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A question from casual dating apps: Is love at first sight true?

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Do you actually believe in love at first sight? Is this kind of love legitimate? Let’s figure this out together now.

  • Compared to women, men are more likely to experience love at first sight.

Research conducted by casual dating apps shows that love at first sight happens to men more often and women generally don’t frequently experience this special kind of love.

Dating experts in the United Kingdom even argue that men could be turned on more easily as men are visual. By contrast, women’s sexuality is probably more contextual; therefore, it takes more than visual stuff to arouse ladies.

As a result, men tend to feel chemistry and attraction for a stranger upon the 1st sight of that individual. More exactly, that type of feeling is actually “attraction at first sight” instead of “love at first sight”.real dating apps

No matter you are a man or a woman, your intuition is always right. Probably this is particularly true for women because women’s intuition is generally stronger. Kate Northrup (author of Do Less) states that a lady should listen to her body as her intuition usually comes from her body rather than her brain.

For instance, when a lady meets a guy, if her body feels expansion, it means he is probably the right guy. But if her body feels contraction, it normally means he is the wrong person for her. A woman’s body doesn’t lie, whereas her brain may lie to her due to certain programming.

Unfortunately, a lot of women have become very analytical nowadays, for they basically believe that the emotional brain must be switched off and the analytical brain must be switched on in order to be successful and compete with men. Many women even want to outdo men in modern-day society. (Source: casual dating apps)

That’s why lots of ladies ignore red flags at the initial stage of their new relationships – these ladies choose to use their logic and reasoning to convince themselves that certain guys are the right candidates for them as these guys are rich and powerful. Sadly, when criteria become a checklist, it’s not going to help!

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  • A dating coach from a casual dating app maintains that there is nothing wrong with attraction at first sight.

No matter you’re a woman or a man, attraction at first sight is a signal which says, “I like this individual”.

Okay. Do not use your analytical brain to evaluate how you feel now. Simply embrace the amazing feeling in your body and enjoy your emotions.

If you plan to make this a real relationship, you may ask yourself, “What are my non-negotiables in dating?” Let’s say your non-negotiables are taken care of, then you can start an official relationship with this person and chances are you can have a healthy relationship!how to date free

  • The differences between attachment and love:

Interestingly, many relationships begin as casual encounters, and then people develop true feelings for each other and form serious relationships. (Source: casual dating apps)

In reality, most romantic relationships do not last forever. Yet it does not mean these romantic relationships aren’t valuable. Truthfully, they are highly valuable experiences that could teach us important lessons and insights. For instance, we can learn the differences between attachment and love after we’ve experienced real relationships, right?

Oftentimes, when individuals see attachment as love, that’s exactly when romantic relationships fail!

First, love is based on genuine connection, whilst attachment is based on more selfish factors.

A psychologically healthy individual not only has the need to be loved, but also has the need to love somebody. That is to say, love must be based on an emotional connection between two individuals.

However, attachment usually happens when one individual has selfish motivations regarding why they want to keep somebody around. For instance, this individual coped with abandonment in their childhood; hence, it’s very difficult to be single and probably they can’t even be alone. (Source: best casual dating app)

Second, love is characterized by honesty and mutual respect, while attachment is characterized by very controlling behavior and manipulation.casual dating apps

The authentic prerequisite of love is genuine respect for each other in a romantic relationship. When respect is absent, a romantic relationship will not last in the long term.

Nonetheless, as attachment is oftentimes caused by selfish motivations, it often includes manipulation and controlling behavior, e.g. playing mind games with each other. Although these games might work in the short term, manipulation will never result in a healthy relationship in the long run because karma is real.

Third, love creates a real commitment, but attachment causes a terrible breakup, according to experts from casual dating apps.apps for dating online

When a romantic relationship is built on true love, it can grow into a lifelong commitment that will nourish both people in the relationship – both individuals will feel nurtured by the emotional connection, so they can grow old together.

Nevertheless, when a romantic relationship is purely built on attachment, it is not a sincere relationship, so it can only cause a painful breakup – when manipulation is the theme of a relationship, the dynamics could become toxic quickly. (Source: best casual dating apps)


When one individual is constantly giving and the other individual is constantly taking, the relationship literally becomes a one-way street which seriously violates the Law of Balance. That’s why a horrible breakup is unavoidable.


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