useful for everyone who is looking for hot Asian girls and is eager to chat with them 24/7 at any place. Registration and entry to the site is so simple that literally everyone can do it. In comfort mode, you will open a new world of communication immediately after a quick and free registration. One of the main advantages is that men and women can choose with whom to communicate, immediately after registration, which does not take much time.

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