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W-Match Dating App Review: Flirt & Chat

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W-Match is the sister brand of Waplog dating app because they belong to the same company. But these two dating apps are different in many ways. Therefore, we are going to review W-Match dating apptoday (we already reviewed Waplog previously).


  • Start a conversation if you both like each other. (Random people can’t contact you, so you won’t receive any spam on this popular dating app).
  • A user can verify their account on social media platforms easily.
  • A member can upload their photos from Instagram. But W-Match dating app won’t post anything on Instagram or any social media platform because their users’ privacy is protected and respected.
  • You can choose to upload multiple photos from various social media accounts, so it’s very easy to use.
  • You can even translate your messages into various languages, meaning international dating is made easy here.
  • Profile page and info page are updated regularly by W-Match dating app; therefore, its interface is very beautiful.


  • $1.00 – $144.99 per item (In-app products only).


  • W-Match dating app is extremely popular in English-speaking countries as well as other countries, so international dating is possible on this platform.
  • This popular dating app has received many more positive reviews than negative reviews, meaning the majority of its users are satisfied with this dating service. Third-party evidence is hard to fake.
  • Its design is very chic and it’s very user-friendly.
  • W-Match dating app has an effective moderation system which eliminates 95% of scammers and spammers.


  • W-Match dating app contains ads and that’s a bit annoying, but advertising is probably their main revenue because most mainstream dating apps sell ads in order to make a profit from their dating products (95% of online daters will never pay for dating apps& dating apps’ developers have to make a living).
  • Sometimes it’s difficult to update your dating profile or photos because there are some technical issues on this dating app.
  • Even though W-Match dating app shows ads, it still charges its members for sending messages to other users & it’s not cheap.
  • Some members complain that they only see people who are far away from them in terms of location, and that’s a bit strange – perhaps there is a technical problem which needs to be solved.W-Match-Dating-App-to-Flirt-&-Chat

Users’ comments:

“I downloaded W-Match dating app and sent many messages to women, but nobody replied. I’m very disappointed because I paid for this dating service yet it brings no results. Should I blame this dating platform or my ugly photos?” (Nicolas K., 59, Dublin, Ireland)

“Although this dating app has a system to get rid of spammers and scammers, there are still many scammers and spammers on this app. I guess that’s because W-Match dating app can only remove 95% of those scammers, and its database is too big. I don’t like it.” (Dale A., 48, London, England)

“I don’t know why mainstream dating apps have more spammers than non-mainstream dating apps. I think maybe that’s because mainstream dating apps have more members and more members means more problems.” (Anita B., 37, New York City, NY, the United States)

“W-Match dating app works pretty well for me, though others may have different experiences and results. Anyway, overall, I love this trusted dating app. Some people can’t find anyone suitable on this app probably because they are older. But I’m much younger than most online daters, so maybe that’s why it’s easier for me to find dates online. I’m not saying life is harder for older daters; I’m just talking about my observation and my experience in an honest way. Age is a taboo topic in western culture.” (Brook K., 25, Los Angeles, CA, the United States)

Experts’ comments:

“W-Match dating app is a reliable dating app overall. I think it’s still quite similar to its sister brand Waplog, but it’s slightly more expensive in some ways.” (Jade Seashell)

“This dating app is for people who are above 18 years old only.” (Alex Ainsworth)

“Its team is always innovating and improving this dating product, so they are doing something right for their users all the time.” (Curt Coch)

“I would say W-Match dating app is a legitimate dating app. But personally, I’m not a fan.” (Serghei)

Editor’s notes:

  • Both W-Match dating app and Waplog are both developed by Waplog Social Network. Because they don’t belong to different dating niches, it’s a bit hard to understand why app platforms allow the same IP address to launch two similar dating products in order to harvest online traffic. Usually, app platforms wouldn’t recommend that.
  • The maintenance work done by W-Match dating app is great. This team is an experienced team that have been in the online dating industry for quite a while. They regularly update their dating apps online so that their members can use their dating products more easily. That’s a very good customer retention strategy.
  • Please note that its version varies with device, so it all depends on which device you use & you may want to update its version on your device if it’s not the newest version. Older versions may not have the best features available.
  • Note that its size also varies with device, so if your mobile phone isn’t the most advanced smart phone, it may occupy too much space on your phone. But if your phone is cutting-edge, it’s fine.
  • Effie Zahos, author of A Real Girls’ Guide to Money: From Converse to Louboutins, argues that women should delete at least one app on their smart phones because most apps cost money, so there will be fewer women on dating apps & that’s not good for men (most dating apps have more men than women already). Even though you are only a free member of popular dating apps, you still have to spend time on these apps & your time can be spent making money. Meanwhile, as you are browsing dating profiles on those apps for free, you still have to see those ads which generate revenue for those free dating apps. In this way, you are only making the app developers rich. And if you don’t find any dates on those dating apps, you can’t get your time back. Anyway, the only benefit in that case is perhaps now you are an experienced user of trustworthy dating apps and you can provide comments and reviews on various dating apps. Have you considered this option which may bring you money if it’s done right?
  • When we look at W-Match dating app’s logo on Google Play Store, we can see “3” on its logo, but we don’t think W-Match dating app is for people who are looking for the threesome lifestyle, so we are not sure why “3” is on it. Perhaps some couples who are looking for the third leg are also on this app?! That’s just our observation on April 9th, 2019. Maybe W-Match dating app will change its logo design later.

Executive Summary:

W-Match is a legitimate dating app for people to flirt online and find dates instantly. It is a very popular dating product on Apple Store and Google Play Store because it’s about mainstream dating. Most people are very mainstream anyway. Therefore, if you are a mainstream dater, you should totally check it out and look for love online, because nowadays everyone is staring at their smart phone – it’s hard to meet anyone offline. That’s why online game is important now.

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Online game is paramount in 2019 because it’s probably the only way to meet someone in this day and age.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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