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InviteTravel dating app review (Is this app different from Miss Travel?)

InviteTravel dating app review

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InviteTravel dating app is a platform for travelers to find dates on their mobile phones. You can download this app on iOS or Android.


  • Meet like-minded travelers who want to visit your dream destinations together.
  • Browse other members’ dating profiles according to age, gender, desired destination and budget.
  • When you find a potential travel partner, you can start a conversation and share your travel plans together.


  • Can pay for two: 1-month subscription $25.99
    * Can pay for myself: 1-month subscription $8.49
    * Can pay for two: 1-month subscription $54.99
    * Can pay for myself: 1-month subscription $27.49
    * Can pay for myself: 1-month subscription $2.49
    * Can pay for two: 1-month subscription $8.99
    * Can pay for two: $60.99
    * Premium subscription: $58.99
    * Can pay for myself: $30.99
    * Can pay for two: 1-month subscription $52.99


  • No bells and whistles. Just practical features for you to enjoy.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Advanced search function.
  • InviteTravel dating app combines travel with dating – a unique combination.


  • It’s database is relatively small, compared to other similar travel dating apps.
  • The majority of its members are in the United States, so if you are looking for someone in Europe or elsewhere, it’s harder to find someone suitable.


Users’ comments:

“This is a great app because it’s super flexible. Sometimes when I don’t have enough money, I simply ask someone else to pay for my trip and it works out pretty well. Sometimes when I have lots of money, I just pay for both! It’s definitely better than Miss Travel.” (Carmen, 25, Washington D.C.)

“Actually, although InviteTravel is a decent app, I think most of its users are too young for me because I’m looking for someone more mature – someone who can look after me and pay for everything. That’s why I still prefer Miss Travel – that travel dating app combines sugaring with travel – just perfect!” (Gabby, 26, Seattle)

“I have met some very different women on InviteTravel dating app. Some women on this app are elegant, well-educated and pretty, whereas some women on this app are smokin’ hot, wild and naughty. I like both categories.” (Joshua, 29, L.A.)

“I use InviteTravel dating app to meet sugar mommas. So far, I haven’t found anyone suitable yet. Maybe I should seriously consider joining a sugar momma dating app instead because it is said that sugar mommas are as rare as unicorns.” (Robert, 28, New York)

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Experts’ comments:

“Some members on InviteTravel dating app are confused – they think this app is similar to Miss Travel. But that’s not true. Miss Travel was created by the world’s biggest sugar daddy dating site, whereas InviteTravel is just a mainstream travel dating app.” (Jade Seashell)

“I know some users on InviteTravel use this dating app to find affairs because they are so freaking bored in their marriages. However, they should probably join Ashley Madison or Illicit Encounters instead.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

InviteTravel dating app is a legitimate dating product for people to find dates while travelling. It’s a high-quality app in the travel dating industry. Although it’s been on the market for three years only, it has already attracted thousands of members so far.

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Update: NEW APP on App Store 12.09.2019

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Rachel L. says

    InviteTravel is the most convenient and popular application for those who believe that he can find love online. It has user-friendly interface and a lot of useful tips that facilitate the search of potential partners not only for traveling but also for dating. For now I’m not going to visit foreign countries or some other cities, that’s why I’m using this app with the aim to find friendly communication or, probably, an interesting and intelligent man for dating. One of the best advantages for me is that you can specify a minimum of information about yourself (after all, everyone has something to hide), and there is a rigorous selection of potential interlocutors. I completely recommend downloading it.

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hi Rachel,

      Thank you for the detailed comment.

      Good luck and all the best!


      1. Eddie says

        You can also use “Your Turn” to make it clear who will be chatting next.

    2. Moran says

      You can interact with these prompts to make your dates more fun.

    3. Lindsey says

      And unlike chat services, Hinge does not discriminate between men and women.

  2. Donna says

    As for me, this is wonderful travel app. You can simply chat with users from different countries, look for friends for a walk in your city or organize events. It has very simple interface. Renting housing from private individuals in low-cost hotels and tourist centers is only a small part of the capabilities of this portal. You can find fellow travelers on trips get somewhere in a group to save money, you can also find a sponsor for the trip or a couple for a joint holiday.

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hey Donna,

      Thanks for these tips!


      1. Mohammad says

        Mostly scammers in this dating site . I have reported but same user is still with new profile. People are being robbed. Pls be careful espacially profile operating from Ukraine mostly they are commiting fraud on the name of travelling.

  3. Robert F. Dillon says

    I have been using InviteTravel for a long time. First, I downloaded it 2 years ago when I was looking for a companion to rest. Since that time I used the service 4-5 times. I was lucky that I came across adequate and fun people. In addition to this option, the application helped me to find and rent the room for the holidays. The application has a lot of additional options that make your travel as easy as possible. The registration itself is very simple. This service is recommended, especially to those people who love adventures.

  4. Jill R. Stark says

    This year I visited Cyprus for the first time, and not just one, but with two girls from Amsterdam, whom I found through this wonderful travel dating app. All my emotions were incredible! We became real friends with those girls! The girls were educated and polite, it was pleasant to talk to them. We immediately found a common language. Yes, and on vacation we visited many places – we had very interesting and rich excursions with a visit to the historical places of Cyprus. We rented a car and in 21 days we traveled almost the whole island! It was cool! Unforgettable voyage, and those pleasant memories became possible thanks to this great app!

  5. Sharon says

    How to delete a profile picture? I installed this app 2 days ago and now want to change my profile photo, but all my attempts are unsuccessful. I use the Android platform.

  6. sid says

    Lots of fake profiles on Invite travel. Some women are racist and in one case this one woman from Belarus, who asked for money, and when my friend refused to give money, put No Indian Man on her profile page. Dont want to reveal her name here. But be careful of this app and some users.

    1. James says

      You can also hide bad matches to clear your inbox.

  7. Salazar says


  8. Ray says

    If you are tired of wasting time on online dating chats, try using Hinge.

  9. Shawn says

    This dating app uses an award-winning algorithm to pair you with your ideal match.

  10. Wright says

    Once you’ve made a connection, Hinge will appear at the top of your matches’ feeds.

  11. Willis says

    The app is free, and the profiles of members are full of information.

  12. Mathis says

    Moreover, you’ll notice that they take the time to complete their profiles.

  13. Barnes says

    That means that these people are serious about finding dates.

  14. Clifford says

    The video chat feature is particularly fun, as it encourages you to showcase your personality through your video.

  15. Reeves says

    The prompts are available in five different themes, which will help you spark conversation.

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