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Blendr – Chat, Flirt & Meet dating app review

Blendr dating app review

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Decades ago, people didn’t have access to the Internet and only had limited means to meet potential partners, so most people married someone in their neighbourhood. Since 1998, many people have met their partners online (inspired by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s movie You’ve Got Mail). During the recent ten years, smart phones have changed the dating scene again: Now we are more likely to date our neighbours again due to dating apps like Blendr.


  • Location-based match: You’ll only see fun singles near you.
  • Meet people who share the same interests with you.
  • Instant chat online.
  • Profiles with photos.
  • Huge database to send you new singles constantly.


  • This app has over 180 million users worldwide. That means you’ll meet countless singles!
  • Very user-friendly interface.
  • High-quality daters around the world.
  • You can use this app while you are travelling and you’ll meet new singles in new cities.


  • This app is probably not for those who are looking for serious relationships because most people on Blendr are looking for casual relationships/flings.
  • There are significantly more men than women on Blendr.
  • Sometimes there are technical issues while using this casual dating app.

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Looking for a fling? Perhaps Blendr is exactly what you need.


  • Free to download and join.
  • From $1.55 to $144.00 per item.

Users’ comments:

“I liked Blendr because it’s such a popular casual dating app that constantly introduced me to hot women. But recently, I have noticed that there must be some technical problems which stop me from seeing women nearby because I keep seeing 10-20 females’ profiles who are not even in my city. Blendr really needs to fix this issue.” (Bob, Washington, D.C.)

“I’ve been using Blendr for seven years and have found all my flings on this app. However, since 2016, I’ve discovered that the number of attractive women on Blendr is decreasing. I’m not sure what happened. Maybe more and more sexy women are joining sugar daddy dating apps rather than casual dating apps?” (Robert, Detroit)

“I use Blendr to look for dates. But most men on Blendr only want to hook up. That’s not what I want. I just would like to meet more men and see where things go – In the long term, I want a long-term relationship.” (Jacqueline, Philadelphia)



Experts’ comments:

“Blendr is a very popular casual dating app. Just like other casual dating apps, Blendr has more male members than female members. That being said, this app still has better users than most dating apps out there.” (Jade Seashell)

“Blendr was launched in 2011. Over the years, this casual dating app has become wildly successful on the market. Due to the increasingly stiff competition, Blendr really needs to up its service if they want to keep more users.” (Serghei)

Executive summary:

Blendr is a reputable casual dating app which helps daters to meet each other in their local area. Because of its advanced technology, Blendr has introduced millions of singles to each other. As one of the world’s best casual dating apps, more than 180 million fun-loving singles have downloaded this app to flirt and chat with each other. Although there are some complaints about its recent technical issues, Blendr is still highly recommended to those who are interested in one-night-stand and casual flings.

  • Design
  • Value for money
  • Popularity
  1. Robert L says

    I liked Blendr because it’s such a popular casual dating app that constantly introduced me to hot women. But the most tedious part of registering is filling in numerous fields. It is, of course, useful, but tedious. But on the other hand it’s as you can find all the necessary information about the girl you like. Unfortunately it does not save from bots. Sometimes you have to look for real people for hours. Many girls don’t respond for weeks.

    1. Manuel88 says

      You know, this casual dating app reminds me fast food: (I call it McDonald’s syndrome) – if you want to eat quickly, then be ready for poison or awful taste of this food. If you have simple earthly needs from the woman, like just one-time meeting or flirting without obligations, sexual pleasures – then you can really find what you need at Blendr app. And if you want to find a like-minded friend, interesting and smart woman for serious relationships – perhaps this is not the best app for you.

      1. Linda88 says

        I cannot agree with you. I have been using this casual dating app for two years, I was a student when I created my profile, I was busy all the time, I was terribly shy and was afraid to talk to an unfamiliar person. Those were main reasons why I decided to download that app. I must say that there was really enough communication online. Many people write about the crowds of perverts – but I haven’t met any of them, in any case I cannot remember anything like that. I have never posted a photo in a bathing suit or with a deep neckline, probably this is the main reason why I’m not interesting for perverts. I’ve met a lot of normal people, I still communicate with some on them with the help of messengers.

  2. Lynette says

    I also have negative experience with this dating app. It seems there are very few real people online. After the month of the use I found only one real questionnaire. Apparently on the site bots write to you all the time. Initially, it seems that this is the most popular dating app, but after a few days you understand that the messages are not sent by people and this is one of the least popular sites.

  3. Marie says

    The dating app provides an opportunity to find your soulmate via the Internet and has quite a wide functionality for this. Its main feature is the ability to send messages to the user you are interested in for free, which allows you to instantly make contact. However, in reality, this feature is widely used by unscrupulous users and scammers who use this free option in order to lure money from gullible users.

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