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Xmeeting Review (Real or fake profiles?)

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Top adult dating site

Design and usability

Women’s profiles

Cons and warnings

Security level

The ads and promo links

The lack of features

Pros and extras


Users’ opinions

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Top adult dating site

Modern culture completely accepts and encourages hookups, as a part of the personal freedom concept. Xmeeting is one of many adult dating sites, and we’ll see whether it’s among the leaders.

The good thing is that Xmeeting is indeed meant for local casual affairs and it’s seen from the women’s profiles. Another good thing is that women look decent and attractive enough.

Design and usability

It can be said that Xmeeting is perfectly designed in a modern way. Its colour pattern is yellow and green, which is associated with the fun lifestyle and bright adventures of those who have joined.

All pages show the big gallery of female photos or lead to viewing them. All the interface is built around that gallery, so, there aren’t any special features or options on Xmeeting aside from it.

Women’s profiles

For some reason, girls’ profiles on this site are somewhat less qualitative and attractive than on its sister sites, Xdating and the others. First of all, the age range is very diverse and unpredictable.

On another hand, the female member base is way bigger than on those sister sites, so it’s the fair balance. One can meet hot women both for local hookups and for international casual sex.

Obviously, no one manages the main page so there are quite different personals from hot teens to senior ladies who also hope to get laid or at least to flirt online. They are shown on the main page too.

On hookup sites like this one, no one should expect very detailed profiles. Indeed, they are brief on Xmeeting. The focus is on the visual effect,not on the deeper investigation of one’s personality.Xmeeting Review

Cons and warnings

Although Xmeeting is mostly effective and cool, there are some serious cons one should know about. Some of them concern safety and other ones concern the quality of services or search results.

Security level

The site policy says there is a certain protection of users’ personal data, and the platform responds to all modern technical requirements. But it says some opposite things as well.

For example, it is said openly that each user should be aware of the fact his personal photos might be considered an illustrative material and used by the third sides, as well as all entered data.

What does it mean? The practice shows, it means that photos and self-description info can be applied on the so-called advertising profiles, or fake profiles on other sister sites of the company.

A person decides himself whether he or she is ok with such a statement. Again, as an experience shows, no one really reads the Policy so the users prefer to go with the flow when they join the site.

While adult dating online is always riskier than other types of virtual relationships, even if the service quality is the highest. And let’s be direct, it’s not super high on Xmeeting, rather average.

Regarding safety, there’s no customer support, and we mean, at all. No one responds to the users’ requests, and there’s no proper list of frequently asked questions or typical problems.

The ads and promo links

Another warning concerns the ads on the site which are too many, even for a very patient user. Moreover, they’re all of naughty and erotic character, so it takes time to get used to their intensity.

It’s a problem for basic members though, since after upgrading to Premium the number of ads is noticeably decreased. Still, one needs to work on his perception for tolerating them on girls free

The lack of features

Even comparing to the sister sites, Xmeeting doesn’t offer many unique options. On the opposite, it can be called a bit primitive as there are only photo gallery, messaging, and webcam sections.

Taking that it’s a hookup site and not the platform for serious dating or friendships, there’s no need in social network features or a big diversity. Still, some options would be needed for casual sex.

For instance, users’ faces aren’t blurred, there aren’t private albums shared through the secret password, nor the messages are disappearing after 60 minutes or 24 hours. These and many others lack.

Pros and extras

There is one big advantage of Xmeeting that probably covers all the cons, it’s virtual sex with real people who are ready for having fun online. There are hundreds of them, and it excites.

Many older singles and couples, regardless of their possibility or non-possibility to be sponsors and sugar parents, enjoy this opportunity to watch and admire young hotties online of both genders.

Under the purpose of users’ anonymity, the site suggests to create any username by oneself, instead of using the real name. Although it makes chatting very impersonal, it improves safety for sure.

Another way to stay partially anonymous is to upload the faceless main photo. Many female users obviously do, so a male member should become immune towards such photos with the body meeting


Xmeeting is medium-priced and the cost is the same as on other sister sites of this owner. It makes 34.95 USD a month, or only 16.66 USD a month if to pay for 6 months at once.

Probably realizing its disadvantages, the site has many profitable offers, from the 40 percent discount on Premium membership to the prolonged free trial. It makes Xmeeting pretty affordable.

Users’ opinions

“Xmeeting is a good site for hookups, at least it helped me to get laid multiple times. Girls there are very frank and sexy, some look like models but not that arrogant and demanding.

In other words, all young women I met there were down-to-earth and pretty accessible. I don’t know why there’s so much fuss about sugar dating at all if you can get hot chicks for free.

This is what I did. I remain the member of Xmeeting as more as they offer various membership discounts and free prolongations. I didn’t see such profitable conditions on other casual sex sites.

The only disadvantage, in my opinion, is the absence of mobile app. The site is adapted for mobile usage, but there isn’t any separate app one could download. It’s not convenient.

Otherwise, I am satisfied by this platform and I know my buddies succeeded there too. For better results, just combine it with other sites and you’ll never run out the options for quick hookups”.

“I met my recent girlfriend on Xmeeting although we both planned a casual affair. She was the only person I met there. There was very strong chemistry between us, from the first moment.

We have a no strings attached relationship and can do what we want, still. As a couple, we are seeking threesomes and other adventures, so we lose none of our freedoms. It’s quite cool.

I have no idea whether all other girls on Xmeeting are that hot, smart, and special. Maybe it’s only myself who is so lucky. But in any case, I am thankful to this hookuping site a much Xmeeting

We decided to remain there as a couple and fish for some attractive unicorns. If we’re more successful on other sites and apps, we’ll leave this one, but for now we’re ok and we love it”.

“Casual sex is my choice in life after some very painful breakup in the past. Xmeeting became my personal source of hookup stories that are fun and satisfying, so I’m its loyal member.

It’s easy to use and I could even recommend it to my grandfather if he suddenly needed a hot woman. There’s nothing complicated at all and cute pretenders are finding you by themselves.

What I liked is the transparency of all actions. I saw who was online recently, who liked me and who viewed my profile in return. It’s very comfortable if you want things clear and care about good results.

I honestly have my own strategy of hookuping online and I gladly share it with the others. But at the same time, nothing would work without a decent platform so I’m grateful to Xmeeting.

Although I never received any feedback from the team there, I rarely had reasons to complain at all. All was user-friendly and client-oriented, I managed to meet many new personals through it.

At the end, I’d like to admit each user needs to follow common sense on Xmeeting like anywhere else. Although it’s a legit adult dating site, scammers and liars happen there as well.

Analyze what you see, chat with the girls who have normal profile photos with clearly seen faces, and you’ll succeed on this site easily. It’s really created for horny folks and it works great”.grateful to Xmeeting

Expert’s summary

None hookup platform is perfect, just there are well-promoted ones and those with very diligent teams committed to create an innovative product. Xmeeting doesn’t belong to those types.

Yet, it has its niche and its thankful audience so it cannot be rated low. Certain efforts are put into its design and promotion, so it’s partially trendy and suitable for all age groups.

Its extreme simplicity can be presented as an advantage or a drawback, depending on each user’s views and preferences. At least, it’s easy to use and can be recommended to mature or senior singles.

As to the site purpose, it isn’t limited by local hookups only. Many use it for virtual sex online, and it’s not a secret. This activity will always exist, and Xmeeting does a good thing by offering it.

In this regard, the site keeps a healthy balance between decent flirting and vulgar erotic. Some ads and suggested links can appear almost pornographic, but not the site itself and it’s reassuring.

In fact, doesn’t matter how much Xmeeting succeeds or not, some difference from Tinder-like platforms is always needed. People want something more profound and fun than just swiping endlessly.

That’s why we encourage singles and bored couples to join Xmeeting and find what they dream of. This time, the member base is really big and diverse, so chances are high and success rate is high too.

It isn’t really clear whether the team is going to update the site further and add the needed functions. Until then, we’d rather rate it as a three-star hookup site for all categories of users.


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