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Billionaire Dating App Founder’s Take on Financial Success

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My friend Bill B. is the founder of a billionaire dating app. His given name is William, but he prefers Bill for short because Bill sounds pretty close to “billionaire” in terms of alliteration, right? Well, in reality, Bill is on his way to becoming a billionaire (now he is a multi-millionaire). But as a modest person, he says, “I know I won’t become a billionaire because there are gate-keepers out there who will not allow someone in the dating industry to become a billionaire. Have you heard of a billionaire in the dating industry? Probably no.” That being said, many of his app’s members are actually billionaires and a lot of this app’s members are multi-millionaires who are on their way to becoming rich guys app

  • Why did Bill set up the billionaire dating app?

A few years ago, Bill suffered from anxiety which triggered reflux. It is said that anxiety is caused by fear. Therefore, Bill bought a book called The Fear Cure (written by Lissa Rankin, M.D.). Although the book was underwhelming, Bill finds this statement from the book quite useful: “A healthy relationship with your finances is also medicine for a healthy body.”

Truthfully, Bill wasn’t broke at that time (he has never been broke in his life), but he had some anxiety about money due to a financially abusive relationship in the past. After the painful divorce, Bill had anxiety which was characterized by tension in the body. The psychologist gave him some suggestions: 1) use candles at home for aromatherapy; 2) dance to the music for at least one hour per day; 3) have a facial and a massage once a week. These strategies have helped him tremendously.

Then Bill’s mentor told him that he needs to find a real purpose in his life. Ideally, he should build a career that he is truly passionate about. Therefore, Bill started a billionaire dating app which introduces wealthy people and their admirers to each other singles dating apps

  • Bill’s advice for his community:

In this day and age, many modern people are too analytical, so they are not in touch with their feelings. Yet feeling-based financial planning is the most useful technique when it comes to personal finances. In other words, if something doesn’t feel right emotionally, it’s wrong. You don’t need further evidence. You just need to trust your intuition. For example, when your friends recommend a book to you but it doesn’t feel right, you shouldn’t buy that book. Your intuition is always right if you believe in yourself. Sadly, many individuals have already talked themselves out of their intuition after social conditioning in the mainstream culture.

In contrast, if spending money on something makes your heart sing (e.g. going to the movies), you should do it because when something brings you joy, it has real value in it.

Moreover, people would be well-advised to take actions toward generating revenue without trading hours for dollars. Indeed, Bill set up this billionaire dating app because he understands business automation – he only needs to create this dating app once and the product sells itself: many people want to buy memberships on this app because the platform is adding real value to their love old man dating app

Also, activities and tasks that you do every day should either bring you results or joy. If something doesn’t bring results or joy to you, you don’t need to do it. Hence, Bill gives the following advice:

Whenever you are about to do something on your to-do list, you simply ask yourself, “Does this need to be done?” / “Does this need to be done now?” / “Does this need to be done by me?” Bill says he learned this piece of advice from Kate Northrup, a creative entrepreneur who runs a 7-figure business online.

Furthermore, positive thinking doesn’t really work. Being good with money is more than merely believing in a prosperity / abundance mindset. It’s also about the following:

  • The information you fill your brain with every day;
  • People you spend your time with regularly;
  • Your worldview and your approach to life.

This possibly sounds a bit woo-woo, but please let me explain.

First of all, if you are reading fiction books all the time, you are probably missing out on a lot of pragmatic books that can teach you things, including how to manage your finances. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying novels are useless. Actually, I believe that art, literature and religion are the most powerful tools in the world because these things can cure the root cause of mental illnesses, whereas psychology can only treat the symptoms. What I’m trying to say is you need to strike a balance by reading some non-fiction books as well. Bill B., the founder of the billionaire dating app, is a great example: every day he listens to an educational podcast when he is driving; he listens to an audio book when he is in the gym; he reads a non-fiction book every two weeks; he reads a fiction book every rich single man in apps

Secondly, who you work with is just as important as what you do in terms of your career. According to Bill B. (founder of the billionaire dating app), if you absolutely can’t stand your boss, you should quit your job and find a healthy position or start your own business. Working with toxic people is bad for your health.

Lastly, your worldview and the way you approach things are paramount. Bill once said, “If it hadn’t been for my painful divorce and for my anxiety, it’s quite unlikely that I would have turned in those entertaining TV shows for business, entrepreneurship and money books.”

  • Youthful passion is a real blessing.

When you were a child, what did you enjoy doing? Most people forget about their childhood passions simply because their teachers, parents and friends told them not to pursue their “passion” as something else is “more practical” or “cool”. However, youthful enthusiasm can guide you down the path that your soul requires to grow.

“When I was about 6 or 7 years old, I was already thinking about how to sell soft drinks at school so that I could make some money,” says Bill B., founder of the billionaire dating app, “As a matter of fact, I loved making money when I was young. I am a pure-bred entrepreneur.”dating rich single ladies on apps

Many people have dead-end jobs that they can’t leave – unfortunately, the things you hold on to in order to keep you safe are oftentimes the things that are preventing you from claiming your freedom. I know a woman who has a 9-to-5 job with no future. At the bottom of her heart, she wants to be an entrepreneur, but her risk tolerance level is quite low, so her dead-end job is the real reason why she can’t claim her freedom.

Billionaire dating app founder Bill B. shares his wisdom: ‘running my own business makes me live a life more in line with who I am deep down.’ His insights are deep and meaningful.

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