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EliteSingles Review (Safety level, Pros and cons, Expert’s analysis)

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What is EliteSingles about?

Signing up

Girls’ profiles quality

Safety level

Age group

Pros and cons

Mobile app version

Real users’ opinions

Expert’s analysis

The cons of EliteSingles we detected

The pros and specialties of EliteSingles

Is EliteSingles for sugar dating?


What is EliteSingles about?

EliteSingles isn’t a typical static site bit a modern landing page with a lot of information on it. There is a stylish signing-in form, and trendy animated layout with attractive people’s portraits.

The site guarantees high security and 85% of highly educated women’s profiles. Intelligent matchmaking and high success rate are also among its pros. Expert profile advice is included into services.

The site states it is focused on local Canadian dating, not depending on singles’ religion and their skin color. The customer service is also self-proclaimed modern, perfect, and unique.

The “Find a match” section offers straight dating, LGBT dating, Christian dating, Senior dating, Single parent dating. FAQ and Dating Blog / Magazine are available for users as well.

Signing up

The signing up process is free and simple. It is organized with a serious attitude as one should accept Terms and Conditions before joining or entering. There’s no signing in via social networks.

Girls’ profiles quality

Women’s profile photos are qualitative but not too much edited or glamorous, rather casual and natural. It increases the level of trust a lot. The personal information seems trustworthy too.

Safety level

Safety level on EliteSingles is above average, the site uses a strong security system. Manual profile verification, quick customer support and technical safety are among the advantages as well.serious elitesingles

Age group

The site and app state their target audience are 30 – 55 y.o. singles. It’s quite a wide range, moreover, young and senior singles also readily join the platform seeking their perfect match.

Pros and cons

The personality test and detailed profiles are at avail. Ice-breakers and automatic matching are included. Although these are classical features, one can easily succeed with them in no time.

Mobile app version

EliteSinglesapp is available both on PlayMarket and AppStore. The application positions itself as the UK dating platform. The application is rated much lower than the desktop version of the elitesingles

Real users’ opinions

“I enjoy being on EliteSingles although it has its flaws, too. The atmosphere of the VIP dating is there, and I always know my advantages will be appreciated and desirable by male members.

I am an educated and model-looking lady who never finds decent matches in her busy life. While there are plenty of brilliant young men and successful mature users on EliteSingles.

I recently met David, for instance, who is a pure pattern of the gallant attitude and good manners. We go out as casual partners but who knows, maybe it will bring to something bigger.

I’d like to recommend EliteSingles as the platform where a girl can train her abilities to enchant wealthy men yet not becoming a sugar baby but an equal match who they’ll respect”. (Rita, 25)

“I was joining many other elite dating sites like Raya and Tinder Select, but EliteSingles is easier to use and cosier, if I can say so. I am finding sexy and refined girls there regularly.

It’s a great platform for romantic evenings and passionate nights, whatever one chooses. I am more than sure I could find my life partner there as well, if I was ready to settle down.Success Stories elite singles

I must admit though, the customer support wasn’t always very quick or responsive. On another hand, there aren’t any scammers or webcam girls so one doesn’t need to run for help much.

The features could also be more varied and fun. But I enjoy classical dating options too, no problem. EliteSingles remains a part of my life and I’d like to thank all the team for the idea”. (Peter, 36)

“EliteSingles is cool, cool, and again cool! I really love it. I spend every spare minute on it and always manage to find someone. I know, other similar sites offer much more features.

Some nearly turn to the social mini-networks, but I don’t have that much time with two jobs. EliteSinglesbrings quick results without spending hours there and trying to figure out how it works.

I don’t need to do much and have a brainstorm trying to position myself from the best side: I just put my best photo there and voila, I go out with someone! Even if I have to fly over there!

I think it’s really a good finding for a lonely bee who is too busy in his or her offline life but wants good qualitative dates in between the routine. It worked for me it will for you.” (Jane, 32)

“I dedicate a lot of time to my studies and career, plus I’m very picky. No wonder I cannot date offline, so, top dating sites are my number one tool for finding love and casual sex.

Lately, I use EliteSingles only because it’s so cool. I get many chances to meet people and have fun. It isn’t too classy or boring, everyone can find what he needs there, with very nice bonuses.

Only during the last month, I went out three times with wonderful men thanks to EliteSingles app. We went to the best places ever, had the candlelight dinners, and amazing nights after.

I am thankful to such a great source of romance and joy, not available on many other analoge platforms. I recommend ES to all busy singles who value their time and efforts and want quick results.

Moreover, there was the case when I found a temporary business partner, too. Let’s not forget this app is meant for successful and smart people, so our mutual profit was considerable”. (Louise, 26)

Expert’s analysis

EliteSinglesdoesn’t offer anything unique or extremely effective, but at least it doesn’t take an advantage of singles like some other platforms: it’s genuine and reliable enough for taking a chance.

It isn’t the leader in the market at all, but it keeps its above-average position pretty well and has further perspectives. Most of the users give it three and half or even four stars which is fine.

It’s an interesting conception to focus on the singles’ brains instead of their sexiness only, and we see it’s fruitful. Such an idea differs EliteSingles from other VIP dating apps, makes it unique.

Our analysis includes many specialists’ opinions so new users can count on it and make their own conclusions easier. Let’s see what prevails on EliteSingles app, pros or cons and how to date there.EliteSingles Magazine

The cons of EliteSingles we detected

It provides online flirt and offline meetings with real people, instead of overloading the users with bots and fake profiles. However, it’s rather for non-serious people who tend to be superficial.

They are too light-weight in their search and judge mostly by photos and sexy videos. If one is an older, more profound, and idealistic person, it’s probably the wrong dating site for him.

It’s almost impossible to find someone on EliteSingles basing on personality traits. The very basic criterions are: a nice appearance, readiness to get laid, and one’s geographic closeness.

So yes, it’s definitely a hookup dating app but if one is lucky, he can find something better. There are success stories from now-married couples as well, although they’re in minority.

The app doesn’t offer many options that would help bring people together, such as various tests, quizzes, virtual games, special emoji and ice-breakers. All is plain and common like in other places.

The pros and specialties of EliteSingles

There aren’t more complaints on this platform than on other average dating apps, it’s always the same: some scammers and time wasters can happen on one’s way but the majority of users are genuine.

Those are just young and merry people who want some fun. But who said marriages never start from having fun? EliteSingles has some nice success stories that it gladly shares.

Therefore, chances to meet someone decent or at least honest and pretty are quite high. It’s effective and honest, yes; and its price is very fair. But its developers could do better and go further.

If EliteSingles was a more full-ledged platform with blogs, tips, and fun tests, it would be way more popular among its audience. For this particular reason, we don’t rate this site too high but average.

Some users like to be cared about and others prefer to manage things by themselves, so again, it depends. The elite dating platform doesn’t need to be very trendy or fancy, after all.

Super trendy and unique features are usually the attribute of teenage dating sites mostly used for fun and friendships. While EliteSingles makes any kinds of relationships elite singles

Is EliteSingles for sugar dating?

What surprises on this platform is the absence of very concrete categories like sugar babies, sugar daddies, sugar mommas, toyboys, and so on. It welcomes all those types and beyond.

Why join EliteSingles? First of all, for gaining the primary experience in VIP dating online and offline. The app is demanding towards the quality of singles from the beginning.

It disciplines the singles who want the best private life and qualitative hookups. EliteSingles encourages them to place the best photos in the profile and communicate with a high motivation.

So, it’s basically a school for refined singles before they try their skills on more expensive platforms that have long waiting lists of future members. EliteSingles is just perfect for beginners.

Let’s not forget it supplies smarties, not just hotties. It matters to many successful men as well. Smarties can provide the diplomacy in business situations and elite environments.

That’s why this site and app is often mentioned among the sources useful for one’s career. Similarly to Linkedin, it unites singles from a higher society of simply skilled ones with some achievements.

Do typical sugar babies seek career assistance? Only rarely. So, EliteSingles cannot be called a sugar dating app, rather a VIP app where the partners tend to be equal and mutually beneficial.

A strong tool for careers, it remains rather weak for the relationships, since profound businessmen and businesswomen seem quite shallow in their personal intimate search.

Always busy and stressed, they seek the maximal relaxation without any extra responsibilities. It leads to hookups and friendships with benefits, not to marriages and dating.

Relationship therapists consider this tendency a problem, since a person isn’t determined to find a soul mate and a long-term companion, only the affairs that are destructive in the end.

This phenomenon is well-balanced by a dating blog on EliteSingles where such nuances are explained and hot singles are encouraged to develop their inner values as well, along with the principles.

So, the app is harmonious in its own way and strives to strengthen this harmony. The users who succeeded there once, remain the stable members and share their positive experiences.


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