Sudy Les dating app review (lesbian sugar mommas and sugar babies)

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Sudy Les dating app is the only lesbian dating community designed for lesbian sugar mommas and sugar babies. Due to the success of Sudy dating app, this company has also introduced several similar apps for specific niches such as lesbian sugar dating.


  • Meet rich or attractive women near you fast.
  • A unique and comprehensive algorithm guarantees a high matching rate.
  • Daily life moments help you promote your dating profile instantly.
  • A verified sugar baby is allowed to chat with sugar mommas for free.
  • A member can upload videos to show more details, enrich and highlight their dating profile.


$3.89 – $549.99 per item


  • Only lesbian sugar mommas and sugar babies above 18 can join Sudy Les dating app.
  • Their members’ privacy is respected and protected.
  • Verified members = a reliable dating app.
  • Location-based algorithm helps you meet someone suitable nearby.
  • Traditionally, most arrangements are characterized by rich men dating hot women. Because men and women are very different physically, mentally and emotionally, it’s hard for them to truly understand each other. Worse still, a wealthy guy and a young girl don’t really have much in common, so oftentimes they can’t communicate with each other effectively. That’s why Sudy Les dating app is a great product which promotes lesbian sugar dating – it’s much easier for lesbian sugar mommas and sugar babies to connect with each other online and offline because they have so much in common.


  • You can’t do much if you are just a free member. You probably have to buy a VIP membership and then you can actually use this app.
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Users’ comments:

“I like Sudy Les dating app because on this app I’ve met several very successful and rich lesbian women who would like to date me and mentor me. I recently graduated from university and was looking for a job. Fortunately, I met a sugar momma on this app and she introduced a job to me within one week. Now I’m working for a well-known fashion magazine that I absolutely admire. I recommend Sudy Les to anyone who is ambitious, smart and lesbian! Who needs a random dating app for lesbian losers when there is something like Sudy Les?!” (Candy, 22, Georgia)

“Sugar mommas on Sudy Les dating app are very well-educated and wealthy. Now I’m dating three sugar mommas at the same time, so overall the monthly allowance that I get from these rich women is over $15,000. I don’t think I will need a job because now I’m still young and I can leverage my youth & beauty to bring me a lot of income (allowance); in the future I will invest in real estate as well as the stock market so that when I’m not young anymore & beauty is gone, I can receive passive income from my investments. That’s how not to work for one day in my life.” (Claire, 23, North Carolina)

“I have my own company and I hire sugar babies to work for me so that I am able to mix my work life with my personal life – After all, my business is my life anyway. That’s why I have given every sugar baby that I’ve met on Sudy Les dating app a job in my firm, and they all love it. I believe that generosity is the key to success. You can only get what you give. I’m extremely happy.” (Valerie, 47, Virginia)

Experts’ comments:

“Sudy Les dating app is a unique dating platform for lesbian sugar babies and sugar mommas looking for arrangements online. In fact, an arrangement is also a relationship, so these women are enjoying something very meaningful.” (Curt Coch)

“Having worked in the dating industry for more than one decade, I think Sudy Les dating app is one of the most impressive dating apps I’ve ever seen because it understands its community very well and knows how to give their members what they actually want.” (Serghei)

Executive summary:

Gary Vaynerchuk famously said, “Sub-cultures always win” when he was talking about why niche dating products are always very successful. Indeed, Sudy Les dating app is a winner in the online dating market because this is a niche dating app created for lesbian ladies looking for arrangements rather than traditional relationships which only bring people a lot of stress (not fun). When the niche is so specific, the conversion rate is much higher – Sudy Les is definitely a commercial success in the online dating industry and will continue doing well in the long term because there are so many successful and rich lesbian ladies & ambitious and attractive lesbian sugar babies. It is said that the average age of a sugar momma on Sugar Les dating app is 40 years old and the average age of a sugar baby on this app is 21 years old. These are very good and healthy numbers. No wonder Sudy Les is such a sustainable and profitable business in the online dating space.

At last, lesbian sugar babies and sugar mommas have a place to meet each other online instantly – you can literally change your life by joining a dating app on the phone. No matter you are a young woman looking for a mentor, or a mature lady looking for a young lover, Sudy Les dating app is here to help you make your dreams come true so that your love life can be looked after and your efforts can be used on other areas of your life without stress.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. A.M. says

    There is an app for everything and everyone. I found what I wanted over here, i met the most wonderful girl, she is very simple and lovely and also happy that I took her to great dates. Never give up!

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hi A.M.

      Thanks for your comment.

      May I ask your definition of ‘great dates’?

      Jade Seashell

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