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Why should singles join the best dating apps for relationships?

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In today’s day and age, almost every single person is swiping left or right in order to find true love. If you are wondering why this is a must in 2019, you will figure it out in this article.

The best dating apps for relationships are designed for men and women looking for true love rather than casual flings.

Please note that there are subcategories in the dating department – serious relationships, casual hookups, arrangements, and so on. Therefore, it is important to find the right platform where other people are looking for the same thing like you do.

If you are keen to find a life partner and build a meaningful, long-term relationship, you should totally join the best dating app for relationships rather than casual hook-ups.

Most people download a random dating app and wonder why they can’t get what they want there!

Remember: it is your responsibility to find out which app is the best dating app for relationships. Don’t blame an app simply because it doesn’t give you the result you want – that app may have a different purpose, e.g. it was created for casual flings only.

Yes, various niches in the dating scene give people different options in love and in life. Therefore, you need to clarify what you actually want in the first place.casual hook-ups

Before joining the best dating app for relationships, I’d like you to specify what exactly you want in your love life.

Usually, most of my clients fall into two categories when they say they are looking for serious relationships: 1) those who are looking for a traditional relationship in order to get married; 2) those who are looking for a sponsor or a provider in order to start an arrangement.

I don’t judge any of them because it is their right to decide what they want in their love life. As long as their decisions are legal, I think it’s okay!

People looking for a traditional relationship in order to get married usually want children because they are more family-oriented. In this case, I always ask them to join a mainstream dating app for relationships such as Bumble and Brilic dating app.

As to individuals looking for an arrangement because they want to date up or marry up, I often ask them to join a non-mainstream dating app for NSA relationships such as Seeking (available on Android).

By the way, those who are looking for a traditional relationship which may lead to a marriage should have a longer list when they set standards for their potential partner, e.g. this person needs to be kind, well-educated, intelligent, fun-loving, hardworking, etc. The list can be longer (but not too long). By that I mean as long as your non-negotiables are included, it’s already very good.

In terms of people looking for arrangements, I oftentimes tell them to have a shorter list. Ideally, they should only pick two, e.g. this person has to be rich and have good manners. That’s it! Because if you have a long wish list, chances are you won’t meet someone rich and suitable – rich mates are not as common as you think. Therefore, it’s better and more practical to keep the list short – you shouldn’t worry about whether your rich mate is attractive or not and you shouldn’t worry about whether your rich mate’s age.

Interestingly, I saw Jennifer Love Hewitt’s movie Heartbreakers in 2001 and I still remember the mother-daughter team that work as con artists in order to get money from rich men. Of course, that is just a comedy for us to laugh at, but I think that movie is a vivid example of the reality of dating the rich – chances are you will meet a lot of much older men that you don’t feel attracted to if your goal is to marry the rich or find a sugar daddy.

It is said that Heartbreakers (2001) is a popular movie in several communities managed by the best dating apps for relationships & those communities are all about introducing millionaires to hot women, thereby building meaningful, long-term arrangements.

Surely, these dating apps for relationships are not teaching women to become con artists or gold diggers, because the movie is only for entertainment rather than educational purpose. There is a big difference between a gold digger and a hypergamous woman – a gold digger gets cash and leaves quickly (just like the mother-daughter team in Heartbreakers), whilst a hypergamous woman wants to marry a rich man and stays in the marriage (just like Ginie Sayles who didn’t leave her husband when his oil business wasn’t successful at a certain stage of their marriage).dating app for relationships

Even if you’ve joined the best dating app for relationships, you should still seize opportunities in real life.

According to Roosh V’s popular website Return of Kings, the modern western mainstream culture has made western men weaker, as a growing number of western men can’t approach women – they fear rejection.

Most western men only approach women when they are very sure they won’t get a rejection. That is very sad because that means most men miss out on a lot of opportunities that could turn out to be great encounters.

In real life, there are still countless ways to meet women. A friend of mine is attracted to a hot girl in a clothing shop. His cousin is also working for that clothing shop, so he asked me whether he should get his cousin to help him in this regard.

I told him that if his cousin is involved in this process, that hot woman surely won’t want him because it is something that he can do by himself – whyshould he ask his cousin for help? Getting his cousin in it shows his weakness rather than strength. He has to be a strong man instead of a weak man if he wants to attract that hot app for NSA

Hence, I told him to approach that lady without telling his cousin about it. In the end, he did it successfully.

He also told me that sexy women rarely use the best dating apps for relationships because they don’t need to join any dating apps at all.

Truly hot women are already surrounded by lots of men in real life without going online.

Thus, if you want to meet high-value mates, you would be well-advised to look for them IRL, apart from looking for them URL.

I’m not saying using the best dating apps for relationships is a bad strategy. In fact, I think it’s a pretty good strategy. Even successful businessmen such as Tom Bilyeu and Gary Vaynerchuk claim that they would definitely join relationships dating apps if they were single because they don’t want to spend too much time running game – successful entrepreneurs highly value their time, so they spend most of their time working on their businesses instead of meeting lots of women.

The best way to find a high-quality relationship is to look for opportunities online and offline.

In conclusion, those who are keen to find high-quality relationships that can lead to marriages should totally leverage the best dating apps for relationships as well as offline opportunities such as social events and parties where people can meet other singles easily.

Don’t underestimate the power of using a variety of strategies in your love life because you have to diversity your lead generation methods in today’s day and age – just like you need to diversity your investments – that’s the best way to lower your risk and maximize your success!

Masculine men should approach women and stop worrying about rejections!

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