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DOWN dating app review (flirt and hookup)

DOWN dating app review

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DOWN dating app is a community for women and men to meet each other and flirt. You can hook up with someone instantly here.


  • Sign in with your Facebook account to make sure you are a real person. DOWN never posts anything on your Facebook timeline, so there is nothing to worry about.
  • DOWN will only tell someone you like them if they also like you, so there is nothing to embarrass you!
  • Have 100% control of your love life by choosing GET DOWN or GET DATE (GET DOWN means you want a casual hookup; GET DATE means you want something more serious).
  • 7-day free trial.


  • 7-day free trial period.
  • $19.99 per month if you decide to keep using this app.


  • DOWN dating app is extremely user-friendly. All you need to do is to sign in with your Facebook account. No hassle, no worries.
  • DOWN dating app is the fastest growing casual dating app in the world, so you are able to find someone cute nearby quickly (quantity leads to quality).
  • Its advanced technology allows you to hide yourself from Facebook friends, so you know you can date with confidence – your privacy is their priority.
  • Extra features to help you stand out from the crowd and make your profile more visible.
  • You can see unlimited profiles.
  • It has many languages in its setting.


  • Sometimes DOWN dating app can’t identify the correct location of your mobile phone, so you may see someone far away from you rather than somebody nearby.
  • The 7-day free trial period is just a way to get you to buy their monthly membership. There is no such thing as a free lunch!

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Users’ comments:

“What a fantastic casual dating app! I like DOWN dating app because it gives me exactly what I want. I only look for friends with benefits. Now I have so many amazing friends and we do look after each other!” (Rich, 38, Boston)

“I have really enjoyed DOWN dating app because this is the perfect hookup app for me after my freaking divorce! I highly recommend this app to anyone who want some excitement and fun in life. It’s just so therapeutic!” (Miranda, 35, New York)

“Initially, I used DOWN dating app to look for casual relationships. But now I only use this app to look for a real boyfriend who will stay around to look after my future kids. So far, I’ve dated a few guys who also choose GET DATE on this app. Now I just need to decide which guy is the hottest of them all! Because I’m 46 years old now and I must have children before menopause! Otherwise, I’ll probably die alone because I should be able to live longer than my partner, as long as I don’t have any long-term STD after playing the field for nearly thirty years!” (Linda, 46, San Francisco)

Video Review on Down Dating App

Experts’ comments:

“DOWN dating app is a legitimate casual dating app for men and women to flirt and hook up quickly. It’s one of the best hookup apps in the world and it grows really fast.” (Curt Coch)

“DOWN dating app has been highly recommended by many experts in the industry. It has been featured on GQ, Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, TIME, Marie Claire, Huffington Post, The Economist and BuzzFeed. Obviously, it has become a mainstream app already.” (Jade Seashell)

Executive summary:

Undoubtedly, DOWN dating app is a hugely successful casual dating app for singles to meet each other and flirt online. Because members can choose GET DOWN or GET DATE on this app, it’s more than a casual hookup app – you can find real dates and start a serious relationship here if you like. Having said that, you can’t really write a real dating profile on this app because you can only upload your photos. Also, some users have complained about the fact that there aren’t enough female users online.

You can either GET DOWN or GET DATE. Swipe up to like someone; swipe down to get down with someone! How creative is that?!

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  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Michael says

    This wonderful app allows you to meet and chat anytime, anywhere! The main difference between this dating app and similar sites on the Internet is its complete focus on people who are ready for open sexual relationships and flirt. On this online platform you can make acquaintances for flirting and sex without obligation, and if necessary, for serious relationships. You can like photos, watch likes of others, write messages and arrange dates. There are a lot of real people and normal girls who are not chasing money. I can say that this app is extremely simple: you do not need to make any effort in order to master its basic functions. I totally recommend it for those who don’t have enough time for “empty” meetings and dream about hot and unforgettable dates.

    1. Snyder says

      What is it necessary to pay money for? if something?

    2. Matthews says

      I’m already inside a significant, fully commited connection. It’s with my leisure time and money that I be able to dedicate to myself. It’s training remarkably. I don’t consider I’ll have time for any thirdly wheel.

  2. Debra says

    I downloaded the app on all my IOS devices and have the opportunity to use it 24/7. I must admit that I’m completely satisfied with it. DOWN Dating App is the hottest and the most honest application. Nobody hides the real intentions of registration. Here you can find both serious relationship, as well as just one-time meetings. Sign in with your Facebook account to make sure you are a real person and start searching for the hot communication right now!

  3. John says

    Be sure to try DOWN Dating App. He does not look like other apps. It says that this is a site for searching interesting people for fun pastime. The principal difference from typical dating sites is that there are no annoying and detailed questionnaires there (that is, no one requires you to specify your breast size, hair color, age, or something else that you may not want to report to the entire Internet at all). Instead, you can log in with your Facebook account and the app will take all the necessary information from the social network. Registration and use of the service are free for 7–day trial period, but if you want to keep using the app, you have to buy it for the really reasonable price.

    1. Lucille says

      That had been comical. Williams Haynes I salute your kitty fishing/slaying efforts.

  4. Barbara says

    What an awful casual dating app! A lot of men and even women offer sex without any obligations, and there is no hint of serious relationships. Almost all registered men need only sex. They explain that that is their nature and they can do nothing. And women have to accept this fact.

    1. Lela says

      Probably, you had a bad luck, or you put the wrong information in your profile, that was why only perverts paid attention on you. I met completely different men. A lot of them invited me to the luxury restaurants, gave me emotional conversations, romantic walks and trips to other countries. In general, all that is present in the relationship of an ordinary couple. Some even asked not only about my physical parameters, but also about my interests – how I spend my free time, where I like to have a rest, because the “inner world” is also important.

      1. Warren says

        Amazing Assessment. Will unquestionably try this out. Thanks for the recommendations.

    2. James Cerini says

      I think that the name of this app says everything about the intent of the the designers and also the target user. This app is for single people who are DTF nothing more and nothing less. Before joining any online dating platform or site find an online review first. I’m sorry about your obviously less than satisfactory experience. There is a lot more to life and relationships than having sex.

      1. Effie says

        My lengthiest romantic relationship started when my friends new roommate walked in as i was dog resting on her and she believed I had been robbing the spot. So just try out breaking into spots randomly and offer a photo!

    3. Lambert says

      What about Moccospace? I remember as i is in Senior High School, a lot of men would apply it hook ups. Unclear if it’s around any further. To sluggish to check it up, having said that i would presume so consider it was essentially myspace to getting laid.

  5. Curry says

    Great, now I’m will be saying “kitty”…

  6. Harrison says

    Girls today know that men are out there just waiting to meet them. They realize that they have a lot to gain by meeting guys and they are able to do that while spending less time on trying to date people at the bars. Dating apps are great for singles, because it gives guys the opportunity to find girls who have a similar interest as him.

  7. Ernest says

    I get my times much like every one else does. I set my arm in a bogus cast then I pretend to be attempting to weight one thing large into the back of my van, and when they believe sorry to me and are avalable to assist I wack em a couple of times and therefore the up coming issue you know they’re seeing and hearing me say “it sets the lotion inside the basket”

  8. Chester says

    If you are looking for a new and exciting places to meet girls online you should try one of the many dating apps. You will not regret taking advantage of the opportunity.

  9. Dennis says

    However, you will be able to find a lot of down dating apps that are well maintained and have a lot of popularity, which is a positive sign when it comes to dating websites. You will also be able to find a dating app that is the most recent and most updated version available, which means you won’t be limited to the same sites. Finding the right match to you may take some time, but the love you find on these sites can last a lifetime.

  10. Johnny says

    To have dates I bring in young girls to my buddy Chloroform and things go pretty smoothly after that.

  11. Alejandro says

    When it comes to being able to meet singles on the Internet, there is no better place to meet people than an online dating app. It will allow you to meet the girl of your dreams while having fun at the same time. You will be able to go online and meet girls who are looking for men just like you.

  12. Belle says

    In the past it was difficult to find a site that has the variety of profiles that these sites provide today. Some of the big names just don’t provide enough singles profiles in order to meet singles that are on their preferences. Most of the sites, including these types of sites, are very limited in their matchmaking features.

  13. Lawrence says

    Will your sense of humor speaks to me on so many ranges, you sir have made my honorary buddies checklist. You’ll be getting official document and classy magnet from the email within several weeks

  14. Glenn says

    Is there a internet dating app that could connect me track of popular clown, jester or mime young girls?

  15. Figueroa says

    What symbol shows when you get a notification from the phone’s property monitor?

  16. Myrtie says

    Girls today are more sophisticated than ever before and are more interested in learning how to date men than ever before. They also don’t mind when they meet guys, that’s another reason why down dating is so popular today. Girls are more open minded when it comes to dating and this is one of the reasons why most single guys today are learning how to meet girls on dating apps.

  17. Scott says

    So you’re trying to inform me that you created a movie about how to get placed with these dating software and also you didn’t even get put by using these online dating applications?

  18. Lee says

    There is no better time to begin a down-dating program than now. So many guys these days are now wanting to meet someone, who will have the qualities that they are looking for in a potential mate. Many single guys have made up their mind about what they want and they are now meeting singles with common interests, instead of wasting their time and energy trying to find women on single sites or a friend or family member’s recommendations.

  19. Ramos says

    Dating assistance, ahaa.. realize that totally lovable girl you enjoy, and say hi to her buddy.

  20. Louis says

    Hi there, you should find their site and also the Rates section 🙂

  21. Ryan says

    Will is amazing lol he or she is probably my favourite number now, tightly combined with steve

  22. Carroll says

    The only real differences between the sites is the chat rooms, group video chat, and availability of singles. Most of the sites that are available today do not offer enough of the features that older dating sites do. The fact is that these older dating sites are more expensive and most of the new dating sites have changed the game by offering more features and variety.

  23. Jason says

    This app is horible. All hookers that are scammers. dont recommend

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