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0 149 dating app isn’t just a random matrimonial platform. It actually has over five million success stories and makes a new match every 2.4 seconds. Fast Company in the United States claims that Shaadi is one of the top 50 innovative companies in the world. It is also known as the most trusted matrimonial brand in West Asia and South Asia.


  • An intuitive interface guides you through the sign-up process.
  • You can control your privacy settings.
  • Wave your phone to meet new matches online.
  • Receive chat notifications and instant matches.
  • Its instant messenger is an award-winning feature.


  • Premium membership plans start at INR 4,600 for 3 months.


  • This is the world’s biggest community for Indians and South Asians to find partners online.
  • It’s not just limited to India and South Asia. com dating app is also available in western countries.
  • Anyone can join this app.
  • Its cultural diversity is to be admired.
  • Its database is huge.
  • The success rate on this app is very high.
  • People aren’t looking for hook-ups. Technically, it’s not really a dating app. It’s a marriage app.
  • This company was established in 1996, so it’s been in the industry for 23 years already. They are a seasoned team that people respect.


  • Most people prefer arranged marriages in India. Those who don’t choose arranged marriages and use online dating services tend to have some issues, but it doesn’t mean it’s their fault. Some people have problems that are out of their own control.
  • It’s very expensive. A 12-month platinum membership costs $349.99 – that’s something that we’ve never heard of. But at the end of the day, you are asking them to find a husband or wife for you – that’s a big ask!Shaadi-dating

Users’ comments:

“ dating app is also known as the best matrimonial site on New York Times. Therefore, I believe it’s a trusted dating product. That’s why I joined this app and met my wife. We got married last month and we are so in love.” (Jay L., 27, Singapore)

“When I was a free member, I received various requests from other users who wanted to see my profile. After I purchased a premium membership, nobody wants to check out my dating profile anymore. What a joke! Obviously, this dating app is a scam.” (Angela B., 29, Malaysia)

“My account was deleted by them. I didn’t do anything wrong. That’s totally bizarre. I wouldn’t recommend dating app to anyone.” (Rob J., 28, India)

“This app is full of Nigerian spammers who only ask for people’s phone numbers and email address so that they can send you spam. Most legitimate online businesses block all traffic from Africa, especially traffic from Nigeria. This is a shady business. Oh, by the way, it’s called dating app.” (Philip W., 34, the USA)

Experts’ comments:

“Although dating app is run by a very experienced team, its technology could be better, because some users have reported multiple crashes on their phones – whenever they look at a long list of profiles, this app crashed. Someone needs to fix this problem now so that members can actually enjoy online dating!” (Jade Seashell)

“Though many users have written reviews on iTunes, dating app doesn’t even respond to comments. We haven’t seen any feedback from Shaadi team yet. Apparently, they need to improve their customer support services as soon as possible.” (Curt Coch)

“This isn’t a terrible app, but it should have other languages. Currently, it seems that Shaadi dating app only has English.” (Serghei)


  1. Why can’t we meet East Asians on this app?
  • Asia is a big region. East Asia refers to countries such as Japan, Korea and China. South Asia refers to countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. West Asia refers to countries like India and Pakistan. East Asian countries aren’t Muslim countries, so culturally, that’s a very different region. In contrast, South Asia and West Asia has more Muslim countries. Therefore, com dating app doesn’t attract East Asian users.
  1. Since most people in India prefer arranged marriages, why does this app have more than 10,000 new members per day?
  • Please Google the population of India. 10,000 people isn’t a big number.
  1. Do people on this app believe in traditional values or are they westernized?
  • It depends. Many Indians and Muslims who live in western countries are westernized, but there are still a lot of traditional daters who only look for marriages rather than hook-ups here.

Executive summary: dating app introduces people to each other for marriages. This is not a mainstream dating app because in West Asia and South Asia, the concept of “dating” doesn’t exist. People directly get married in these countries. Even in some East Asian countries, “dating” is also a foreign concept. Don’t expect to find casual flings on this app as almost everyone here is looking for someone to marry.shaadi download itunes

shaadi android-download


How can you decide someone is the right person to marry when he/she is still a stranger?

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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