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SilverSingles dating app review (senior dating)

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SilverSingles dating app is a dating product for senior singles looking for relationships online. It’s run by a very experienced team who have been introducing senior singles to each other since 2002.


  • Do a personality test when you sign up. This test is called Color Code personality test – a very thoughtful and intelligent matchmaking tool which will help you find your true love fast.
  • Create a dating profile. Your profile should include some information about yourself as well assome fun facts such as your interests and hobbies.
  • Meet your matches instantly and start talking to them.
  • A premium membercan also access these features: 1) send/receive unlimited messages online; 2) keep a track of who you’ve liked as well as who likes you; 3) view full dating profiles of all your matches on your smart phone. It is said that premium membersare 5 times more likely to find their partners quickly on SilverSingles dating app.


  • $173.85 for three months;
  • $209.70 for six months;
  • $383.40 for one year.
  • A longer subscription = a lower monthly fee.
  • Please note that SilverSingles dating app will bill their members up front for the whole membership duration/length. When the membership expires,the subscription will be continued automatically unless you cancel it in time.


  • SilverSingles dating app has a very good customer support team. You can contact them any time you want.
  • Its users’ safety and privacy are of vital importance, so SilverSingles dating app verifies every user’s profile as they join the community. You can also block anyone that has inappropriate behavior and report them to the customer support team.
  • It’s a straight forward and user-friendly senior dating app without bells and whistles.
  • The quality ofits premium members is high in general.


  • Surprisingly, SilverSingles dating app has many more female users than male users, which is very different from most dating apps in the world because most dating apps have many more men than women. A closer examination reveals that there are many more single women than single men in almost every country after 55 years of age, partly because it’s much easier for an older manto remarry (he can marry a younger woman/a trophy wife/a sugar baby), but it’sharder for an older woman to remarry (not many men are interested in older women with less pheromones thatcan attract members of the opposite sex), and partly because women live longer – many women’s husbands passed away earlier.
  • Gay/lesbianrelationships aren’t allowed on SilverSingles dating app. Isn’t that discrimination?
  • It’s arelatively small community, so if you live in a big city like New York of L.A.,you will find someone suitable on this app. But if you live in a small town,then you’d better try another senior dating app which has a bigger database.
  • It’s quite expensive probably because the app developer knows that senior singles are richer.


“Now all my children are grown up – they have their own lives already. So, I think it’s time for me to have fun and enjoy my life for myself. That’s why I joined SilverSingles dating app to look for love online. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t work for me because there aren’t enough male members in Hollywood, Florida.” (Sophia, 50, Florida – Please note that there is a place called Hollywood in Florida as well; it’s much smaller than Hollywood in Los Angeles)

“At last I have a lot of time for myself because all mykids are over 18 years old. As a single mum, my life was stressful, difficultand lonely. Luckily, now I’ve met a very good guy from SilverSingles dating app. He is a successful entrepreneur. He told me that being an entrepreneur is a stressful, difficult and lonely experience. We were laughing so hard on our first date.” (Vicky, 51, Maine)

“SilverSingles dating app isa high-quality senior dating app because it has so many beautiful women. I’ve already met 12 single women via this app, so now it’s only a matter of which woman I should choose. Actually, I will ask for my children’s opinions because my son is a psychologist, and my daughter is a marriage counsellor – they should be able to give me some useful advice!” (Greg,55, Connecticut)


“Although SilverSingles dating app isn’t the biggest dating app for senior singles, it’s probably the most secure online dating environment because it has a fraud detection system, ID authentication, manual profile verification as well as SSL encryption.” (JadeSeashell)

“Only senior singles who are looking for serious relationships are allowed to join SilverSingles dating app. I haven’t heard of a senior dating app which promotes the hook-upculture yet.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

SilverSingles dating app is the most secure online dating environment in which senior singles can date with confidence. It’s not for those who are looking for casual relationships because this app only encourages senior singles looking forlong-term relationships to join this community. If you are looking for truelove in yourgolden years, don’t forget to try this app.

The best time to enjoy your love life was ten years ago; the second-best time to enjoy your love life is now.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Johanna says

    Hello to everybody, indeed they make a test at the beginning and it’s a very nice one. I’m not someone who like to comment on what I read, but I want to encourage people to join, since it took me long time for me to take the step. It is not embarrassing, or intimidating at all. I have been loving it (I’m a premium member) i don’t think there are more apps who are specifically made for this.

  2. Gary J. Wheeler says

    This app has the common problem many such apps have, it’s pretty much useless without a subscription. You can create a nice dating profile, and the system even shows you some matches from time to time, but you can’t message them freely since the number of messages you can send each day is limited. And the premium membership is quite costly. So don’t download the app if you don’t have the money to pay for it.

  3. Diedra R says

    The app is great! I liked the personality test very much, as it really helps to show others what you like, and to find only relevant matches. I’ve been premium user for a few months already, and I think it is definitely worth your money. It is more expensive than most of the other similar apps, but that also means that there is almost no fake or outdated profiles here. And with SilverSingles I don’t have to worry about technical problems since the support team is always ready to respond and solve them for you. All in all, I’d like to recommend it to just about anyone in their fifties or sixties, because you can really find a decent partner here.

  4. Eric M says

    Signed up for the premium a month ago, and it’s been a great month. The app has so many single women that I get literally tens of matches every day. That may seem like not much, but with the matching mechanism this SilverSingles app has those are definitely better than a hundred matches in some other app. The thing is, you do a personality test when you first sign up, and that filters, like, 90% of women to save your time. And with a premium membership you just need to message those matches you genuinely like and see how it goes.

  5. Alice says

    It’s been a few weeks since I found this app, and it seems pretty nice and promising. The personality test looks interesting, and you get to write all about your interest and hobbies in your profile. That’s nice, because I have a lot of them. I haven’t found any decent matches yet, and I get only a few matches every week, but I hope to find somebody suitable for me soon. And the app is international, so there’s a chance I can find someone from abroad.

  6. Katie A says

    I’ve never considered dating apps a decent option, but SilverSingles made me rethink that. The app is useful and comfortable, so I don’t feel threatened when talking with men or looking through their profiles. And there is mandatory verification for every profile, which lessens chances to waste your time on fakes. Although there are not too many people here, I still get a few matches each day.

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