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How do winners on iTunes dating apps operate in love, life and business?

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As an expert of iTunes dating apps, many people in my inner circle have joined the best free online dating apps in 2019. Since these people are winners in love, life and business, I’ve asked them to share their strategies, tips and tricks with us today.

  • Don’t win every battle and lose the war.

Hayley W. is a friend of mine who has recently joined an iTunes dating app to look for love. She has had two long-term relationships that were very successful and here is her story:

Hayley was dating a sugar daddy when she was 22 years old. It was an arrangement which is also known as a mutually beneficial relationship. That relationship ended because her sugar daddy moved to the UK in 2009.

Then Hayley started another arrangement with another sugar daddy who actually married her. That marriage lasted for five years when that sugar daddy passed away.itunes free apps

According to Hayley, she always looked after her sugar daddies very well. “I’m not there to exploit each arrangement. Instead, I know it has to be mutually beneficial in order to make it work,” says Hayley, “So, I always gave my sugar daddies a lot of value whenever I could.”

Indeed, Hayley is a lady who always gives a bit more if she could. As a giver, people around her wants to look after her as well. That’s why she has become quite successful in many ways.

By contrast, some people always think “What’s in it for me” only. And that’s exactly why they don’t add enough value to others’ lives and become losers.

Catherine U. was married to a manipulative man when she was in her 20s. “That guy was the King of Deception. He ‘borrowed’ money from me and never returned money to me,” says Catherine, “So, basically, he won every battle, but in the end, I was playing the long game because I could see the big picture. After getting what I deserve in the long term, I divorced him immediately.”

Catherine’s ex-husband is an example of winning every battle and losing the war.

Now Catherine has joined an iTunes dating app in order to look for handsome and successful men.

  • Smart people know looking after others also means looking after themselves.

Scott G. is a popular guy with lots of high-value friends. Whenever he goes out with his friends, they always pick up girls together. More importantly, they help each other to get laid.

“Whenever I see a friend of mine want to approach a hot woman, I am always the guy who talks to her ugly friend,” says Scott, “I choose to talk to the ugly, fat woman who looks like a horse because I have to isolate the hot woman so that my friend can sleep with her.”

Indeed, Scott is a very competent wing man that everyone likes. And now he is also on an iTunes dating app in order to maximize his opportunities in the dating scene.

“When I’m dating a pretty girl, I always treat her right. That’s why after each breakup, my reputation isn’t ruined at all,” says Scott, “In fact, my ex-girlfriends’ friends always wanted to become my lovers – they know my reputation is very good.”

Basically, Scott knows the importance of maintaining his positive image in an existing social circle. If he treats a girl badly, his reputation in the social circle would be destroyed and he would have to build a new social circle again.iTunes dating app

Therefore, as an intelligent man, Scott maintains his powerful social circle very well, thereby sleeping with a lot of hot women.

In this way, Scott not only has a large number of male friends who are always there to be his wing men, but also has many female friends who want to sleep with him.

“Actually, whenever I meet a pretty lady, I friend-zone her immediately,” says Scott, “That’s my strategy – I say this to her, ‘Now you are my best friend. Tonight, your job is to find a girlfriend for me” – Whenever a hot girl hears this, she begins to think, ‘Why doesn’t he find me attractive?’ So, she will want to get my attention and my approval.”

Scott has also used this tactic on women that he has met on iTunes dating apps. Usually, this is done on the first date when he wants to make a woman work harder for him.

  • Winners give othersmore value in business as well.

There are many successful business owners on iTunes dating apps these days. My friend Alex J. is one of them.

Unlike greedy businessmen who want to exploit every opportunity as much as possible, Alex is very different – Instead of creating a 20/80 scenario where the other party gets 20 and he gets 80, he actually creates a 30/70 scenario where the other party gets 30 and he gets 70 only.

Now you may wonder how Alex became so successful as a generous man like that. Well, this isn’t hard to explain.

Because Alex always wants to give the other party more value, the other party definitely wants to keep doing business with Alex. As a result, his suppliers, vendors and customers are all very satisfied – the business environment is very stable for Alex.

If Alex is selfish and greedy, the result will be completely different – let’s say he creates a 10/90 scenario where he doesn’t really look after the other party very much, chances are he may win once, but he will need to look for new prospects constantly.apps for dating

Yes, when the other party is pissed off, they won’t do business with you again. And that’s why you’ll have to keep looking for new partners in business.

In contrast, Alex, the dater on iTunes dating apps and a successful businessman, utilizes a different approach – he always leaves people better than he found them.

Hence, he has long-term suppliers, vendors and customers for his business. Better still, he can easily create more and more 30/70 scenarios and make much more profit than the average Joe who only wants to maximize his own profit in one 10/90 transaction.

That is to say, the average Joe can only make one transaction work, yet Alex can make many transactions work, so overall, Joe makes much more money.

If you are the average Joe who happens to be on an iTunes dating app, I hope you can read this article carefully and learn from Alex, so that you can become a winner in the future.

  • Winners have built the foundations of their love lives.

There are two layers of confidence: external confidence and internal confidence. That’s the foundation of your love life.

External confidence can be faked because it’s all about how you look, how you talk and how you walk. That means you can make yourself presentable easily and fake a confident image today.

However, according to a survey on iTunes dating apps, you can’t fake your core confidence, i.e. your internal confidence.

My friend Ann improved her external confidence by wearing gorgeous clothes and makeup every day. Her hair is always beautifully done. She says external confidence is also very important because what’s happening externally can influence what’s happening internally.

Even Dr. Christiane Northrup agrees with Ann in this regard when the author points out the importance of fashion which influences our in real life

Ann improved her internal confidence by working on her career, cultivating her hobbies and truly loving herself. She has built a wonderful organization which generates 6 figures a year; she enjoys singing and dancing in her spare time; she nurtures her body with diet and sleep; she works on her mindset by reading 26 books a year.

Now Ann is on an iTunes dating app to look for a guy who meets her standards. As a matter of fact, her standards are very realistic: He has to be ambitious; he needs to have a career blueprint; he must be hardworking and intelligent; his personality should be pleasant.

Ann doesn’t care whether this person is attractive. She also doesn’t care about this person’s age. That’s why I think Ann’s standards are quite realistic.

Whenever I see a woman with a long shopping list, I know it will be very hard for her to get a guy.

  • Winners are not worried about rejections and failures.

Looking for a partner on iTunes dating apps is just like looking for a job. A single person is a bit like an unemployed person.

If you are unemployed, you would definitely send a lot of resumes to many companies and attend lots of job interviews.

Similarly, if you are single, you should also send a lot of messages to other members on iTunes dating apps and have lots of first dates.

In this analogy, not every employer will want to hire you, meaning many job interviews will fail. And that’s okay. It’s absolutely normal. You only need one job anyway.

So, if you are rejected by other members on iTunes dating apps, that’s also quite normal. You are only looking for one person anyway.

I know a woman who stopped dating after being rejected by a guy that she liked. She didn’t date for 5 years! And that’s five years wasted by her.

After a consultation with me, this woman has joined an iTunes dating app and started to date various men. Now she says life is good.

You would be ill-advised to avoid dating after being rejected by someone. That person who rejected you doesn’t even know he/she has so much power in your life. You know what, that person probably doesn’t even care!

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