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Loveplanet Dating App Review: Naughty Chat Rooms for Sugar Mommas & Toy Boys

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As a naughty dating app, Loveplanet is regarded as the most popular platform on the Internet when it comes to anonymous naughty chat rooms. We’ll see why it’s so sweet.


  • It’s best characterized by sugar mommas looking for younger men.
  • Stereotypes are absent on LovePlanet dating app.
  • You only need to provide minimum personal information because your privacy is yours.
  • Enjoy secure chat with mature women.
  • Private chats provide you with more personal and intimate communication with cougars who are ready to spoil male sugar babies.
  • It’s for those who know what they want/deserve.


  • Trial Premium: US$25.99
  • Premium for seven days: US$9.49
  • Premium membership: US$23.49
  • Recharge for 400 credits: US$3.99
  • Recharge for 80 credits: US$0.99
  • Recharge for 1600 credits: US$9.99
  • Premium subscription: US$44.99
  • Profile Boost Up: US$1.99
  • Recharge for 8000 credits: US$39.99
  • Premium three-day free trial: US$19.99sugar babies


  • Most wealthy dating apps are removed by iTunes, but LovePlanet dating app is still available because it doesn’t mention words such as “sugar momma”. “Cougar” seems to be fine according to Apple’s very strict rules! But anyway, you’ve got the gist – it’s actually a sugar dating app for male sugar babies to meet cougars online and build arrangements offline.
  • Because this luxury dating app doesn’t have any competition right now, it has millions of active members.
  • This popular dating app has many rich women looking for poor men, so that’s good news for toy boys who are looking for sugar mommas.


  • Some women are a bit too old – some ladies on this app are over 70 years old, but they are looking for men in their 20s and 30s. We don’t want to judge anyone, yet the majority of toy boys are actually looking for women in their 40s. That means the success rate of LovePlanet dating app isn’t very high.
  • This dating product says its user must be 17 years old or older. Ideally, it should say its member has to be at least 18 years old.Loveplanet Online Dating Site

Users’ comments:

“LovePlanet dating app is a sugar momma dating app which introduces rich women to toy boys. I’m a toy boy, so I sufficiently enjoyed this cougar dating app – I met my sugar momma on this dating app last month and now our arrangement is going really well. I mean seriously well – she has given me $2,000 already and I’ve given her satisfaction in the bedroom and told her everything that she wants to hear! Our arrangement will definitely continue.” (Joe B., 22, New York City)

“LovePlanet dating app is such as a brilliant dating product for cougars to meet male sugar babies. I absolutely love it! I met a cougar within one week on this app. She is paying my tuition fees at university, so I don’t have any student debt at all. Now I have a head-start, whereas most university students will have student loan when they graduate. Gary Vaynerchuk says student loan will be the reason for the next economic problem in the United States. Therefore, I highly recommend LovePlanet dating app to every young man who knows how to look after themselves financially while getting laid with experienced, mature and rich women.” (Mike N., 21, Houston)

“Oh, men on Loveplanet dating app are so young and so hot! I’m a mature woman who wants some sexy action online and hook up with younger men offline. I’m happy to spoil my male sugar baby if he is the right person for me. This is so exciting – now I’m dating a 20-year-old guy who is attractive, sexy and alluring. He is seriously perfect! He makes me look extremely good when I go out with him. I’m super happy!” (Miranda F., 42, Toronto)

“LovePlanet dating app is a legitimate sugar momma dating app for cougars to build relationships with male sugar babies. I believe that every cougar deserves attention and affection from hot men. My toy boy and I met each other on this app and our relationship is wonderful. Yes, an arrangement is also a relationship – it’s called a mutually beneficial relationship.” (Sally C., 46, London)

“I like the idea of dating a sugar momma. But when I met a cougar via LovePlanet dating app, I was a bit shocked by her wrinkles when she was undressing herself in front of me – her sagging breasts really turned me off. I don’t know why she has so many wrinkles – she is only 40 years old! Also, because of her fat belly, she looks like a pregnant woman who is about to give birth to twins, which is a bit weird because when I am penetrating her rapidly, her belly fat is like a big pillow under me. But fortunately, I’m able to maintain a hard c**k in that situation because I just close my eyes and imagine a pretty girl in my head. This mature woman was smoking for 10 years and that’s why she looks like an 80-year-old woman when she is naked. I’m a bit turned off by her body, but I truly enjoyed the allowance that she gives me. That’s why I’ll stay in this arrangement in the long term while looking for a young woman to hook up with occasionally.” (Dave U., 22, Sydney)sugar dating app

Experts’ Comments:

“LovePlanet dating app is a reliable sugar momma dating app that we would like to recommend.” (Curt Coch)

“Although it’s not perfect, LovePlanet knows how to make their members happy.” (Alex Ainsworth)

“It’s a trusted dating app for cougars to meet younger men. What a great idea!” (Serghei)

Editor’s Notes:

  • Sugar mommas are as rare as unicorns. Therefore, the only way to meet cougars is to use a cougar dating app like LovePlanet dating app. If you rely on your own social circle to meet a sugar momma, it won’t be effective and efficient. It will take much longer and probably you won’t get what you want in time.
  • Almost every sugar momma dating app and wealthy dating app has been removed by iTunes, so LovePlanet dating app is a treasure on the Apple Store.
  • Sugar dating is for switched-on men and rich women. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone. If you don’t want to be judged, you should keep your arrangement confidential.
  • In order to maximize your chance of getting a sugar momma, you can sign up on multiple cougar dating apps. In this way, you are more likely to meet a sugar momma in record time and save your time.
  • Some cougars are married women looking for affairs. Because they are rich (or they have rich husbands), they can afford to date younger men who are their toy boys. Therefore, you may want to ask whether your cougar is married or not before you start an arrangement with her because this is some important information that you must find out early in the process. If you don’t want to date married sugar mommas who might bring you trouble in the long term (you don’t want to be threatened by her husband in the future), then you either have to make sure no one knows your affair or stop seeing this cougar

Executive Summary:

LovePlanet dating app is a trusted sugar momma dating app for mature women to meet sexy men online and then build arrangements offline. Since cougar dating is becoming increasingly popular in this day and age (more and more women are becoming richer and richer), the database of LovePlanet is growing dramatically every day. Are you ready for the sweet sugar lifestyle? If you are ready, you can try this cougar dating app. If you are not ready, you may want to read some articles on and learn more about this new lifestyle.Loveplanet download itunes

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Men have different tastes when it comes to which woman is attractive.

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