eHarmony dating app review (real user comments and experts)

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Contrary to popular belief, eHarmony isn’t a photo-based/Tinder-like app at all. In fact, it’s the opposite of a photo browsing dating app. eHarmony dating app actually learns what its members are looking for and then match members with other users according to much more than just looks.


  • Register a dating profile via your Facebook account – this feature makes the registration process much faster and easier.
  • Complete a compatibility questionnaire.
  • Upload photos to get your profile started.
  • Your answers to questions in the questionnaire are stored in the algorithm, meaning this feature will help you find your compatible matches in the system.
  • Only a few matches are sent to you at a time. In this way, you can take your time to check out these profiles and connect with these members. This is very different from Tinder which sends you unlimited numbers of matches and may overwhelm you.
  • Send a smile to show your interest in a profile.
  • Favorite a match to indicate your interest in meeting someone.
  • Write a message to contact someone hot.


  • The minimum fee is $9.99 per month.
  • If you buy a longer subscription, the fee is lower.


  • You can do a lot even if you only have a free membership on eHarmony dating app – you are able to register and do the compatibility questionnaire for free; you can receive a few matches at a time and see those dating profiles for free; you are able to view compatibility details and understand how you’ll get along with that person; free members can send smiles, favorite certain matches and find out when the interest is mutual; free members can also send pre-written quick questions to break the ice; of course, a free member can receive push notifications to know when matches are interested before buying a premium membership on eHarmony dating app.
  • You only need to upgrade your membership when there is someone on the app that you actually like and you can see they like you as well. That means you won’t waste your money – the result is delivered before you pay a cent.


  • Most people who directly look for long-term serious relationships online aren’t very attractive. Let’s be honest – yes, having a long-term, serious relationship is important and meaningful & we respect that. However, if someone directly wants to start a long-term relationship with a stranger that they don’t even know yet, that usually shows neediness and lack of confidence. Usually, high-value daters have powerful social circles that can bring them friends, thereby developing long-term relationships through these existing friends. In contrast, desperate singles urgently looking for love online are more likely to start toxic “commitments” with someone they don’t know very well. And that’s oftentimes how online dating scam happens.

Users’ comments:

“My premium membership on eHarmony dating app is a 12-month subscription because I’d like to take my time to find someone really cool. Yet I found my boyfriend within three months, so basically, I wasted some money. Having said that, I guess because of my longer subscription, eHarmony prioritized my dating profile & that’s why I found someone so good so fast! Overall, I’m very satisfied with this dating service.” (Pippa, 29, Melbourne, Australia)

“I like eHarmony dating app because it has so many attractive single women! Most of them aren’t sluts who have used other hook-up apps to sleep with men, as the majority of women that I’ve met via eHarmony are wife materials.” (Mylo, 31, Wellington, New Zealand)

“I highly recommend the What If? feature on eHarmony dating app because it allows me to meet members who are outside of my preferences and expand my outlook. Sometimes the success is somewhere outside my comfort zone!” (Bob, 27, Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

Experts’ comments:

“As a safe and secure dating service, eHarmony dating app has gained huge traction all over the world and has been featured on mainstream media for multiple times. Therefore, it’s a reliable and trustworthy dating product for singles looking for meaningful, long-term relationships online.” (Jade Seashell)

“We trust eHarmony dating app. It is one of the best dating products on the planet, so singles looking for love should try this app first because it’s really, really good.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

Although eHarmony dating app is regarded as one of the best dating apps in the world, some users have reported that there are many fake profiles on this app (a user literally said that 95% of the responses that he received were from fake profiles that were blocked by eHarmony in the end). Also, this dating app has many inactive users who haven’t logged in for years and eHarmony didn’t remove those inactive profiles in order to make the database look bigger. Therefore, it seems that eHarmony is indeed a big app, but oftentimes bigger apps have more rubbish that needs to be eliminated as soon as possible so that their dating platforms can become classy, effective and helpful overall.

Build a harmonious relationship via eHarmony.

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  1. Ashley says

    Good information put into a simple way! I agree with your words, people shouldn’t go straight for a long term relationship, not in apps, not in real life. Take time to know the person, to enjoy time, maybe in a couple of months you can decide if that’s someone you want to hold on to or not. Or at least few dates haha but going straight for that sounds so weird to me! haven’t tried this app, but I’m really liking the profile feature, not basing 100 % about looking, maybe it is truly an app who can help you find something more serious.

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Thanks for your kind words, Ashley.

      Yes, not urgently looking for a long-term relationship shows confidence and independence.

      Jade Seashell

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