Paktor dating app review (Make new friends: swipe, match and chat)

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Paktor dating app is the leading dating app in Asia. Whenever you see something so cute, you probably know it was designed by Asians and created for Asians! That being said, you don’t need to be Asian – anyone can join this dating app.


  • Free to swipe, like and chat with matches online.
  • You can match across borders.
  • Premium members can unlock features such as filtering people by occupation, education, height, distance/countries, etc. (Yes, your job and your education are more important than your body type and eye color in Asian dating )
  • Languages include English, Korean, Indonesia & Chinese (both simplified and traditional Chinese characters).
  • You can send a cute in-app gift to someone special online.


  • Because you deserve more, you can buy a premium membership – 1-month membership: US$32.99; 3-month membership: US$84.99; 6-month membership:US$149.99 – The longer period of time you purchase, the lower monthly fee you pay.paktor-price


  • Asian women on this app are young and hot. Most women are under 30 years old in this community. If you want to date Asian girls at their prime, do join Paktor dating app.
  • This app probably has more women than men. Interestingly, if the main language of an Asian dating platform is English, it attracts more Asian women. Does that mean Asian women who studied English want to date western men in English-speaking countries? But anyway, if a dating app has more women than men, it’s always good news because that’s rare. Well, that’s not rare on sugar daddy dating apps.
  • Paktor is probably the best dating product in Southeast Asia.


  • Most Asian beauties on this app look at your job and education before looking at your photo. Maybe your value system and theirs aren’t compatible. Please note that a regular Asian woman will ask questions about what you do for a living within a few minutes after meeting you online or offline if they are interested in dating you.
  • If you are a western man, you should only use this app when you live in Asia, because you probably don’t want to have a long-distance cyber relationship. In other words, this app doesn’t really work in western countries.paktor-swipe

Users’ comments:

“Paktor keeps asking me to give them a five-star review. That’s not fair. Their service can’t justify what they are asking for. I love Asian chicks because the box is tighter. But I haven’t even found one date via this app yet! I’m so disappointed by Paktor dating app.” (Mike D., 43, Taiwan)

“I’m an American guy teaching English in Korea and I use this app to meet Korean women. I think the quality of Korean girls on this app is generally very high because I haven’t met one ugly Korean woman here yet. These ladies are all very elegant, pretty and well-educated. I’m super happy with the results that I’ve got on Paktor dating app.” (Richard T., 26, South Korea)

“I wanted to use this app to meet Chinese women, but unfortunately, I don’t think there are many Chinese ladies on this app because its default language is English & most Chinese girls can’t speak English anyway. I’ll find another app that can meet my needs. I think Paktor is a good app if you are looking for Korean and Indonesian women. Personally, I only have a Chinese fetish.” (Tom X., 38, China)

“I’m an Indonesian woman looking for dates on this app. Sadly, most men on this app only want Asian women with fair skin, but I’m darker. I don’t like the dynamics on this app anymore, although I think its design looks pretty cute.” (Layla Z., 21, Indonesia)paktor-make-up

Experts’ comments:

“Paktor is considered the best dating app in Asia, but I’m pretty sure there are better dating apps in Asia. Yet those apps’ default language isn’t English.” (Jade Seashell)

“Paktor dating app has many technical issues that require this company’s attention. If those problems are ignored, users will probably leave this app and go to their competitors’ apps.” (Curt Coch)

“This app seems to be designed for the younger crowd.” (Serghei)


  1. Why do members on this app display their names in English?
  • A lot of users on Paktor are westernized Asians who have English names. If you are looking for a traditional Asian spouse, this app isn’t for you.
  1. Is Paktor all about casual flings?
  • Well, most people on this app aren’t looking for serious relationships because this app’s target audience isn’t people in West Asia. Therefore, Paktor dating app is for flirting, casual relationships and encounters. But it doesn’t mean people can’t find true love via this app.
  1. Why is this app so expensive?
  • It’s a business. It’s not a charity.

Executive summary:

Because most people in China are used to using free apps, they are unwilling to pay for memberships on Paktor. As a result, Paktor dating app doesn’t have a large number of Chinese users. Actually, due to China’s internet censorship, we aren’t sure whether Chinese daters can access this app or not. Also, many western online dating sites/apps have blocked all traffic from China because they only want traffic from developed countries where people are happy to pay for premium memberships. Yet not every country wants to be called “a developed country” (e.g. China benefits more from being “a developing country”). If you are looking for a Chinese lover, Paktor isn’t the ideal place. You need to look elsewhere.


As long as a dating product is reasonably good, it will do well in Asia because Asia has a big population.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Diane D says

    Straight focused only on paid option!

  2. Ronald A says

    To write messages need to pay.

  3. Raul says

    we can say that the site is paid: for views of some headings, for reviews you have to pay. You remain in complete ignorance of who and when

  4. Edna says

    Cool, are aimed at the serious communication, a payment for one of the goons)) I Recommend!

  5. Naomi G says

    There are a lot of Russian speakers all over the World. Bought a ticket.

  6. Kenneth says

    on the website the second year, after a friend found here her husband already waiting for the second child. The site is very happy. Applique at all class! the fact that pay is not scary, they’re used to Caleb, they did not want to give that receive nothing in return. what I do know is that those men who write to me, not misers to find love, and the rest of the losers, well that choke to pay less trash on the site will be. From me site 10 key!

  7. Hazel says

    Yes, I’m on the app has long been blocked by the admins of their allegedly offensive there I wrote girls, I just wanted to meet you and they are probably offended…

  8. Michael P. Cline says

    Convenient application with a bunch of features: search, likes, filters. There are a wordsmith and funny feature – animation questionnaire. Been on a couple of dates already. (:

  9. Joshua says

    Apparently so write! Many of you are insulting! The site is good) if, without some scams!

  10. Shirley says

    With the application I met 3 years ago. Then I moved to another city and I wanted to meet new people. After registration I started to write a lot of people, mostly men. I was happy to agree to the meeting, because I think it’s better to know what kind of person is in reality, than to correspond for a long time, and then be disappointed. Thanks to the Application, I met people who later became my friends. And a year ago on the website I met my man. Now we are together, and I love him very much, as he loves me. I hope this site will bring you happiness!

  11. William C. Callier says

    Good app, but too annoying, a lot of messages on, but I found how to remove! men a lot of good, and, as Basil))))

  12. Bertha says

    Often get acquainted with the guys in the application, by the will of fate and work do not have a long relationship. Of course a lot of perverts, the main thing is to know how to get rid of them and poke the button “to Complain!” and so there is a lot of hungry for Dating guys, and not everyone wants only one!

  13. Margaret says

    Constantly writing all sorts of perverts, very unhappy, and don’t tell me that you need to press a complaint! You need to eliminate all these “people” !!!!

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