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The new trends in dating and relationships in 2018

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In 2018 dating and relationships aren’t the same anymore because there are various new trends that you may want to be aware of before looking for a hot woman.

Trend #1: Marriage counselling is common.

         Thirty years ago, people wouldn’t enjoy seeing a marriage counsellor because that made them look like problematic couples.  But in 2018, marriage counselling is the norm. When we have difficulty finishing assignments at university, we would see a study advisor.  When we have difficulty at work, we would see a career advisor. When we have a physical concern, we would see a doctor. But when we have issues about marriages, why can’t we see a marriage counsellor?  Of course we can and we should. Therefore, in 2018 more and more couples have realised the importance of marriage counselling when they experience some difficulties or conflicts in their marriages. In fact, modern people get married for experience instead of survival, so the quality of marriages is much more important in today’s day and age.  If you want to keep your hot wife, don’t forget to look for marriage counselling when you need some support.

Trend #2: Online dating is the main way (if not the only way) to meet hot women.

         Ten years ago, online dating was a taboo topic because people thought only losers who couldn’t find boyfriends/girlfriends would use online dating sites.  But in 2018 everyone is swiping left or right – now online dating is mainstream.  Managing your love life at your fingertip is really revolutionary.  There is a wide variety of best dating websites, including millionaire dating sites, senior dating sites, pink dating sites, gay dating sites, sugar daddy dating sites, sugar momma dating sites, and so on.  Apart from that, many best dating apps are also available, e.g. Tinder, Bumble, Plenty of Fish, OKCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, and so forth.  Statistics show that at least one in every four couples met each other on the Internet! This percentage is growing in 2018.  So it’s time to download a dating app for iPhone or Android to meet attractive women now.

dating and relationships in 2018

Trend #3: ‘Weekend couples’ are acceptable.

         Because of the busy lifestyle in modern-day society, there are more and more “weekend couples” who only see each other on weekends.  For example, each spouse has an apartment and they see each other every weekend, but not on weekdays. There are two main reasons for this phenomenon: 1) it’s not unusual for a couple to work in two different cities; 2) freedom, liberty and independence are highly valued these days.  In my opinion, distance makes the heart grow fonder, hence the concept of “weekend couples” works very well in contemporary society where things are quite overwhelming.

Trend #4: Single men and hot women are much choosier.

         It is reported that there are more single men and women in 2018 than any period of time in history because a growing number of people refuse to settle nowadays.  Today we are more empowered, so we gradually know how to spot energy vampires and dodge them! Life is short. No wonder the divorce rate in western countries is very high.  In fact, there is nothing wrong with that because many people are sadly married and many are happily divorced.  A recent study shows that many people living in traditional cultures where the divorce rate is very low are actually unhappy.  Do you want to be married? Or do you want to be happy? If marriage doesn’t bring you happiness, would you still get married? Having a partner doesn’t make you look higher value anymore in 2018.  Being single doesn’t mean you are worthless either. Actually, choosing to be single is okay. It’s more than okay! That means you have high standards!

very sexy women

Trend #5:  Single is the new sexy.

         Like I mentioned the paragraph above, being single is all right in 2018.  To be more precise, being single is actually sexy because that means you are available – others who are attracted to you begin to pay more attention to you when they know you are single!  That attention makes you even more sexy. Being single means you are only responsible for your own life, you live your life on your terms, you call the shots! This confidence attracts hot women to you.

  1. Charles L. Fussell says

    Very useful and interesting information which has already helped me find a new girlfriend. I’m so grateful to the author that he provided me with the best trends in dating and relationships. Most of all I liked the fact that this article shares the useful applications that can help any man find a woman of his dreams. Here presented the list of the most popular dating applications for IOS and Android platforms, which are available for free. I can tell that all the presented applications are very useful and effective. Thanks to the special testing and searching system, it is very easy to find the necessary candidates for online dating. When I used those apps my main point was to find a girl without bad habits and a travel-lover. I specified all the necessary parameters and was able to find a perfect match.

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Congratulations, Charles!


  2. Wendy Ballew says

    I have never thought about marriage counselor, and probably that was the main reason of the divorce. Unfortunately my ex-husband and I were not able to save the relationships because daily routine killed all the romantic feelings. After I’ve looked through this article, I realize that every sphere of the life needs its specialists and marriage is not an exception from this list. Now I’m looking for the new match and hope to find it as soon as possible (by the way, I have already found some interesting dating apps), and if I face the relational problem with my future partner, I’ll be sure to look for marriage counseling!

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hi Wendy,

      Yes, daily routine can kill all the romantic feelings because life and romance are two different concepts. You know romance is gone when life is all about daily routine.

      Seeking marriage counselling means this marriage still has hope and is sustainable.

      All the best!


  3. Elizabeth Gulledge says

    Wow, this is really great article and a lot of useful information. The fresh dating trends that help senior people to find the love in the modern world. I’m really impressed as I’m 52 already and I also want to find true love and be loved. It is so important for the people of our age to keep up to date and absorb the relevant developments not only in science and technologies but also in personal relationships. Time flies so fast and it’s pretty hard for senior people to understand the youth. I’m so thankful for all the authors that help us to overcome the generation gap and to arrange successful personal life despite the age!

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