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Raya dating app review (date rich and marry well)

Raya dating app is the Tinder for the rich

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If you are complaining about the low-quality dates from Tinder, then you are reading the right content right now – we are going to show you a high-end dating app: Raya.


  •  A private, membership-based app for dating, networking or finding new friends.
  • You can also meet people to collaborate on work related projects.
  • You must log in with your Instagram account.
  • You don’t have to have a huge Instagram following in order to become a member on this app.
  • You probably need to know someone who is already on this elite dating app in order to become a member.
  • It’s free to download. You can purchase a membership once you’ve joined this app.
  • Instead of showing profile photos, you show a profile video with a soundtrack.


  • 1-month subscription: US$7.99;
  • 3-month subscription: US$23.99;
  • 6-month subscription: US$29.99.


  • Many celebrities are on Raya. You will meet the most famous, attractive people in the world. According to a fashion magazine, Teri Hatcher is also on Raya.
  • Scammers are definitely absent on Raya because every member is there by invitation only.
  • Extremely upscale dating app.
  • It’s very affordable (much cheaper than sugar daddy dating apps)!


  • You may not be able to join Raya because the admittance algorithm is a mystery.
  • If you live in a small town, there aren’t enough Raya members for you because in your local area there aren’t enough celebrities.
  • Raya has many hot members, so if you look average, it’s hard for you to find a partner on this dating app – dating out of your league is difficult. Even if you can date out of your league, the person you are dating will probably cheat on you anyway. Therefore, it’s better to date someone who is slightly out of your league (not completely out of your league).

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Users’ comments:

“I joined Raya in 2017 and absolutely love it! I use Raya to meet people romantically and socially. My boyfriend and I met each other on Raya in January 2018.” (Anita, social media influencer, New York City)

“I dated a movie star from Raya. Although we are not together anymore, it’s totally worth it!” (Lisa, businesswoman, L.A.)

“I use Raya to meet people who can collaborate with me for work related projects. So far I’ve found five wonderful people who are happy to work with me. Fantastic!” (Sam, digital marketer, Chicago)

Experts’ comments:

“Raya is a very special dating app. In fact, you don’t have to have a huge Instagram following in order to become a member on Raya. But nobody knows the selection criteria, which is not helpful.” (Jade Seashell)

“You don’t necessarily have to be famous in order to join Raya, but you probably must be rich or influencial in some ways because only powerful people can become their members.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

Raya has been featured in many fashion magazines and is considered ‘the invite-only dating app’ for creative people and celebrities. In other words, you should be in creative industries if you’d like to join Raya and use it effectively. Each application is reviewed by an anonymous global committee. If you are referred by someone who is already in the community, your application is more likely to be approved.

Better than Tinder Select.

  • Design
  • Value for money
  • Popularity
  1. […] Ideally, you should join all of them to maximize your chance of getting a celebrity. For instance, Raya is a celebrity dating app where people can meet the rich and the famous. You never know what you can get unless you try it! […]

  2. Karen R. Coy says

    I’ve been on Raya for a few months already, and I just love it! It’s very different from other dating apps I’ve tried, because you don’t have to deal with hundreds of random people here. Basically, everyone you meet here is already kind of famous and very interesting person, so it’s totally worth it. And it’s so comfortable! I mean, even if don’t get romantically involved with a guy you like, you can always just chat with him and maybe find something you’d like to work on together, who knows.

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hi Karen,

      Yes, that’s amazing. Are you dating a celebrity now?


  3. John C. Staton says

    My friend introduced me to this dating app, and I like it. The admittance algorithm is based on invitations, so to register you need to know somebody who already uses it. That means no scam and no fake profiles. Overall, the app is positioned as a high-quality place for rich people to meet, but the subscription fee is very low. This is quite strange, but still, the app has a lot of interesting women looking for a partner, not a sponsor.

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hi John,

      Indeed, its subscription fee is incredibly low. Nobody knows how this app monetises its platform.


  4. Matthew M says

    I’ve tried to install the app a few times already, but the admittance mechanism doesn’t let me in, and since the developers keep the algorithm like a secret, I can’t figure out why. Maybe it’s because I don’t have that much subscribers on my Instagram account, I don’t know. I guess it’s kind of disappointing, but I’ll probably just return to more accessible apps.

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hey Matthew,

      You will need an invitation in order to join this app. That means you have to know someone who is already using this app first.


  5. Teresa says

    As an Instagram model, I don’t have any problems with getting matches on dating apps. But most of them are just not interesting enough, and talking to random people gets boring pretty soon. So I’ve heard this Raya app has a lot of celebrities and decided to check it out. Turns out the app is really worth it: this intricate mechanism of admittance filters ordinary people and lets only the most attractive and interesting in. And I don’t have to fear scammers, which is also nice and relaxing.

  6. Luis-N says

    Found a girlfriend here last year. Although we are not together now, the app is great. You have to be invited in order to log in, so there’s no fake profiles here at all, and almost all the matches you get are high-quality. If you’re just looking to find someone to talk to for a while, you can do it here as well. Monthly fee is very low for such class, so don’t miss it. And if you think that you won’t be able to compete with all those celebrities and entrepreneurs, don’t worry: you can indeed find someone way out of your league and still have a certain chance to date that person. Just find some way to register, and you won’t ever regret it.

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