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Lesbian Dating App Advice: Should I Hook Up with My Ex-Teacher?

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Today a lesbian girl has sent us her query and we’ve provided a detailed response for her. If you are consider joining a lesbian dating app, you may want to read this article right now.(Note that in order to protect individuals’ privacy, real names are not revealed in this article& specific details have been changed to further protect individuals’ privacy.)

  • The lesbian girl’s letter:

Dear Dating Consultant at,

I’m a 22-year-old lesbian woman & I just graduated from university. It turns out that my ex-teacher at university is a mature lesbian professor in her late 40s. I met her on a lesbian dating app! Now I’m wondering if I can hook up with her? She is much older than me and we used to have a friendship when I hired her as my business coach a few years ago (I’ve been a business owner for several years). At that time, she even invited me to the best hotel in London to attend social real lesbians

Previously, she showed interest in me on Facebook, and most of her friends on Facebook are women like me (lesbian ladies). We met up when we were members of the lesbian dating app. Actually, I went to her office and she physically escalated on me. I didn’t know how to react to that because every time I see her, we mostly talk about business coaching only. She also asked me how many students from that university that I still keep in touch with. Two weeks later, she contacted me again. What should I do now?

—- Confused Connie (London, England)

  • Our response:

Dear Confused Connie:

Thank you for sending us the query.

After a full two weeks, she reached back to you. That means she was also wondering if you would contact her first. Because you didn’t initiate the communication, she contacted you first. Therefore, she is definitely interested in you. So, next time, you should contact her first. You don’t have to say “Let’s meet for lunch or coffee?” – this is a question for her to choose, so it’s slightly harder for her to decide. Instead, you can do this: When you are in a fancy coffee shop & you contact her, “I’m in XYZ coffee shop & the ambience is amazing. ? I think you should come!” (The smiley face makes the message less pushy.) Now this is not even a question, so she only needs to decide whether she can come or not. No matter she can come or not, now she will certainly figure out a way to see you again soon.mature lesbian professor

If she only talks about business, then it’s your responsibility to break the ice by asking, “So, I’m curious…When did you figure out you were a lesbian lady?” (After saying “So, I’m curious…” you pause for one second with a gentle smile on your face, and then you continue asking the question.) Just ask this question when you know her mood is right, i.e. relaxed and happy.

She is a bit more reserved around you because: 1) she doesn’t know whether you are interested in her or not – she already indicated sexual interest in you in the office when the door was closed, but you didn’t reciprocate; 2) she knows that you were a student of that university & she doesn’t know whether you will tell her students about it if you two are sexually involved. Thus, you have to let her know: 1) you are sexually interested in her; 2) you are an adult who knows what to say and what not to say.lesbian lady

You are a business owner, so you understand sales and marketing, including customer avatar analysis, right? In fact, you can analyze this mature lesbian professor: What is she worried about? Does she want to cheat on her partner if she is in a long-term relationship? Does she know she can sleep with a student because the student is above 18 years old and this isn’t her student anymore? How can you remove her concerns and potential objections & sell a sexual relationship to her?

You don’t need to overthink the situation because in actuality, you don’t have anything to lose and you don’t owe her anything. Just try your best to make it happen. But of course, you need to see at least one more green light before making a move. For instance, if she hasn’t contacted you for quite a while, you can ask her out and see her reaction. If she is very happy to see you again and the meetup doesn’t involve business conversations 100%, then that’s a green light.lesbian girls

Please note that there are four potential things she is looking for after finding you on the lesbian dating app:

  1. She wants to use your business information and see how it can benefit her. Many people do this to benefit themselves because everyone is thinking, “What’s in it for me?” If she wants to use your business information and see how it can benefit her, you will know it – Does she ask for your specific business insights? Does she ask questions about your detailed business analytics? Does she ask deep questions about your marketing strategies? If she is an experienced business coach, she probably doesn’t need to know your business information in order to benefit her…unless she is working for your competitor!
  2. She just wants to be friends. Maybe she just wants to be friends, but we all know that without mutual benefits, friendships rarely last. Perhaps this statement isn’t politically correct, but that’s human nature. If there is no benefit for her, why would she want to become your friend?
  3. She wants to renew the business coaching service. This is quite possible because you paid her previously and she enjoyed that business transaction. However, if she is an excellent business coach, she should have many existing clients already and shouldn’t think about keeping you as a client.
  4. She wants to f*ck. Of course, she wants to f*ck – she is already on a lesbian dating app. In her reality, finding clients is probably a bit easier than finding an opportunity to f*ck, because she is a professor and a business coach with knowledge and skills – she can find high-quality clients. But if she proactively shows affection to other lesbian women like you on Facebook, that means she is horny, so of course, she wants to f*ck. Now it’s your responsibility to convert her into your sexual partner because she already wants to f*ck.

beautiful lesbians

Every time you meet her, it is to catch up on how you are doing with business coaching – She is just using that as an excuse to see you again. As a business coach with existing high-level clients, she shouldn’t have time to help you for free unless there is something in it for her. She wants to see you because she enjoys the sexual attraction, even though you two only talk about business coaching. In this case, she is sexually attracted to you – never underestimate the power of sexual attraction.  Attraction can often lead to business, but business rarely leads to attraction. That means if you feel sexually attracted to someone, you will probably want to do business with this person so that you can see this person again and again. However, if you have a business/professional relationship with someone, the chance of you two building sexual attraction is relatively small. In conclusion, sexual attraction is much more powerful. Sexual attraction is the single most powerful driving force among all animals.  It’s the root of everything.

Business doesn’t often lead to attraction, but exposure leads to attraction (this explains why people have office affairs – it’s not about business; it’s about exposure – when two people spend 8 hours a day & five days a week in the same office, of course they might fall in love). The more often you hang out with someone, the more likely for you to fall in love with this person. Let’s imagine there are only two people on an island – of course, they will have s*x – That situation can even turn a straight woman into a lesbian woman. And every straight woman is 10% lesbian.

The fact that she invited you to attend an event at the best hotel in London& you’ve met her friends means you have already entered her social circle, so it’s beyond business coaching. If her inner circle is a group of open-minded lesbian women, that means she is also quite easy to get. Don’t overthink the situation. Just make sure you have tried your best to get the result you want.

Like I said earlier, she is worried about whether you will tell her students about this hook-up. That’s why she was asking how many students you stay in touch with from the university you went to. From what she said, I don’t think she has good pick-up skills, because clearly, she wants to be sexually involved with you, but realistically, she doesn’t know how to get you fast and make it confidential.


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