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Momo Dating App Review: No. 1 Chinese hookup app

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This app is also known as “the Chinese Tinder”, but this definition isn’t quite accurate, because people can find both casual and serious relationships via Tinder, whereas nobody is expecting any serious relationships on Momo dating app. I know this might surprise you, but it’s the truth – the hookup culture is also real in China.


  • Live stream: You can view live stream videos in your local area and discover people around you. That’s how to meet someone online before seeing them in person.
  • Short videos to promote your dating profile and showcase your lifestyle.
  • Discover interesting daters nearby.
  • Click to like someone online instantly.
  • See groups nearby and meet like-minded people online.
  • Chatrooms: chat with other members immediately and have fun.


  • You can buy credits to purchase virtual gifts and enjoy other activities on Momo dating app: packages include 6RMB, 12RMB, 30RMB, 60RMB, 108RMB and 518RMB.
  • Subscription options: 12RMB/month, 30RMB/three months, 60RMB/six months, 108RMB/year.
  • You will pay your membership fees via your iTunes account.momo asian couple


  • It has many interesting games for users to play online.
  • Momo dating app gives its members many opportunities to perform in the community.
  • It is the most vibrant and engaging hookup dating app in China.
  • It has more than 812,000 reviews on iTunes already and most of its reviews are very positive because its members truly love it.
  • This is the best Chinese hookup app in the world.

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  • A lot of people join Momo dating app in order to play video games with other gamers instead of looking for hookups.
  • This dating app is actually highly addictive in a surprising way because of its special features such as live streams and short videos.
  • Many people who can’t get laid in real life join this app in order to find casual flings, but if they don’t have real social skills, how can they charm other members here?
  • If you can’t understand Chinese, Momo dating app is basically useless for you. Indeed, if you don’t speak their language and you expect to hook up with a Chinese lover, you are only dreaming most of the time because the majority of Chinese don’t speak English.MOMO陌陌-chines

Users’ comments:

“I love Momo dating app because I’m an American living in China and I need this to hook up with beautiful Chinese girls. Fortunately, my Chinese is fluent and I can talk to Chinese women in Mandarin easily. That’s why my dating life in China is fantastic, fabulous and full of joy!” (Mark W., 27, Shanghai, China)

“I use Momo dating app to hook up with Chinese ladies in Beijing and so far, so good! In fact, Chinese beauties are much more open-minded than I thought, so I’m very happy with the results I’ve got on this Chinese casual dating app.” (Richard D., 29, Beijing, China)

“Warning: This is basically the Chinese version of Instagram – there are many Chinese whores looking for male attention on Momo dating app. If you can’t stand western women who rely on Instagram in order to get beta males’ virtual attention, you shouldn’t join this Chinese dating app to meet Chinese women, because you’ll only get the Chinese version of western women that you already know & they WILL disappoint you. Personally, I prefer Chinese ladies who don’t use this dating app & I like meeting Chinese girls in real life rather than on the Internet. According to my experience, well-educated and intelligent Chinese beauties aren’t impressed by foreign men who only has Whiteness – they actually want to date high-value men who can add real value.  If all you are proud of is your Whiteness, you can’t get high-quality girls in China. Period.” (George P., 31, Guangzhou, China)momo beautiful women

Experts’ comments:

“Momo dating app is the most popular Chinese casual dating app in the world. But you probably have to be good at Chinese language in order to be successful on this hookup app. If you only approach Chinese women who can speak English, you will miss out on many very good Chinese girls who have a lot to offer.” (Jade Seashell)

“I’ve seen many Chinese dating apps, including international dating apps and mail-order brides’ platforms, but I’ve never seen anything like Momo dating app – it’s so unique – it’s a combination of a hookup app and a virtual games app for gamers and daters. Very eye-opening!” (Curt Coch)

“This is a phenomenal dating app for those who are looking for Chinese lovers rather than serious relationships. It’s an established Chinese dating app.” (Serghei)

If you go to a foreign country and girls in that country can’t speak English, you won’t be able to have any success with women there. That means you probably have to learn their local language in order to sleep with many local women there.For example, most women in Ukraine can’t speak English well because they started to learn English when they were 10 or 12 years old. Therefore, I find it harder to get laid in Ukraine. In contrast, Poland is an easier place because Polish girls can speak English fluently – they started to learn English much earlier when they were younger. Having said that, women in Ukraine look much hotter than women in Poland. But anyway, Polish girls are still hotter than girls in western countries. As to dating Asian women, I know there are many very feminine, nice and slim Asian ladies out there & a lot of White men are interested in dating Asian ladies. That’s perfectly fine! But they are not for me.  Having you seen many Asian girls dating Persian guys who look like me? Not that common. Also, I don’t want to go to China or Japan because I don’t want to deal with the Asian censorship.By the way, East Asian women are all very practical, so if all you have is game, you won’t get East Asian girls.” (Roosh V)momo chine couple

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does Momo dating app have an English version?
  • In fact, it has an English version, but its English version isn’t popular at all, so it’s basically useless if you are using an English version. That means you have to learn Chinese if you want to be successful with Chinese women on this casual dating app.
  1. Can I meet high-value Chinese women on this hookup app?
  • It depends on how you define “high-value”. If you are looking for hot Chinese girls, yes, many of them are definitely on this Chinese hookup app. But if you are looking for a Chinese wife, then maybe it’s not the right place for you because the majority of high-quality Chinese beauties wouldn’t spend time on Momo dating app.
  1. Are there many foreigners on this Chinese flirting app?
  • There aren’t many foreigners. There are some.

Executive Summary:

As the leading hookup dating app in China, Momo dating app is a pioneering dating community for Chinese daters and their admirers. If you are interested in finding a Chinese lover, this dating app is definitely for you, but you probably have to improve your Chinese language skills first. However, if you want to find a Chinese wife or a serious, long-term relationship, perhaps this is the wrong app.

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It is the best Chinese hookup app in a culture in which ‘hookup’ is a taboo topic.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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