Ashley Madison dating app review (finding an affair online)

Ashley Madison is the world's leading affairs app

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As a well-known adultery site, Ashley Madison has developed an app for single and married/attached people to find affairs online. Founded in 2002, Ashley Madison has already become the most famous affairs dating app in the world.

Life is short. Have an affair.


  • Member feedback: A member can write feedback on another member’s dating profile, e.g. worth the time, pursues fantasies, gives good chat, etc.
  • It’s an ad-free app. Ashley Madison dating app is very user-friendly with a clean and tidy interface.
  • Members use profile IDs to replace usernames. This is a much better way to protect users’ privacy because privacy is the top priority on an affairs/adultery app.
  • Check boxes allow members to indicate their dating/sexual preferences, e.g. kinky, hopelessly romantic, etc.
  • Travel plans can be shared with other users so that you can have an affair in a different city.


  • 7-day free trial.
  • Introductory package: $59.
  • Elite package: $169.
  • Affair guarantee package: $289.

Please note that there is no monthly subscription fee in its pricing description, so this can be a bit confusing for some users. Also, prices may vary without prior notice, so you’d better check Ashley Madison dating app’s official page to see its pricing when you decide to join this affairs’ app.


  • Ashley Madison dating app won ‘Trusted Security Award’ due to its advanced security technology to protect users’ privacy.
  • You can see who’s viewed your profile.
  • Advanced search function allows you to specify what you want and find what you deserve.
  • Each dating profile displays feedback rankings from other users.
  • There are many ways to contact other users, e.g. text messaging, gift sending and calling.
  • You can delete your photo any time you want.


  • This is a business built on the back of broken hearts, damaged families and ruined marriages. However, some experts claim that affairs can help preserve many marriages because the modern marriage institution is against human nature – humans aren’t biologically programmed to be monogamous. When a married couple feel extremely bored, they might start to hate each other. But when they can find an affair, they will have the calm mind and relaxed body to go home and maintain their marriage. In other words, not filling your own cup first is cheating because when your cup is empty, you don’t have anything good to share with your spouse anyway. If someone else can fill your cup for you, that person is actually helping you with your marriage. An example is the famous movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona. 
  • There are many more men than women on Ashley Madison dating app, so there are some fake female dating profiles. Men look for sex, whilst women look for passion. That’s true – if you’ve seen a movie called Bridges of Madison County, you can understand why a bored housewife needs passion to find meaning in her boring married life. Perhaps those four days in her life were the only colourful days in her entire life. Without that affair, her life was probably meaningless.
  • Its advertising strategy is a bit creepy – if you look at, you will notice that this site is purchased and created by Ashley Madison itself and it’s full of ads regarding Ashley Madison dating app and testimonials about why Ashley Madison is a legitimate dating platform.
  • Ashley Madison is quite expensive to use. Having said that, most people who are looking for affairs are usually rich men and rich women because poor people don’t have the energy to enjoy luxury affairs. Most poor people looking for love on the Internet are usually on Tinder and because the majority of poor people want to find love instead of excitement.
  • In 2015, Ashley Madison was hacked by those who were jealous of the commercial success of this app. Hackers threatened Ashley Madison by saying that if this platform isn’t shut down immediately, they will release its users’ names, home addresses and credit card numbers. That is just f**ked. However, Ashley Madison’s CEO has confirmed that this company will continue hiring a better IT team to make sure its data is safe.


Users’ comments:

“Ashley Madison dating app is the best affairs app in Canada. I’ve met all my mistresses via this sexy app.” (Andy, 47, Toronto)

“I use Ashley Madison dating app to find passion in life. After being married for over 10 years, life is so freaking boring. Luckily, I’ve had fun because of Ashley Madison. I believe that’s why I’m still married.” (Jennie, 38, New York City)

“Ashley Madison dating app is the best thing I’ve ever discovered in this world. I only want to date married men because they are more attractive – yes, I find men who are already taken more valuable because other women have chosen them.” (Linda, 27, L.A.)

“This is the only affairs app that I use because it works so well.” (John, 40, Sydney)

Experts’ comments:

“Ashley Madison dating app has 39 million users in 53 countries. What does that tell you? Perhaps something is wrong with the current marriage system?” (Jade Seashell)

“It’s the world’s No.1 adultery app.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

Ashley Madison dating app is a legitimate hookup app for married people, although it had a data breach controversy. Life is too short to suffer from a boring marriage.

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  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Margot says

    Paying 60 $ to be a cheater? How a site can promote this? I mean, I know they are not the cause of it, but making it easy doesn’t help either. Didn’t know this existed and i feel bad for it now. I know users are not only married or in a relationship but still…

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hi Margot,

      Thanks for the comment.

      That’s a good question for the marriage institution.


  2. JC says

    Hello, as a married man, I used this app for few months, needed some space and also do something different, but it doesn’t mean the feelings I have for my wife are fake. Wanted to said that the app is very discreet and protects your privacy, 100 % secure.

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hi JC,

      Thank you for the honest comment.


    2. Trevor says

      You might have just met the kind of girl that you want to take back to your room and live together with.

    3. Myrtle says

      These are the women that you see on free dating sites.

  3. George says

    I can say that this app is really for brave people who are sick and tired of banal and boring sexual life. I installed this app on all my IOS devices and I can say, that it works perfectly. No bugs and falls, only live and active communication with real users all the time. I like most of all that this app has great security system and I’m sure that no one will hack my account. The developers of the app take serious care about user’s security, that’s why the application presents wonderful anti-spam system.

  4. Anne A. Smith says

    Recently I’ve downloaded Ashley Madison dating app, and now I can say that this is one of the best apps. Men are decent here and communicate quite adequately! I have age restrictions, so I reject many messages from those who are much older. Perhaps this is the only inconvenience at the moment.

  5. Thomas says

    This is the only affairs app that I use because I like how it works. This is great service for finding a girl to have fun and relax together without any serious intentions. I have already met 3 girls from the app, and I highly recommend this service. It’s really funny to realize that some guys don’t want to pay money for this wonderful app.

  6. Margaret J says

    Despite all the prejudices and stereotypes, every woman dreams about luxury life, and it’s much better to have no limit and live comfortably than to waste your life with poor man who can not provide a living. Thanks to this wonderful affairs app I have the opportunity to travel in different countries with rich men from the site. I have never regretted registering here. Thanks to this service I’ve seen almost the whole world. To tell the truth, I have some additional profiles at other dating services, but this one is my favorite. There are a lot of real sponsors, no spam and frauds. Technical support responds quickly to violators and all the functions are easy to use.

  7. NoraM says

    Finding affair online is an ordinary thing for those couples who have been married for a long time and are not interested in each other anymore. Ashley Madison Dating App is a modern app that allows women to find sponsors and regular sexual partners. After all, it is not a secret for anyone that each of us at least sometimes needs love and caress, and successful men don’t have a lot of time or desire for serious relationships. This app allows every girl to feel like a princess and not to deny herself anything thanks to the decent men who are ready to fulfill all the women’s dreams.

  8. John Leenders says

    Is this service even legal? Especially the “guaranteed” affair where you pay $229 to get pleasure.. Exchanging cash to exchange bodily fluids? Sounds like an episode of Law and Order.

    1. Blake says

      They are usually fun, outgoing and love being playful.

  9. Shelton says

    Another great thing about these adult dating websites is that they have a huge selection of hookups.

  10. Houston says

    So, if you are serious about getting some one-night stands and actually meeting a woman that you might want to date then you need to start using one of the online dating sites.

  11. Ethan says

    As long as you are aware of how to approach them.

  12. Clark says

    If you’re looking to meet a girl that can give you a great relationship and maybe even take you back to your room later, then you should do the research.

  13. Walsh says

    This is a huge plus because some of these hookups can be great relationships in their own right.

  14. Farmer says

    Getting hookups with single women can be extremely fun.

  15. Maurice says

    Make sure you take them out to a nice dinner or a movie and remember the single women that come for free dating sites are looking to meet someone that they can share their lives with.

  16. Poole says

    In fact you can sign up and browse through hundreds of possible hookups.

  17. Vernon says

    Also remember to have fun because the women that come for one-night stands are generally looking to have fun too.

  18. Holloway says

    And the fact that you only use one site makes it that much easier to browse through all the women and pick one that is a good fit for you.

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