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The Current Trend on New Dating Apps: Women Are Recruiting Beta Orbiters

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There are several new dating apps that have identified a new trend recently – many women are only recruiting beta orbiters instead of looking for relationships or flings.

  • Our dating experts’ findings: many people are wasting their time on new dating apps.

One of our dating coaches have joined a new dating app in order to see what’s happening online these days, and here is his finding: Most women that has matched with him are just wasting his time – they don’t want to meet him in person; they don’t even want to chat with him. Do you know what they actually want to do? They want to send him to her Instagram page.

What the hell is that about?

Well, if Instagram deletes a woman’s account, she is more likely to cry than when she is scolded by her husband.

Yes, that’s how Instagram has become nowadays – a lot of women derive their confidence from their male followers. That’s why lots of women post bikini photos on Instagram.

Gary Vaynerchuk once said, “I like Instagram because I need soft porn.”New Dating Apps

Even someone like Gary Vaynerchuk can’t resist the charm of Instagram. And he is the most hardworking man that I know.

Of course, I am aware of the fact that Gary Vaynerchuk isn’t really hustling, although I highly respect Gary Vee. In my opinion, those who teach in public high schools and people who clear garbage are real hustlers. Yet Gary Vaynerchuk is only having meetings all day long.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is men are very attracted to beautiful women’s photos on Instagram. Some of them check out hot women’s photos on Instagram just for relaxation and entertainment (just like what Gay Vaynerchuk does); some men are just beta orbiters.

Why do women enjoy recruiting beta orbiters from new dating apps?

Actually, a lot of new dating apps allow users to link their Instagram profiles to their dating profiles. Therefore, women are able to show their Instagram photos on new dating apps.

In this way, many men can see these hot women’s pictures and want to follow these women on Instagram instead of actually connecting with them on new dating apps.

That’s sad, but true.

  • If you want to find a high-quality girlfriend, perhaps you should stop talking to women who only want to recruit you to join her beta orbiters’ orbit.

The easiest way to identify whether a woman is a high-value woman or not is to check her social media pages. That’s the value of social media in 2019.

If a girl on a new dating app gets validation from her social media following, no matter it’s about validation from beta orbiters’ attention or it’s about monetizing her social media followers, she is probably not your ideal girl. Full stop.

Why am I so certain? Well, I have worked with a team of dating experts who have proved this to be true. Let me explain.

When a woman gets validation from her beta orbiters, she is basically saying, “I feel good when weak men like me.”

Frankly, a strong woman wouldn’t feel good when weak men are attracted to her. Instead, she should feel bad because of that. Men who can get laid don’t need to become beta orbiters.girls on free dating apps

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Gary Vaynerchuk is weak. But how many of those women’s followers are Gay Vaynerchuk? In other words, if you disagree with my conclusion, statistics are not on your side.

And even if all of those women’s followers are as strong as Gay Vaynerchuk, are these men interested in actually dating/marrying women like that? Gary already said Instagram is just soft porn.

Secondly, if a girl on a new dating app monetizes her social media following by sending you to her Instagram page, what does that tell you?

At least, that should tell you two things: 1) she isn’t really looking for a man to create a genuine connection on the new dating app; 2) she is naïve.

We all know that if a business relies on social media, that business is at the mercy of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. That is to say, whenever these platforms change their algorithm, these businesses will suffer. That’s for sure.

Hence, it is always wise for a business owner to send traffic to their website rather than their social media pages.

Lastly, most men on new dating apps are not dumb. If a woman tries to send them to her Instagram page in order to monetize her followers, most men will figure it out and won’t convert anyway.

  • How can men tell which women are high-value women on new dating apps?

One of our dating consultants is Australian author Jade Seashell who has shared her insights with us. “Actually, if a woman doesn’t even link her Instagram account to her dating profile, that’s usually a good sign because that means she doesn’t need validation from Instagram,” says Jade Seashell, “I’m not saying Instagram is an evil platform. I mean when a woman isn’t sending you to her Instagram page, chances are she is more likely to look for a real relationship that is meaningful and serious. Why would a woman looking for love want to send you to her Instagram page instead of actually connecting with you on the new dating app?”

I couldn’t agree more.

Women who are addicted to Instagram are time-wasters who waste their own time. And when they join new dating apps, they are also wasting men’s time.

When I was using a new dating app, I normally spent at least 2 hours per day on that app without getting any real results because the majority of women that I met on that app were trying to send me to their Instagram pages. Sad!best girls in date

  • How does a high-value woman operate?

In actuality, a high-value woman operates very differently. Usually, she doesn’t waste her time on social media. Even if she uses social media, there must be a real purpose, e.g. talking to her friends and family, making money online, etc. Otherwise, she wouldn’t even be on social media.

A high-value woman knows that her time is her most precious and valuable asset in the world, so she cherishes her time and wants to use her time wisely.

As a result, she knows her values and dedicates her time as well as other resources to enjoying her values and living her life to its fullest.

Also, a high-value woman derives confidence from different areas of her life rather than her beta orbiters. For example, she derives confidence from her work, her hobbies, her family, her friends, etc.

Mark Manson once said, “Diversifying your identity is very important because if your identity is only based on one thing, that’s dangerous.” Indeed, if your identity is just your career, what would happen if your career is destroyed for some reason? Are you still going to feel confident?

Thus, a high-value woman on a new dating app should be able to have intelligent conversations rather than 200 sexy photos. Hopefully that makes sense.

Stop wasting time on Instagram & start connecting with real people on new dating apps. Then this world will become a more interesting, genuine and wonderful place.”

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