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buzzArab dating app review (Single Arab Dating: Meet Arabs and Muslims)

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buzzArab dating app was created by Arabs/Muslims ad designed for Arabs/Muslims. This is probably the only Muslim dating app which doesn’t limit members’ dating goals. In other words, you don’t have to look for a long-term marriage partner here; you can look for dates and friendships in this community & nobody will blame you.


  • Register a dating profile for free.
  • Send and receive messages for free.
  • Meet people from different backgrounds and all religions, and then choose the right person for yourself.
  • Every dating profile is reviewed by buzzArab dating app before appearing on the app.
  • Female members can control who can contact them (by age, country and even languages spoken). No more spam.
  • Male members can finally stop paying expensive monthly memberships.
  • buzzArab dating app is LGBTQ-friendly!buzzarab main login


  • It’s completely, absolutely free.


  • buzzArab is totally free to join and use!
  • Various relationship types are allowed on this app.
  • People from all countries can join this app.
  • Hundreds of new users join this app every day.
  • Actually, members of all religions can use this service (e.g. Muslims, Druze, Yzidis, Copts, Christians, etc.)


  • All pros, no cons!
  • Sorry, we are joking. Actually, there are some cons – As another free dating app, the quality of its members is quite low. A lot of people on this app are using this service to marry someone for convenience (e.g. a green card).
  • Many men on this app didn’t even complete their education and only expect women to support them.
  • Some people have submitted their personal information to buzzArab and then get rejected and can’t join this app. They aren’t happy with that because this app has already collected all their personal data without any explanation why their profile is rejected.
  • You can’t change your bio any time.buzzArab-search

Users’ comments:

“I’ve been using this app for two years and haven’t even met one decent man that I like. I’m not choosy; I just want someone who has a decent job and is educated. Sadly, all men that I’ve met on this app are either trying to use me for money or asking me to meet them in another city! It’s so ridiculous. I’m leaving this app right now and I’ll join a much better app. I don’t mind paying a membership fee as long as the service is good.” (Emily N., 27, England)

“I met my ex-husband on this app. He is a user, abuser and loser at the same time – he lied to me when I met him. Now I’m happily divorced.” (Cat S., 38, Canada)

“Women on this app are all right, but they aren’t extremely hot. I’m still looking for someone who looks like Kim Kardashian, but perhaps I should look elsewhere.” (Vania J., 32, the United States)

“It’s a good app because it’s free. I’ll never pay for dating apps anyway.” (Dale Q., 31, Australia)search-profiles

Experts’ comments:

“buzzArab dating app is 100% free. That’s why it has so many members online. Although they verify every member’s dating profile, they don’t really filter low-quality users effectively.” (Jade Seashell)

“I think buzzArab should change their business model because clearly, the current business model has attracted a large number of low-quality members.” (Curt Coch)

“Its target audience isn’t specific enough.” (Serghei)


  1. Why is this app free?
  • It’s a free app because it doesn’t monetize its members. The number of its members is their real product which can be sold to businesses who run ads in this community.
  1. Why can’t I meet someone rich here?
  • Wealthy people probably won’t join a free dating app because they don’t mind paying monthly membership fees and get better services as a result.
  1. Why do people on this app prefer love marriages rather than arranged marriages?
  • Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of an arranged marriage. Sometimes circumstances don’t allow people to get married in a traditional way, so they have to choose love marriages.profile-buzzarab

Executive summary:

With a big database, buzzArab dating app is a very successful dating product for Arabs and Muslims to find love online. Although it has a large number of active users, the quality of its users isn’t very high. Therefore, many members spend several years looking for suitable partners on this app and haven’t found the results they want yet. These people would be well-advised to join a better dating app while using this free membership at the same time – they have to expand their opportunities and shouldn’t limit themselves to one dating app only.buzzArab download itunesdatingcom android-download

There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you decide to use a free dating app, you need to be prepared for its disadvantages, including low-quality members, limited customer support, etc. It’s a matter of what you want – if you want a better love life, you should probably invest in it.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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