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Lumen senior dating app review

Lumen senior dating app

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Lumen is a newly developed senior dating app created by Andrey Andreev, the developer of Bumble and Badoo. Obviously, senior singles are underserved when it comes to dating apps, because most dating apps are designed for younger people & senior singles only use senior dating websites on a desktop.

There are over 80 million senior singles in North America and Europe. But there aren’t enough senior dating apps for them.


  • Easily swipe left to pass and swipe right to like someone.
  • If both members swiped right to each other’s profile, that’s a match & they can start a conversation online.
  • Big images on the screen.
  • Detailed bios.
  • Every member must upload a selfie which is a part of the verification process (Artificial Intelligence is used to verify dating profiles).
  • Every member must upload at least three photos on their profile.
  • Absence of bells and whistles.


  • Free to download and join.
  • $3.99 per item after becoming a member.


  • You can discover like-minded senior singles based on common interests.
  • Every member must prove their identity.
  • Younger people aren’t allowed to join this app, so you will meet people who are in the same age group like you.
  • You can see every member’s location on their profile.


    • It’s a relatively new dating app, so there aren’t many people on it yet. That means if you live in a small city, you probably won’t find anyone suitable in your local area on Lumen.
    • Yes, its members are 100% verified. But we don’t know how exactly they verify their members & this action alone already tells you how unreliable online dating is. Having said that, offline dating is getting harder and harder these days because everyone is looking at their phones instead of you! Therefore, many people claim that online dating is the only way to meet people in today’s day and age. Yes, the dating scene has

Users’ comments:

“I joined Lumen last week & I quite like it because the male members on Lumen are very good. Unlike many men in their 50s and 60s who only want to date women under 35, men on Lumen are genuinely interested in dating me. Now I’m seeing a 51-year-old guy who makes me feel like 25 again.” (Amanda, 51, NYC)

“This is so much better than Tinder! I met a few men on Tinder and absolutely hated that experience. I really appreciate the fact that everyone on Lumen is a verified member.” (Eva, 52, L.A.)

“I still don’t know why I can’t search by postcode. It’s not very convenient.” (John, 55, Sydney)

“At last, my kids are university students now and I can start to live my life on my terms! I got a divorce 9 years ago and haven’t dated anyone since 2009. Now I can take care of myself and share the beauty of my life with someone else. I am very happy with what I see on Lumen so far.” (Michelle, 50, Chicago)itunes download

Experts’ comments:

“Lumen is also known as Tinder For Seniors & is created by an experienced team who has substantial experience in the online dating industry. They understand the biggest concern regarding online dating – you don’t know who you are talking to. Therefore, everyone who wants to join Lumen must verify their photo and profile. This is probably the only dating app that requires every member to become a verified member.” (Jade Seashell)

“Founders of Lumen genuinely care about senior singles and understand the needs of seniors looking for love. That’s why they do a lot of marketing offline in order to actually listen to their users. Unlike other dating apps that send out spam emails and run banner ads, Lumen build real relationships with their members.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

Lumen is the most reliable senior dating platform on the market because this senior dating app verifies all of their users. In general, it is a decent dating app for seniors. However, as it is a new app, you may not be able to meet a lot of people on Lumen yet. But the founder of Lumen says it will become the biggest senior dating platform in the world soon.


  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Ed says

    It seems that almost every good looking woman on this site has the “chat” button “dimmed”, thus not enabling you to text them. I’m curious that they are fake profiles, as I’ve never met or communicated with any of them before to result in them blocking me. Curious…

  2. Beverly says

    I don’t like having to go through all
    Of the profiles to start back over. They keep getting farther and farther away in distance. I thought there had to be 3 pics of yourself. So many just have one and maybe only 3 words about themselves This app needs a lot of improving for it to be successful

  3. Louise Kissinger says

    What do you mean $3.99 per item what are the items exactly what does that mean

  4. Victoria60 says

    It’s pretty hard for elderly people to find a soul mate in real life. But even when you are over 50 you want to have a loving, congenial person who shares your hobbies and supports any of your new beginnings. That’s why Lumen Senior Dating app is a real lifeboat for me after the death of my husband. Here I have found a lot of interesting people of my age, who correspond all the necessary criteria for me. I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful dating resource.

  5. Phillip says

    As for me, this is the one of the best services for senior dating. It has a huge number of users, that’s why it’s so easy to find a real friend, a soul mate for a serious relationship, good interlocutor or even traveling companion. Moreover, it has user-friendly interface, that is very important for the people of my age, who are trying to “conquer” all modern technologies. To become a part of this wonderful service you just need to register, set the search parameters and start chatting. I think that this is a proven, calm in all respects app that will satisfy every senior user.

  6. Brittany says

    My mother is looking for a new friend and she wants to use this senior dating app. Can you tell me whether it is safe to download the application, or it’s better to use the dating website? We need a reliable service, where there are more people “over 50”, because my mom is 55 already and she wants to find someone of her age.

    1. Margarita says

      Dear friend! Don’t worry about the Lumen, as it is one of the safest application, presented in the online store. Every user of the app is verified, and there are no fake profiles. An interesting feature of the app is the possibility of writing so-called “diaries” in which you can leave your notes and they will be visible to other users. You can leave here a variety of posts, ranging from information about yourself, and ending with neutral statements. Also, carefully considered searching system will allow your mom to find a match, who best suits all her needs. The mobile application is available for IOS and Android platforms.

  7. Glenn says

    This dating site is centered on Sydney singles, no good for me I live in Queanbeyan NSW

    1. Anonymous says

      Or Newcastle

  8. Paul says

    there is no search parameters. I’m scrolling through profiles hundreds of kilometres away. Useless to me.

  9. Anonymous says

    Yes, I’d like to know the answer to that question also.

  10. Robert Herb says

    I am no peach but take care of myself. This site has the ugliest women I have ever seen WOW! No one close, no filters for choice of what type of lady you are attracted too! I’ve been on dating sites this one is nice if people would reply. I truly think it’s bogus

  11. Simon says

    It is a site full of bullies stay well clear

  12. Tinky says

    No People Near You.

    Maybe it only works in big cities.

    All or my early matches were fakes

    The Group discueeion is full of Lumen appologists, (think they might be getting pait to comment).

    So far a big waste of time and no different to all of the other dating sites.

  13. Frederika Tamimi says

    Does anyone here have the customer service number for the USA or what city in USA are their corporate headquarters? Thank you.

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