Dine Dating App Review (first dates – guaranteed)

Dine dating app review

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Apple App Store regards Dine Dating App as the best new app in 2019. This dating app has been featured on Business Insider, Venture Beat and Phone Arena, so it must have done something right!


  • Only meet people who are interested in going on a real date.
  • Meet local singles on real dates at restaurants, bars and cafés in your local area.
  • Stop wasting time chatting online without organising an actual date.
  • Talk in person to understand each other better.
  • Simply choose some restaurants you like and Dine dating app starts becoming your matchmaker.
  • Dine dating app introduces you to other local singles as well as their favourite restaurants.
  • You decide where to eat and meet.


  • Premium subscription: $27.99
    * Premium subscription: $99.99
    * Dine Gold: $64.99
    * Premium subscription for Dine: $27.99
    * Premium subscription: $69.99
    * Dine Gold: $64.99
    * Dine Gold: $149.99
    * Premium subscription for Dine: $9.99
    * Dine Gold: $349.99
    * 10 Dine Coins: $24.99


  • This is an extremely efficient and effective dating app because it directs you to the right place to meet other singles immediately rather than waste your time chatting online without any result.
  • Its membership system filters the crap out – low-quality daters and scammers won’t pay for this service, so you’ll only meet genuine people who are actually looking for real dates and love.
  • When dating is combined with food and drinks, love life becomes yummy.


  • $65 per year isn’t a low fee, so this app has a smaller number of members compared with other dating apps.
  • Dine dating app doesn’t even allow you to contact other members unless you’ve paid $65 first.

Dine Dating App review

Users’ comments:

“Dine dating app used to be free to use and I met some very cute girls via this app. But now it requires a membership fee that I’m not happy to pay, so I’ll go to Tinder and Bumble instead – I’ll never pay for dating services. I just don’t value these things.” (Daniel, 25, Portland)

“I don’t mind paying $65 on Dine dating app because the girls on this app are hot. Almost every woman that I’ve met on this app knows how to enjoy life, looks sexy and has a positive attitude towards relationships. I have recommended Dine dating app to all my single friends.” (Timothy, 27, Hollywood, Florida)

“The only problem with Dine dating app is that many ladies use this app to get free meals from men. I have met 5 women via Dine dating app and all of them didn’t offer to pay for the dinner. They all blocked my phone number after the first date. I am not an ugly dude with no charisma, so I just feel being used by these manipulative whores.” (Charlie, 29, L.A.)

“I used Dine dating app to meet men. Even though I don’t always meet attractive men on this app, I still enjoyed the free dinner.” (Louise, 24, New York City)

Experts’ comments:

“Dine dating app is a high-quality dating product for singles to meet and date each other in real life. When you look at someone’s favourite restaurants, you understand that person’s taste, socioeconomic background and lifestyle a bit better.” (Jade Seashell)

“As a woman, you should offer to pay for a dinner date, but the guy you are dating should tell you that he will pay for the dinner. If he wants you to pay for the dinner on the first date, that probably means he doesn’t want to invest in you. Women don’t like cheap men.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

Dine dating app is a great platform to meet other singles effectively. Our advice for women is: If you really don’t want to pay for the dinner date, just don’t pay for it, because if you do offer to pay, you will create the foundation of this relationship in a way that isn’t on your terms – he will know that you don’t expect him to look after you, so his behaviour will only become worse and worse in the future. On the first date, the guy should be on his best behaviour & if he doesn’t even try to impress you on the first date, he will never want to impress you in the long term. Our advice for men is: If you don’t want to be used by women, perhaps you should join another dating app that doesn’t specify dinner dates; however, if you are a rich man and you do want to meet hot women who knows how to smell roses, enjoy life and have fun, you should join Dine dating app to meet these attractive girls.

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Who should pay on the first date? If you don’t like the woman you are dating, you can ask her to pay for the dinner date so that she will automatically block your phone number without you dumping her. This simple strategy saves you money, time and energy. You will thank us later. (You are welcome.)

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