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Girls on Fling Dating Apps: Are women more faithful than men?

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It is said that there are more men on all dating apps except sugar daddy dating apps. But do you know that since 2015, there is a growing number of women on fling dating apps?

  • Women are not more loyal than men. Period.

According to a major study conducted in the European Union, it is clear that women are better at hiding their affairs. In other words, men are more likely to get caught if they are cheating on their spouses.

Therefore, probably there are more women than men who are cheating on their spouses. Or at least men and women are equally unfaithful.

Recently, a fling dating app developed in the United States has discovered that women in developed countries are more interested in having flings and affairs. By contrast, women in developing countries are less likely to join fling dating apps.

“We have found out that the majority of our female members are from western countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and France,” says Wendy F., co-founder of the fling dating app, “However, the number of female members from Eastern European countries is relatively small.”fling dating app

Having said that, since January 2019, there is an increasing number of women in Poland have joined this fling dating app.

“Interestingly, there is a new trend – more and more Polish women have joined our community to look for flings and affairs,” says Wade A., co-founder of this fling dating app, “As a matter of fact, I have noticed that Polish women are becoming more and more westernized.”

Indeed, when I was in Poland, I met many Polish girls. They are hotter than western women that I know, yet they aren’t as hot as Ukrainian women. I have also noticed that a lot of Polish girls are huge fans of the American TV show S*x and the City which is considered to be some American trash from a cultural point of view.

Honestly, I think TV shows such as S*x and the City only has some value in terms of fashion and entertainment. But even that’s not healthy, because that TV show promotes expensive designer brands that waste women’s money. In the short term, fashion can empower women because they instantly feel better and more attractive when they wear nice clothes. But in the long term, nobody wants to be a fashion victim.

That’s why smart girls usually wake up and realize that they should probably stop buying dear clothes and would be well-advised to return to K-mart and dating apps

Anyway, where are we? Ah, yes. Girls from Poland are very westernized due to the influence of American pop culture these days, so a lot of them have joined fling dating apps to look for fun rather than serious relationships.

I also visited Ukraine and I’ve discovered that Ukrainian girls are the hottest on the planet. That being said, they are not perfect. Most Ukrainian women expect their men to be providers so that they can sit on the couch and relax all day, every day.

A typical Ukrainian lady’s full-time job is to look pretty. She doesn’t have any expectations in bed. She also doesn’t try hard in bed. All she does in bed is to lie down there like a dead fish. Her guy can do whatever he wants.

That is to say, Ukrainian ladies don’t want to join fling dating apps either. Their personality isn’t suitable for fling dating apps anyway.

As to Russian girls that I know, most of them are not as attractive as Ukrainian women, but they have higher expectations than Ukrainian beauties.

Therefore, it’s always a trade-off, no matter which country you’d like to visit in order to get laid or find a fling/relationship.

  • If human nature is the same, why do western women like fling dating apps more than Eastern European women do?

That’s a great question.

Yes, human nature is the same and doesn’t change.

Nevertheless, everyone is conditioned by their culture. When the western culture is best characterized by the night life, nightclub scene, hooking up with strangers, “life is short; have fun now”, and so on, of course, western women are conditioned to enjoy casual relationships and flings.

In contrast, Eastern European women are more traditional, so they expect their men to be sponsors or providers so that they can take care of their nails and hair all day long.

I know an Australian guy who is dating a Ukrainian girlfriend. He moved to Ukraine in order to meet Ukrainian stunners. Yes, he has met a lot of very attractive ladies in Ukraine. But he is disappointed when he has finally got a Ukrainian girlfriend without using a fling dating apps

“She just wants to relax every single day and she doesn’t even want to get a job,” says this Australian guy, “I go to work every day because I teach English in Ukraine. But she doesn’t care about her career at all. That’s very strange.”

I told him that if he wants to marry a woman with ambitions in terms of career success, he should return back to Australia. But he says all of the Australian women that he dated are ugly and fat, so he doesn’t want to date Australian women anymore.

“Dude, if you go to Russia, you will meet women with higher expectations and they don’t look better than Ukrainian ladies. And if you go to Poland, you will meet 7s only and they are more westernized in terms of sexuality,” I said to him, “You have to decide what you would like to sacrifice if you want to have a girlfriend, because you won’t have a perfect relationship. That’s for sure.”

  • The No. 2 question you need to ask yourself is, “What am I willing to give up?”

When it comes to dating and relationships, I always tell people to ask themselves, “What exactly do I want?” This is the No. 1 question you need to ask yourself. Without knowing what you actually want, you won’t be able to recognize what suits you when that ideal candidate rocks up. That’s why it is paramount to clarify what you really want, no matter you have decided to join a fling dating app or not.

Then the second question you have to ask yourself is, “What am I happy to give up?”

I remember I heard this question when Robert Greene was interviewed by Nathan Chan, founder of the Foundr magazine in Melbourne, Australia. Nathan Chan asked Robert Greene, “In order to be a successful author, what do you need to give up?”

Robert Greene says that’s the best question ever. He explained that he gave up lots of free time because he was busy doing research and writing at home for years.chinese dating app

Indeed, if you only want to marry a gorgeous wife, you should know that she probably doesn’t want to go to work and she expects you to be the breadwinner. For example, if you are married to a typical Ukrainian wife, she will look after her beauty and she will also look after children, but you will need to pay for everything in the household.

But if you want to marry a capable woman who has a successful career, you shouldn’t complain that she turns you into a beta male who listens to her instructions frequently, because that’s your choice and your decision in the first place.

I’m not saying you can’t find a beautiful wife who is not only attractive, but also capable at work. Yes, you might find someone like that, but chances are she is not on a fling dating app.

Let’s be honest – how many successful women with lucrative careers have the time to look for flings on the Internet? These women only want to meet more successful men – are these high-value men have the time to look for casual s*x on fling dating apps?

In an era when opportunities are on your phone as long as you can swipe left or right, how many people actually cherish the relationships that they have?

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