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Hornet gay dating app review

Hornet gay dating app review

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Hornet is a popular gay social network (gay dating app) which is also known as the third biggest gay dating community in the world with approximately 60,000 new members per month. Since its inception in 2011, Hornet has become one of the best gay dating apps on the market.


    • Follow other members: When you notice a hot man on this app, you can follow his profile, so that you can see what he posts daily.
    • Communities: You can join a wide range of communities on this app, e.g. #daddies, #foodies, #writers, #travellers, #geeks, #jocks, #gaymers and #twinks.
    • Move your virtual location: You can change your location to see more hot guys. This is handy when you are travelling.
    • Multiple pictures: Hornet allows every member to upload multiple photos for each profile.
    • Sharing is caring: You can forward a member’s profile to your friends and family who may be interested.
    • Explore: You can explore hot gay men’s profiles before you visit a new city.
    • Free push notification: When someone sends you a message, you’ll receive the notification for free.
    • Notes: You can write down interesting facts about a man so that it’s easier for you to recall his name later.
    • Filter: You can search for suitable guys more effectively.
    • LGBT newsroom: This is the biggest LGBT newsroom on the planet.
    • KYS: Know Your Status – you can share your HIV status if you like.

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  • Hornet premium: $9.99
  • 3 months: $21.99
  • 1 year: $39.99
  • 7-day pass: $4.99


hornet dating app

You can even find gay sugar daddies on Hornet!


  • You can see gay men anywhere in the world without being there yourself.
  • It incorporates social media features such as “follow”.
  • It is the most vibrant gay community in the world with editors and team members reporting from around the world.
  • Hornet offers very flexible payment options (the lowest fee is $7.99 each month).
  • This is the gay dating app which offers the most free features. You can do a lot without a premium membership.


  • It used to be even better. Recently there seems to be some bots.
  • Its censorship system is sometimes too strict because some gay men without nude pictures have been banned from this app.
  • For some reason, its reviews on App Store are polarising five-star reviews and one-star reviews.

Users’ comments:

“I used to like Hornet, but now there are many other gay dating apps that are doing even better.” (Joe, Boston)

“I met 22 gay guys in one night on Hornet. This app is seriously perfect!” (Gary, Seattle)

Experts’ comments:

“A decent gay dating app. Hornet has many social media features such as hashtag and follow. It’s more like a social network community.” (Jade Seashell)

“Hornet is not just a gay dating app. It’s also a culture with its own characteristics.” (Curt Coch)

Executive Summary:

If you are fascinated by the beauty of River Phoenix in My Own Private Idaho, you’ll be glad to know that Hornet is the right app which can introduce pretty boys like River Phoenix to you instantly because there are so many gorgeous guys on this app. No matter you are looking for a genuine connection, or you are looking for a one-night-stand, you can find what you want on Hornet. Better still, if you are looking for a gay sugar daddy, Hornet also has that category to offer you. Simply search #daddies, and you will see that community.

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  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Mark says

    this is the WORST site ever
    ALL theifs and escorts
    when they promo sugar daddies available you know there are issues
    DO NOT USE in Erupope especially they steal and demand money
    avoid at all costs
    after I was robbed Hornet’s reposne was they protect the theif – they told me to file a gay dating site report with the Turkish police! File a gay report in a Muslim country where they jail gays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hi Mark,

      Have you tried other gay dating apps that are reputable?


      1. Dean says

        Many of these sites allow you to meet people in real life and have them physically present on your mobile devices. The best apps allow you to do this through text messaging. This makes it easier to start a casual conversation and takes some of the stress out of physically meeting each other. This feature is also popular among gay apps.

  2. Larry A says

    If you are still looking for great and reliable gay dating app, you need to install Hornet. From my own experience I can say that this is one of the best apps for guys who want to find new friends or love. The app has many social media features such as hashtag and follow. Free online registration allows you to view profiles, evaluate photo of other users, and send messages. To fully use this service, you need to subscribe to the Premium. Among the paid services of the site is also the promotion of the questionnaire on the 1st place in the rating. I also like his service as because it’s easy to use it and it has a lot of pros. Hornet has a convenient, concise menu and design; quick registration – it takes only a few minutes, while you will not need any specific data; free registration – it gives everyone the opportunity to become a member of the site; a large number of users of the site – this greatly increases the likelihood of finding a soul mate.

  3. Joshua88 says

    I want to share my experience, as I have been using different gay dating apps for a long time. First of all, it’s important to note, that it’s better to install several apps and gradually select the most appropriate for you. It is also recommended to use paid services, if you dream about overwhelming popularity, great number of views, and the possibility of finding a lot of interesting people to talk to and to date. In order to meet a normal man (and that There are a lot of them), you will have to shovel a huge amount of unnecessary, empty, worthless questionnaires. There are some simple rules that help not to waste time searching. I always write clearly and specifically whom I’m looking for. It helps to weed out unnecessary ones immediately. I don’t correspond with a guy for more than 2 weeks if he doesn’t want to meet in real life. To conclude I can say that Hornet is not bad dating app, but for me it’s not enough.

  4. Grant says

    I was looking for a partner who would share my beliefs and would be able to understand me. Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to meet such a person on the street, that’s why I’ve installed this app on my Android device. I’ve chosen this service because my friend has found his love over here. I can tell that this app is full with beautiful, smart guys, whom it is interesting to communicate. Payment for dating is small, I think, but at least there is hope that you can still meet a good person for serious relationships.

  5. Elva says

    The most popular apps are the ones that include everything from gay chat rooms to meet new friends. Some include special events that add interest and fun. As technology has advanced and more people have access to the internet, you can now meet and converse with others who share your same interests.

  6. Hopkins says

    Chat Rooms and Meet-Ups. The best apps are ones that allow you to meet and chat with other users. Chat rooms, also called “meeting spots,” are great because they provide instant connection without all the initial applications. Chat rooms work with text or with video with audio capabilities.

  7. Phoebe says

    If you choose a matchmaking site that features meet-ups, you might want to do more than just come to a meet-up and introduce yourself. You might also want to send a friend request to a man to come meet you. This would be a nice alternative to using a standard online dating site.

  8. Bertie says

    A gay app can allow you to communicate with other users in real time, which is an important aspect of the best app. It should have a robust chat platform that allows you to send and receive messages with ease. It should also have the ability to allow you to join and leave chat rooms at any time you wish.

    1. Kyle says

      The best apps will also be ones that enable you to chat with others and then schedule future meetings. If you are open to meeting new people, it is important to find the best gay app for you.

  9. Adele says

    If you are looking for a short-term meeting, the best apps include a large number of gay-specific and adult-oriented online forums. If you want to engage in online conversations with people who share similar interests, then you need a free chat forum. A large number of these types of sites are available for free membership on a number of dating websites.

    1. Cora says

      Meet-ups. The best apps allow you to meet other people who share the same interest as you. This can be done through both a chat room and through social networking sites.

  10. Watts says

    The best gay app for you will be the one that meets your needs. It should make it easy to search for someone to connect with or start an online conversation. It should have an easy-to-use design and should have more than just two or three modes of operation.

  11. Jay says

    Choosing the best gay app is a matter of preference, of your preferences, and of the nature of your social life. You can use an app to meet new people, meet friends, take part in a dating site for a fun experience, or even participate in a forum that can facilitate discussions on related topics.

  12. Kyle says

    A gay app should allow you to start an online “meet and greet” with someone who you wish to meet. For example, if you are looking for a live gay man to share an intimate conversation with, you might not want to use a matchmaking site that requires you to visit a location first. The best apps should allow you to get a location that you can use as a meeting point, in this case, a coffee shop.

  13. Chester says

    An app should allow you to go online and join other groups that are specific to your interests. These can be gay-specific forums, such as gaming groups, clubs, or clubs dedicated to entertainment. Some may want to group together to search for other gay men, while others may want to find other men interested in other areas of interest. The best apps should allow you to meet other gay men in this manner.

  14. Lambert says

    I met my boyfriend there 3 and a fifty percent yrs ago, we have been acquiring involved

  15. Herrera says

    i have this mobile app

  16. Dean says

    Do you have to be 18+ to make use of this app¿ Because I am like only 14

  17. Corey says

    Hello there i cant login my profile with any e emails once i try and login with whatever a e email system affirms me your account has been suspended how could you help me to????

  18. Millie says

    Why cant you log out? This app sucks it is most likely a scam to collect details from you dont bother along with it.

  19. Lamb says

    It have to be Hinge however i haven’t acquired any suits yet it’s occurring round the clock

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