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Dil Mil dating app review (South Asian dating in 2019)

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Dil Mil dating app is where South Asian singles meet online and fall in love. Now you may wonder why the hell do we even have such a specific dating niche like “South Asian dating”, right? Actually, Asia is a big region – East Asia and South Asia are completely two different worlds. Hence, Dil Mil was born. In general, Dil Mil dating app is for South Asian professionals living in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to meet each other and find marriage partners. Yes, South Asian culture doesn’t believe in dating – South Asians generally want to find marriages directly. It is said that successful people mostly don’t date people they don’t plan to marry because they don’t want to waste their time; unsuccessful people waste their time dating people they aren’t going to marry anyway. Although we don’t completely agree with that statement, it comes from a very well-known author who writes books about the rich.dil-mil-login-app


  • Swipe right on somebody you are interested in.
  • If that person also likes you, that’s a match.
  • You can talk to your match for free.
  • Optional in-app upgrades allow you to match with more singles.
  • Meet people who identify themselves as Punjabi, Gujarati, Sindhi, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Maharashtrian, Malayali, Rajasthani and Kannada.
  • Data privacy and photo privacy are Dil Mil dating app’s top priority.
  • Hands-on support is available any time.
  • Filter people by community or ethnicity.
  • Advanced and cutting-edge matching algorithms help you find your matches fast.
  • Sign in with your phone number or Facebook account to verify real dating profiles, thereby enhancing security.
  • Unlock extra features by purchasing a VIP membership or a VIP Elite membership.


  • VIP starts at $19.99;
  • VIP Elite starts at $34.99;
  • Additional boosts start at $5.99 (available to VIP Elite members only).

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  • By avoid dating people you aren’t going to marry, you don’t have to pay opportunity cost. Opportunity cost means when you are dating someone you know you won’t marry, you are not spending time auditioning people that you know you will marry and that time is gone. Therefore, South Asian singles are smart! If you calculate how many days a regular person has on this planet, you’ll know how precious your time is!
  • VIP Elite members are able to purchase additional boosts to make their dating profiles more visible, thereby getting more traffic to their profiles. In this day and age, traffic is so key.
  • Dil Mil dating app makes one marriage happen per day, so you could be their next success story, right?
  • Currently, this app has more than 1 million active members online. Yes, there are so many South Asian singles living in English-speaking countries. And it’s not easy to find someone that’s suitable for marriage when you live in a foreign country.
  • Dil Mil has already made over 10 million matches on their platform, so it’s also known as the leading South Asian dating app on the market.


  • It seems that Dil Mil dating app doesn’t have a big database when you actually want to search for people in certain ethnicity groups. For instance, an Indian guy in New York can’t even find any Indian girls on this app & there must be a lot of Indians in New York.
  • Dil Mil sometimes has technical issues. For example, a South Asian lady joined this app and purchased a VIP Elite membership. But she still receives notifications regarding VIP Elite membership promotion repeatedly. No matter how many times she reinstalled this app, those annoying ads just never go away.
  • Although their customer support team is very responsive, they only give some generic answers to your questions. Perhaps they have some existing answers to be copied and pasted.
  • A member in the United Kingdom claims that he hasn’t even completed his sign-up process, but he has already got a match. How is that possible? Can we trust Dil Mil dating app?
  • It’s very difficult to find the right picture as your profile photo, because Dil Mil always says your photo doesn’t meet their resolution requirements, etc. Consequently, a lot of users just uploaded shitty photos that got them nowhere.
  • Overall, the developer of this app doesn’t seem to be a seasoned engineer.South-Asian-dating

Users’ comments:

“I joined Dil Mil dating app last year and met my fiancé this year. I’m very happy with the result. I’m so grateful! Dil Mil certainly understands what South Asian singles need.” (Meiske E., 29, Canada)

“I met my fiancée on Dil Mil last month and I joined this app a few months ago, so apparently, this app is very efficient and saves me a lot of time! I love it.” (Nitish M., 25, England)

Experts’ comments:

“Dil Mil dating app is a pioneering South Asian dating app designed for South Asian singles in the UK, the US and Canada. Although it occasionally has some bugs, many members have found their partners in time.” (Jade Seashell)

“This is one of the best Asian dating apps in the world. South Asian dating is an amazing niche because singles on this app are like-minded individuals – they all know what they want & they only want to get married! Therefore, they just look for people who share the same values with them. Nice and easy.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

Dil Mil dating app is the top South Asian dating product for dynamic and professional South Asian singles in western countries looking for love. Because it solves a particular problem in the love market, it has become hugely successful.Dil Mil download itunesDil Mil android-download

Love doesn’t mean we should always look at each other’s eyes; it means we should always look at the same direction.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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