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Russian Dating App Advice: How to attract this Russian woman?

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Russian women are becoming increasingly popular these days. Indeed, Slavic women are well-known for their sexiness due to the popularity of James Bond movies. That’s why more and more western men are looking to date Slavic ladies, especially Russian beauties on Russian dating apps. A western guy has written to us regarding how to attract a hot Russian stunner. In order to protect his privacy, we don’t disclose his original message and only share our response here (names and certain details are changed in this article).

Hi Harry,

According to what you told me, it seems that this Russian girl doesn’t have lots of experience with men because: 1) her social media page only has photos with you; 2) she seems to be shy; 3) she lives with roommates, which doesn’t allow s*x to happen at her place easily; 4) when she was dancing with that dodgy guy, her best friend said, “Wow. This is not her” – that suggests she doesn’t dance with guys often (or she never did that before).

If she only likes your Instagram photos religiously, that definitely means she is interested in you because she is thinking about you when you are not around.

If the Russian girl doesn’t have a lot of experience with men, then maybe she doesn’t know how to get you – she is struggling with it (and possibly cried herself to sleep at night).  The fact that she was super nice to you when you meet up means she was trying her best to get you.young-beautiful russian girl

In most cases, shy girls are kind girls.  A shy girl thinks she has given men enough signals (green light), whereas men have no idea.  Men need much more obvious signs before taking action due to fear of rejection on Russian dating apps.

There are approximately 3.5 billion women on the planet, so I’m pretty sure that there are many women who are just as good as the Russian girl that you like.  And there are also many women who are better than her.

If the Russian girl gives you special attention, that definitely means she likes you.  Otherwise, she doesn’t have to do that because she could have done 1 million other things.

  • The raw truth (if I were you, this is what I would do):

1) She isn’t very keen to chat on the Russian dating app, but I’ll lead her to the right direction – having long, deep and meaningful conversations on the Internet that can touch her emotionally(I’m not saying this is easy to do, because this requires very high level of game and calibration).

2) In a relationship, the person who cares less isn’t the person who gets hurt less.  In fact, the person who is less interested oftentimes gets hurt more unexpectedly.  The decision-maker in the relationship is more in control.  The decision-maker isn’t worried about rejection because the person who makes decisions is the leader in the relationship and in life.

Based on the text messages on the Russian dating app, I think this girl is very sweet and considerate.  Whatever she says, it always includes you in it.  Maybe she is the pretty, elegant, intelligent and polite girl that most western guy want.

Yes, as a man, you should create a scenario to see her again if that’s the only way to make a final decision.  Catching up with her in Russia is a good idea.women on Russian dating apps.

You don’t really know her very well, so it’s hard to say what stage you are at.  Like I said, online game is a harder game, and it’s only going to get harder and harder as time goes by because of the geographic distance between you two.

A lot of men can’t get any girls, so their problem is how to meet women and get laid.  That’s a low-level problem.  In contrast, you can get girls, so you have a higher-level problem, i.e. how to get the ideal girl that you want on the Russian dating app.

Based on the Russian girl’s reaction, it seems that her worry is whether you will use her for s*x or not.  She doesn’t know how much you like her because you two haven’t had enough shared experiences together.  When two people are based in two different countries, it’s hard to imagine a serious relationship.

  • There are three pillars in a relationship: emotional connection, intimacy and mutual benefits.

(The mainstream society would use the phrase “shared vision” to replace “mutual benefits”, but let’s just be honest here and use plain English).  When the geographic distance is huge, it’s very hard to build emotional connection which is women’s prerequisite of s*x.  Because she likes you very much, she wants to see you after she met you for the first time on the Russian dating app.  If she has no interest in you, she won’t make plans to see you again!

I’m still quite sure she is into you because if she has no interest in you, she wouldn’t keep seeing you repeatedly and show a strong interest in your Instagram photos.  She could have done anything else.  Maybe these thoughts really worry her: “What if I sleep with this guy and then it’s over?” “What does this guy want from me, just s*x?  If he wants a real relationship with me, that’s probably impossible because we are based in two different countries.  Am I going to leave Russia permanently?  Do I know my future plans yet?”russian women with dog

As to how to meet high-quality women in real life, converting high-quality female friends to lovers is a skill that you may want to consider.  The key is to add sexual tension to the interactions with a female friend.  Here is an example:

When you are talking to a woman that you are interested in, don’t talk fast.  Slow down.  This is very important.  If you talk too fast, the girl would think you are just a nervous loser.  So, you need to show that you are okay with occasional silence – that shows your confidence.

When she sees you are okay with silence, she will want to invest in the conversation more.  That’s fantastic, because the fact that she is investing in you makes her feel that she needs to try hard to get you!

Where are we? Ah, yes, the Russian girl from the Russian dating app. The most important ingredient in your interactions with her is your physical escalation because that’s the only way to test whether she is receptive or not.  It seems that she should be very receptive to you.  All you need to do is to physically escalate.  That’s the only way to find out what’s really worrying her and what doesn’t matter.Russian girl dancing

The slut-shaming culture was created in order to control women.  Have you noticed that when girls are in high school, they are actually much more open to boys (and many can chase boys) because that’s when things flow naturally before they are slut-shamed?  Then after they graduate from high school/university, they realised that it’s not okay to look like a slut due to the expectations from the mainstream society.  Therefore, rejecting men is most women’s default reaction whenever they are approached by men.  In other words, the slut-shaming culture is working against men as well.  Now men have to work harder and be more patient in order to get women.  Sadly, many men simply give up whenever a woman rejects them in the first place.  But these men don’t know that women secretly want men to approach them – they just want men to try harder/be more persistent and then they can say yes, so that they don’t look like sluts and can meet mainstream society’s expectations!  How sad is that?!  That’s most women’s reality, including women on Russian dating apps.

  • It’s always easier to apologise than to ask for permission.

If you ask for a woman’s permission to touch her, “Can I touch your breasts now? Can we kiss now?” it’s just such a boring turn-off.  But if you touch her and kiss her without asking for her permission, the process feels much more natural and sexier because it’s spontaneous and romantic (kind of unexpected but also exciting).  If she doesn’t like it, you can say “Sorry” immediately and stop.  And make sure you are not awkward afterwards – you are cool with that, so you are still funny and high-energy.  (You still keep your confidence at all times, so she will feel you are an alpha guy, and rejecting you was her mistake).

Best regards,

Dating Coach at

You never know what you can do (or get away with) until you try it.

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