Facebook Dating App Review ( #1 app in the world)

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Facebook dating app is not a separate app like Facebook Messenger. Instead, it’s a feature within the “more” tab on Facebook mobile.


  • You need to have an active Facebook account in order to use Facebook dating app.
  • Its design is very streamlined without bells and whistles, so there is no distraction on this dating app.
  • You can include a lot of detailed information on your dating profile, e.g. your job title and company, where you went to school, whether you have kids or not, your religion, your height, etc.
  • Tap ‘interested’ or ‘pass’ on the dating profiles which are suggested for you.facebook date app


  • At the moment, Facebook dating app is free.


  • Members are real people rather than robots or fake profiles because they have to have existing Facebook accounts that are actually active when they use Facebook dating app.
  • It is probably going to be free forever because that’s Facebook’s business model – getting traffic and users to sell ads. Yes, selling users’ attention is how Facebook makes money.
  • People that you meet on this dating app are usually more mature because they are just older than those who use Bumble and Instagram.


  • It’s not very well-designed because its system cannot send you eligible people who meet your standards accurately. A lot of the potential matches aren’t suitable at all.
  • At the moment, it’s only popular in Canada, so users in other countries may need to wait for a while.
  • Facebook doesn’t really have the younger crowd, so if you are looking for a younger lover, please try another app.laura dating app

Users’ comments:

“I’ve tried many other dating apps on the market and Facebook dating app isn’t the best. It asks for too much information about me and doesn’t match me with the right people. Honestly, I’m a bit annoyed because this app is wasting my time! I understand that Facebook wants to keep more users and now a lot of people are already leaving Facebook. But coming up with such a new idea isn’t original – there are many more effective dating apps such as Bumble out there.” (Crystal, 27, Toronto)

“Facebook dating app is a decent app for me to meet some cool guys. I’ve met several interesting guys on this app. I like it because it allows me to view those guys’ Facebook timelines before I decide to go out with them. Usually, I don’t like men whose Facebook wall is full of inspirational quotes and shared pictures. That’s why I think this dating app is quite good.” (Katherine, 28, Ottawa)

“As a mature woman, I think Facebook dating app is the perfect senior dating app because most users on Facebook are senior citizens. Because kids don’t want to hang out where their mothers hangout, younger people use Instagram instead. That’s why Facebook dating app is actually an effective dating app for senior singles looking for love online.” (Angela, 62, Vancouver)

“I like Facebook dating app because it’s easier to find beautiful women on this app than on other apps. While using this app, I can easily see women’s Facebook profiles and look at their photos before I arrange a date with any of them. Therefore, I haven’t met an ugly or fat woman who surprised me while going out. On the contrary, when I was on Tinder, I oftentimes meet women who don’t look like their profile pictures, which was disappointing and shocking. I don’t like fat women at all. I know this isn’t politically correct. But I think Roosh V is right when he was Dr. Oz show. Dr. Oz just wanted to be popular and monetize his show business, whereas Roosh V is so honest. If western doctors can say ‘You are too fat’ to patients like what Asian doctors do in Asia, western countries would have much less obese people who suffer from a host of diseases caused by obesity. I think being politically correct is actually quite damaging in many ways. In brief, Facebook dating app is the perfect app that filters women for me so that I can only meet slim women.” (Paul, 30, Montreal)

facebook dating app

Experts’ comments:

“Facebook dating app is a new dating product for singles looking for love online. Because it hasn’t been widely used yet, it’s hard to say whether it’s a good dating platform or not. However, since it’s run by Facebook, one of the most powerful companies in the world, it shouldn’t be too bad.” (Jade Seashell)

“Although Facebook dating app brings benefits and convenience to its users, it’s not a mature dating app yet.” (Curt Coch)

“Though Facebook is a very experienced company in the social networking field, it’s not sophisticated enough to run a dating app yet, because running a social networking business is very different from running an Internet dating business. Good luck.” (Serghei)

Executive summary:

Facebook dating app is a new dating platform for people to find dates online and fall in love. The advantage is obvious – you can see whether you and another member have any mutual friends on Facebook or not. If you do have mutual friends, that’s social proof! Therefore, it’s a high-quality dating product for singles looking for dates on the Internet. Having said that, it seems that Facebook has joined a very competitive market – online dating industry, so we can’t predict the future yet. Maybe it will become more successful than Tinder and Bumble combined? We’ll see! Please watch this space as we will post updates on this topic in the future.

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