HUD – #1 Hookup App review

HUD hookup dating app review

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Hookup Dating (HUD) is a mobile app designed for men and women to meet online and hook up instantly. If you are horny and need to get laid, you must download HUD now.


  • Female-friendly chat online.
  • Send and receive pictures in messages.
  • Photo protection.
  • Advanced search function.
  • Just message whoever you like. No more swiping!
  • View other members’ sexual personality.
  • View other members’ sexual orientation.
  • View other members’ drug preference.
  • Various languages can be displayed on this app.


  • 1-Month Membership: $29.99
    * Bronze Package: $19.99
    * Photo Access: $5.99
    * Profile Boost for 24 Hours: $6.99
    * Gold Package: $84.99
    * 3 Months’ Premium Membership: $49.99
    * 3 Days’ Profile Boost: $12.99
    * Silver Package: $54.99
    * 12 Months’ Premium Membership: $119.99
    * 6 Months’ Premium Membership: $69.99


  • This is a female-friendly hookup dating app.
  • HUD is very easy to use. You don’t even need to swipe left or right. Simply message whomever you want.
  • There is a significantly larger number of female users on HUD dating app than other hookup apps.
  • HUD dating app has many advanced features for premium members.


  • There are some hidden fees. But to be fair, you are using a product/service, not a charity.
  • The fees are quite expensive for a hookup app.
  • There are still many more men than women on this app.

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HUD - #1 Hookup App 17+

Users’ comments:

“I used HUD dating app when I just ended my marriage in 2017. This app is seriously perfect because it sent me a lot of eligible hot men who were ready to fuck. I found it quite therapeutic when my swollen pussy was filled with their cum. Sometimes I couldn’t even sit still in the office the next day because when I was sitting on the chair, my pussy was so sore after being fucked by a giant cook all night long. But that’s a good type of pain. I recommend HUD dating app to anyone who needs some excitement in order to get over the pain of ending a long-term relationship or marriage.” (Fiona, 40, Melbourne)

“HUD dating app is pretty good. I met some extremely sexy women who were willing to have meaningless sex with me. We had hot sex and then we are still friends today.” (Greg, 38, New York City)

“I like HUD dating app because it’s very user-friendly. Women really thrive on this app.” (Alicia, 39, L.A.)

“I’m not a fan of HUD dating app because there are too many hidden fees that I didn’t want to pay. Yes, I’m cheap. Very cheap. Maybe that’s why I never get laid and has been masturbating all my life?” (Michael, 63, Auckland)

Experts’ comments:

“People have a relaxed attitude and expectation on HUD because everyone is looking for casual sex. It’s actually quite common for their users to build real connections later, because it’s easy to start from a casual hook-up and then become serious. It’s very difficult to start from a serious relationship and become casual later.” (Curt Coch)

“Nowadays most relationships start as casual hook-ups due to the nature of online dating. That’s why joining HUD isn’t a bad idea. It gives you options.” (Jade Seashell)

Executive summary:

HUD dating app is a hookup app for women and men to flirt and date. Make sure that you are only looking for a casual relationship when you join HUD. Also, don’t forget to use condoms while hooking up with strangers. It’s a decent app if you are happy with some casual fun, excitement and pleasure.

Who needs to masturbate when there is something like HUD?




  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Eddy says

    FUNNNN! and worth it! It is nice to know the important details already in a very simple way, so it’s more easy to click with someone. I recommend it, it’s been working for me :)!

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Wow. Eddy. Congrats!


  2. Dena J says

    It’s one of the best apps to look for a simple hook-up. The chat is friendly indeed, and that’s very important, because men’s attention can sometimes get too persistent and even threatening. HUD doesn’t have the swiping mechanism, so you just search for profiles in the old-fashioned way. That means you just take a quick look at all the options, and then choose a few guys you like. You can just message them, or send pics, or whatever, and that makes things simpler and more fun.

  3. Harold G. Drummond says

    I’ve had premium membership for a while now, and I don’t think it’s worth the money. I mean, it’s $50 for 3 months, and I can’t even find a woman to chat with. There’s really no swiping, and you have to look through all those profiles all by yourself. The messages are unlimited, but for some reason I get almost no responses, which is quite strange. Maybe it is friendly for women, but for guys there’s just too much competition. Is there any way I can delete the app and refund at least some of my money?

    1. Gerald A says

      I’m afraid not. Had the same situation, a month and a half of premium, but no matches whatsoever. I suppose there are too much guys on this app, and all that competition just makes girls too picky. You have to be above average to get at least some response, let alone really hook up with someone. And when I tried to contact the developers in order to get my money back, they refused to discuss that altogether. That’s not too much money, but still. So be wary: you probably have to be quite attractive to get any attention in HUD.

  4. Charles says

    This is literally the best hookup app out there. The women are looking for a hookup already, so all you have to do is message them, have some small talk for a while and then invite them to your place. You don’t swipe left and right all day, instead you just sort all profiles by age and preferences, and just start sending pics. There are no hard feelings involved, just sex and overall good time. So I recommend everyone to pay for the premium account and be more insistent.

  5. Blanche88 says

    I like the app because it allows you to find casual sex without any consequences. And there’s a lot of men, so you always have many potential dates to choose from. Whenever I’m feeling horny, I just open the app and find somebody in 15 minutes or so. HUD is highly recommended for every single woman. Just don’t be shy, it’s perfectly safe and a lot of fun.

  6. Sean Patrick Conley says

    How is the customer service? If I want to cancel right away it’s there a problem and can I have the number

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