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Grizzly dating app review: Gay dating and chat

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As a pioneering dating app for gay men, Grizzly is run by Surge Gay App s. r. o. and was developed in Czech Republic. With over 20,000 downloads per month, Grizzly dating app has become a very popular gay dating community worldwide.


  • Create a dating profile with your e-mail or use your Facebook account to log in instantly.
  • Complete your dating profile information before starting your search on this platform.
  • Describe what you are looking for and clarify your relationship status & body built, thereby creating a perfect match immediately.
  • Upload hot photos to attract hotties.
  • Filter your search according to your dating preference.
  • Specify the location and the age range so that Grizzly dating app can display all the bears that match your dating preference.
  • You can either find gay men near you or across the world.
  • Chat with other gay members online.
  • You can send videos and photos in chat.
  • You are able to find Panda, Ursula, Chub, Otter, Cub or your Polar Bear in this community.grizzly-date


  • Grizzly gay dating app is free to download and join.
  • In-app purchases: $8.99$129.99 per item.


  • It is run by Surge, one of the top online dating companies in the world.
  • New members can try premium features for a week for free.
  • Messages are free.
  • The quality of its members is very, very high.
  • Its staff members are very friendly and helpful. They may even give you a free month membership to try their new premium features.


  • Without your mobile phone location services, you can’t even test this app on your desktop/webapp/tablet. Please note that you would be well-advised to test a gay dating app before purchasing a membership from them.
  • Many so-called “toy boys” are unwilling to show their face on video chat.
  • A lot of men are looking for sugar daddies, but unfortunately, this isn’t a gay sugar daddy dating app.
  • Some so-called “escort” services may contact you via this app.
  • Some alternative porno sites may contact you on this app.Grizzly-search-profile

Users’ comments:

“I like Grizzly dating app because I’ve met many nice people on this platform. So far, this is the best gay dating app I’ve ever used. I highly recommend it to all gay men out there!” (Jason G., 32, Brisbane, Australia)

“At last, I’ve found a wonderful gay dating app that I can trust. I met my neighbor on this dating app. Is it serendipity? We are so in love now.” (Tom K., 33, Vancouver, Canada)

“Grizzly dating app is the only gay dating app that I need – it’s convenient, effective and beautiful. I just love it! I use this app for casual dating only. Whenever I’m horny, I just need to log in and I can get laid within a few hours. So far, so good!” (Barry A., 24, Los Angeles, the United States)

“Who needs Grindr when there is something called Grizzly?! In the past, I would recommend Grindr, but now Grizzly rocks!” (Peter T., 27, Birmingham, the United Kingdom)

“I am sick and tired of receiving messages from so-called male sugar babies looking for sugar daddies. I’m not a sugar daddy and I never plan on financially supporting any losers or users. If I’m a rich guy, I would love to date male sugar babies that actually add real value to the world rather than some lazy, poor men.” (Gary C., 39, Wellington, New Zealand)

“I’m a gay millionaire and I don’t mind meeting toy boys. But a lot of toy boys on Grizzly are unwilling to show their faces on video chat. I don’t want to guess what they look like, so I’ve left this gay dating app already.” (Steve F., 38, San Francisco, the United States)Grizzly-gay-chat

Experts’ comments:

“Grizzly gay dating app is a reliable gay dating product for gay men around the world. Its customer support team is the friendliest team I’ve ever seen.” (Jade Seashell, Australian author and columnist)

“I would like to recommend Grizzly to all gay men looking for love online. It makes dating so much easier.” (Curt Coch, CEO of

“Grizzly is a trusted gay dating app for cute men to find love on the Internet. It’s handy, pretty and user-friendly!” (Serghei, spokesperson of

“Oh, Grizzly is soooooo good! All of my gay friends have tried this gay dating app and they all love it.” (Alex Ainsworth, founder of

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why do we see a growing number of gay dating apps these days?

Dating apps for gay men are becoming more and more popular because this is an LGBTQ-friendly world now – nowadays the mainstream culture promotes LGBTQ and same-s*x marriages are legal in many countries already. Therefore, a lot of app developers have decided to develop gay dating apps to meet the needs of the market.

  1. I’m a drag queen. Can I join Grizzly dating app?

Of course, you can! In fact, drag queens are very popular on this gay dating app because drag queens look very, very, very hot!

  1. I’m a transgender person. Can I join Grizzly?

Well, as a matter of fact, you’d better join a transgender dating app rather than a gay dating community. I think that option is better for you.

  1. I’m a woman attracted to drag queens. Can I join Grizzly gay dating app?

Frankly, you can’t. Yes, I understand that a lot of straight women are attracted to drag queens, and there is nothing wrong with that. You are allowed to like drag queens! But I wouldn’t recommend Grizzly to you because although there are many drag queens on this platform, it’s still a dating app for gay men at the end of the day. You are not a gay man, so you shouldn’t join this gay dating platform. Thanks.Grizzly-gay-app

  1. I’m a gay man, but I’m still in the closet. Previously, I tried to sleep with a woman, but I really didn’t like that experience – it felt like inserting a marshmallow into a coin slot. No, thanks. Not for me. Can I join Grizzly as a gay man in the closet?

Yes, you can. In fact, it’s perfectly okay to join a gay dating app before you come out. You will certainly love the positive, beautiful and romantic ambience of Grizzly.

  1. Is it possible to find an arrangement on Grizzly?

It depends on how you define an arrangement. Honestly, there are many gay sugar daddies out there and some of them have definitely joined Grizzly dating app. And there are more and more male sugar babies these days as well. So, I would say it’s totally possible to find an arrangement on this dating app for gay men. As far as I know, gay sugar daddy dating is a huge industry nowadays.

Executive Summary:

Grizzly gay dating app is one of the best gay dating apps in the world. It helps you to date local gay men, meet hot guys, chat with other members online and share private photos with each other. You can also have a favorite men’s list for yourself so that you can see which members you like the most any time. No matter you are looking for a casual fling or a serious relationship, you can find your Mr. Right here. Good luck!

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Sixty years ago, ‘gay’ meant ‘happy’, according to the dictionary.

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