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AnastasiaDate: International dating app review

Anastasia Date is an international dating app

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Anastasia Date is a popular international dating app. Millions of users have joined Anastasia dating app. It has over 1 million downloads in Google Play Store alone. Thousands of reviews in Google Play Store prove that this international dating app is a great platform for men to meet women internationally.


  • Search for singles from various cultures and countries.
  • View dating profiles with photos to find the one.
  • Contact users online and share pictures with each other.
  • Send a wink to flirt.
  • Camshare: Verify your match with a video chat.
  • Phone call.
  • A strong European database (if you are looking for a Russian bride or a Ukrainian woman, this is an ideal app)!


$16.33 – $92.60 per item (registration is free, but contacting other users isn’t free.)


  • This service is expensive. You have to pay them in order to contact other members online. That seems like a negative, but this also means the quality of members is quite high because a broke person won’t join Anastasia dating app.
  • A wonderful place to look for a European bride.
  • Very attractive singles are active on this app.


  • It’s quite expensive to use. We doubt whether the price can justify the quality of its service.
  • It’s hard to tell whether those women’s profiles are real or not.
  • Are you sure you want to date someone overseas and get a visa for them?

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Users’ comments:

“Anastasia Date has the best service in the international dating industry when it comes to eliminating spammers and scammers. I met my Russian girlfriend on this international dating app and it worked extremely well for me. I’m glad that I tried this app because now I’m going to get married!” (Michael, 58, Sydney, Australia)

“Anastasia dating app is easy to use and navigate. I joined it last month and have started many conversations with multiple women who are absolutely gorgeous. I love East European women and I’ve found so many of them on this app.” (Gary, 63, Santa Monica, California)

“I don’t like this app because I don’t think those women’s dating profiles are real. I guess there are translators translating messages all the time.” (Stu, 59, London, the UK)

Experts’ comments:

“Anastasia dating app is one of the best internatinal dating apps on the market. It has more than 20 million members from all over the world and over 80 million visitors per year. Every day, there are 1.5 million conversations happening on this app. It is a very big international dating community. But does ‘big’ mean ‘best’?” (Jade Seashell)

“Although registration is free on Anastasia Date, this service is expensive compared to other similar dating apps.” (Curt Coch)

Anastasia Date is a decent international dating app, but it’s not cheap.

Executive summary:

As the Internet’s well-known international dating app, Anastasia Date is the world’s pioneering app for daters looking for love from other countries. With more than one decade’s experience in the online dating industry, Anastasia Date has helped millions of people to find true love all over the world. They have a strong team working day and night to support their users every day, so you can try this app if you are keen to meet someone from another culture. However, because this international dating app is dear, you may do more research before using its service – they won’t give you a refund if you are unhappy with the online dating experience on their app.

Meet Russian and Ukrainians

  1. Richard says

    One of the best apps for me! I met my beautiful Russian wife over there. I think that Anastasia Date is the most reliable and trustworthy applications for serious dating. For 3 years, I was alone abroad in Latin America. Local girls have their own charm and flavor, but they are not for me. Accidentally I got into AnastasiaDate app. I met a lot of beautiful and charming girls online, and all of them were interested in serious relationships. I was able to chat with a couple of beautiful girls and agreed to meet with one of them in real life (she was on a business trip in Latin America). And after 2-3 dates we decided to live together when I come back to Russia. I may say that I’m lucky because she was waiting for me and after my return we got married.

  2. Brandon233 says

    I don’t believe in different types of international dating apps, and my story completely confirms my beliefs. On the one hand, this is international agency, beautiful advertising, and assurances of their own reliability. But on the other hand immediately after installation of the app and online registrations, you get dozens of invitations for acquaintance. It’s strange, but all women are looking for love and constant relationships, look like super models and have detailed profile information. But as soon as you start communication you need to buy the special package that allows you to chat with girls. When I tried to give girls my personal information in order to communicate with the help of other messengers, somehow they were not interested in it. That fact confused me a lot. Lately I managed to find out that all girls online were fakes and they got salary for the communication with customers. In general, if you want to plunge into a dirty deception and pay money for it – welcome to Anastasia.

    1. Helen R. Johnson says

      Hello. Maybe there are some dishonest users, but I think that it’s your fault that you’ve interested them. Probably you’ve specified some excess information about your income, or something like that. Thanks to this app I’ve got the opportunity to find my true love. No, I’m not a super model and I haven’t used any professional pictures to charm men. I’m an ordinary girl who has been looking for pleasant communication with serious and intelligent men. This is great dating app and I advise you to try your luck one more time.

      1. Rhoda says

        I am surviving in Moscow since last two years , and Russian men are 1000 instances much better than Russian young girls as friends .

    2. Thompson says

      Finding your wife can be quite difficult if you want to be able to see her often. On the Internet, you will have more time to visit her and make contact with her. With such a large number of women looking for marriage partners, you will find your wife easier than if you try to visit her personally.

  3. Patricia C. Cardenas says

    Dear girls, if you are looking for real prince, you will be able to find him over here. I registered when I’ve found out from my friend that there are guys not only from Russia, but from all over the world. And the age of users is diverse, from 18 to 54 years. I’m just 38 now and I would like to find a partner at least 10 years older. So far I am only looking at the candidates, but I have found some well-to-do applicants. Soon I will go on a date. Wish me good luck!

    1. Stephen says

      good luck

      1. Warren says

        Dudes such as this can’t discover their young wonderful bride in the US as they are either delusional, narcissistic, or restricted in a few potential that presents itself unwelcome in American customs.

    2. Farhad says

      Hi everyone, somebody please tell me why not use other dating apps which are free? Why not make Facebook a dating paltform? What is the advantage of Anastasia on them?
      Although I have been registerd on Anastasia for some while, but I am still not satisfied with it because of its costs. I have not added any paycards to my account yet. So I just can chat for a 20 min time, occasionally.

    3. Etta says

      European males are distressed of course. Because the caliber of ladies in the west is horrible. Even fatties believe they can be princesses.

    4. Catherine says

      Hitched a woman from Kiev. I never noticed any signals. Soon after acquired Natural Cards, Went!

  4. Giorgio says

    Am curious to check this site

    1. Ellen says

      Individuals are understanding Russian to have put? Appears like far more work than it’s really worth.

  5. Harvey says

    Many thanks.? I truly appreciate your video clip. I found myself born in Russia. I came to US after i was tiny with my moms and dads. And usually gentlemen that trying to have conversation with me and I inform them I am from Russian federation it’s like all of a sudden they switch to that flirty nasty talk eith wicked grin (willing to have sex), as should i be available for anything. I don’t know why their thoughts set it up like this – but it’s not appreciated and disrespectful.

  6. Alexander says

    Find a site that is reliable and comes recommended by others. The rest is up to you.

  7. Mark says

    It was actually extremely helpful movie for the men specifically in Turkey to modify their look at about generally skandinavian countries around the world. Thanks!

  8. Olivia says

    Women from all over the world choose to get married in Russia. More women from America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand are getting married in Russia, particularly in the cities. There are many factors that contribute to this phenomenon.

  9. Gonzales says

    What’s going on with those guys who have midsection era crisis bro after i strike your age I am going to take a girl near to my age group am 35 and I wouldn’t consider 26 I would opt for 30 and earlier mentioned

  10. Mabel says

    There are several advantages that you can get from an online Russian dating site. If you and your wife were trying to search for a marriage partner, this will be the best thing for you to try.

  11. Mathis says

    You’ve acquired an excellent genuine heart don’t enable other people benefit from that only for the sake of having an individual in your daily life. I am aware from several activities within my personal existence.

  12. Hogan says

    When you make contact with a Russian woman, you will see a variety of beautiful women from different countries. You will have a lot of choices to choose from. These women live in different parts of the country and they will come to you because they want to marry.

  13. Elliott says

    Using an online Russian dating site is like going on a trip. It is like traveling to another city that you have never been to before. You can learn a lot about Russian culture just by meeting some of the women from this country.

  14. Simmons says

    Anastasiadates new advert, “End Dreaming, and commence Dating.”. Hehe, entirely as opposed to the outcomes from the website against its victims who want to commence internet dating, but they are left dreaming with emptied pockets.

  15. Graham says

    I can’t feel this dork has a cute spouse. Even offers time to fund this stupid text messaging assistance lmao. I’d be creating out with my cute wifey and never be on

  16. Romero says

    The american guys don’t recognize one thing. These are Russian whilst they happen to be in Russian federation. As soon as they get pr and citizenship, all the best

  17. Jack says

    Finding your wife on the Internet doesn’t have to be difficult. The main challenge you will face is in choosing the right site to register with. You should make sure that you are working with a reputable company.

  18. Leila says

    With the Internet, you can use any time and day you want. Just as you do during your free time. Unlike with the real life, you don’t have to miss the important dates and events that will be taking place in your marriage.

  19. Allen says

    Online dating sites are becoming more popular. Many people prefer to spend their time with each other on the Internet. You can find your wife and search for a husband at the same time.

  20. Theodore says

    So great, which you dont know about, that 80Percent matrimony drops as a consequence of unfaithfulness girls (cheating).

  21. Janie says

    One of the factors is that people don’t have to work so hard to reach their destination. There are no serious economic issues in this part of the world. As a result, many people in these countries have time to go around the globe in search of a good marriage partner.

  22. Hardy says

    Yea ehm I don’t realize how to split this for your needs, but you don’t clearly fully grasp what is going on there.

  23. Nathan says

    Whoa…Well accomplished! Be grateful for demonstrating the truth, that it’s not the Russian women which can be distressed. It’s almost unheard of for an individual to find out it like this, as opposed to perpetuate a fake stereotype.

  24. Peterson says

    We have worked with the Ukrainians for roughly four years , nearly all women want to keep in the US permanently. They search to whoever has residency , US citizenship, to scape the horrors of going back to Ukraine , I have experienced Ukraine often, trust me they try to scam you on the streets even. Ladies request funds (100Us that you can chill together. They request you to get their products on shopping malls. Them themselves don’t have faith in others after they go there for humanitarian’s efforts, everybody there may be on benefit. Online dating sites are common frauds , high-priced, a tremendous scam all of them are prohibited in Chinese suppliers. Ukrainians them selves don’t believe in these internet sites , since each of the good females are else where by , smart people from USA are committed from High school sugary coronary heart or hitched following collage, other nations in The european countries are committed on their individual men and women , To the south American guys don’t even value these internet websites, so they need to Swindle Americans good difficult operating lonesome guys.

  25. Brent says

    I assumed that at the end of the recording that you were planning to point out that your better half ran off using one of those email replies

  26. Rhoda says

    Such sites will help you learn about their customs. They will explain to you about how they live. They can be a very exciting experience for you to have.

  27. Leon says

    Marriages in places like Kiev, Moscow, and Saint Petersburg usually take place quickly. They are very long lasting marriages. There is a general feeling that a good marriage can be made when both parties love each other. Marriage also means having your family united as well.

  28. Bruce says

    Eastern side European females tend to be more female..they be proud of their particular look and doesn’t would like to “be like men” when it comes to getting dressed and mannerism. These are family members-driven, have a abundant historical past, don’t enter into a penis-calculating contest like traditional western ladies in every avenues of life, and many others. Being a reddish-blooded gentleman that may be attractive to me plus I’m speculating for all of us.

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