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Rich Women Dating App Advice: The Reality of a Rich Lady

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Patricia A. is the founder of a rich women dating app which is based in London, the United Kingdom. With more than ten years’ experience in the Internet dating industry, Patricia A. certainly has a lot of wisdom to share with us today.

  • It’s actually harder for a rich woman to find true love.

“I created the rich women dating app because I know how hard it is for rich women to find true love,” says Patricia A., “Theoretically, a rich lady should have abundance, choices and freedom in life, but realistically, that’s not true – when you are a rich woman, you face a dilemma: you’ve got rich because you’ve worked hard for many years, so you are probably not young. When you look at rich men in your age group, you realize that they all want to date younger women.”

Indeed, even when Don Draper met Betty Draper, he was a young and ambitious guy who was working for a clothing store, and then he found a high-profile job at Sterling Cooper and became a Creative Director. After Don became successful, they got a divorce and then Don married a much younger woman – Megan.real girl in app

In other words, usually, men in their 40s aren’t interested in women in their 40s. Instead, they are interested in women in their 20s and early 30s.

“My best friend is a successful guy. But he friend-zoned me quickly because both of us are in our early 40s,” says Patricia A., founder of the rich women dating app, “He is dating a 22-year-old girl now because he wants to date younger ladies and doesn’t want to consider me as a partner.”

According to Patricia A., younger men also want to date young women, as younger men don’t find her attractive. That’s why her love life is non-existent.

“A rich man’s love life is the best because he can date whoever he wants – he has all options for him to choose,” says Patricia A., “But a rich woman only wants to date top 10 men who happen to be interested in much younger, hotter women.”

  • When a man is looking at a woman, he isn’t looking at her wealth – he is looking at her beauty.

Usually, women consider men’s wealth and status to be quite important because these things determine a guy’s attractiveness to a large extent. When a guy has more money and more status, he needs to less attractive behavior; when a guy has less money and less status, he needs more attractive behavior.

However, as a man is evaluating a woman’s attractiveness, it has nothing to do with her wealth and status; it’s all about her beauty, youth and femininity.

If you ask a guy to write down a list of standards that his ideal partner must have, probably 8 out of 10 items on the list will be about her looks. But if you ask a woman to write down her list of standards that an ideal partner must have, only 1 or 2 out of 10 items on the list will be about his best app for date

This is the difference between men’s criteria and women’s criteria when it comes to looking for a partner. Men and women value different things due to evolution reasons. Although this is the 21st century already, we are still biologically programmed that way. Anyone who uses “we aren’t living in tribe days” as an excuse to stop women from marrying up is just a frustrated loser who can’t accept the uncomfortable truth: women are hypergamous by nature; it’s in every woman’s DNA.

“The real reason why the divorce rate is so high these days is because value exchange has been violated,” says Patricia A., founder of the rich women dating app, “In the past, men had jobs and women stayed at home because women’s job was to get pregnant, have kids and look after kids – at that time value exchange was present because both men and women contributed equally to the household. But nowadays both women and men have jobs, but women still have to get pregnant, have kids and look after kids, apart from having full-time jobs. No wonder 75% of divorces are initiated by women in this day and age – value exchange is absent now. Of course, if I can choose, I would prefer being a modern woman because I’m never a fan of kids – I don’t want to be pregnant because I was told that pregnancy often means having acid reflux 24/7; I don’t want to have children because although modern medicine can get rid of the labor pain, I still think it’s too scary for me – I just can’t imagine something that huge coming out of my honeypot; I also don’t want to look after kids at sleepless nights. It’s not my thing. That’s definitelynot for me.”

Patricia A. (founder of the rich woman dating app) points out that her role models are Marie Forleo and Amy Porterfield. Both Marie Forleo and Amy Porterfield are child-free. They choose not to have children. When Marie Forleo’s mother asked her, “Where is the baby?”, she said, “If you want a kid, you can adopt a child. I’m not going to have kids.” Marie’s husband has a son from his previous marriage, so Marie is a step-mother.

Marie Forleo even talked about how infrequently she has s*x with her husband because her libido is much lower than her husband’s – apparently, Marie spends most of her energy/time thinking about her career. Small wonder why she is hugely successful. I truly admire her vulnerability and best women

When Amy Porterfield was single, she was working with a woman who was married to a very handsome man. She told that co-worker how handsome her husband was. After her co-worker got a divorce, that co-worker introduced Amy to her ex-husband. Now Amy is married to this very handsome man who has a son from his previous marriage. Therefore, Amy Porterfield is also a step-mother.

“A lot of rich women choose to be child-free, especially when they are married to men who already have kids from previous relationships,” says Patricia, founder of the rich women dating app, “Amy Porterfield told her husband that she doesn’t want to have kids, so her husband had a vasectomy. On their way back home, Amy cried in the car. But her husband told her that he won’t reverse this. Anyway, Amy Porterfield doesn’t really want kids and I completely understand that. I remember Amy once mentioned that she secretly wants her husband to make more money than she does – her vulnerability/honesty is to be admired.”date app

Indeed, many successful women don’t have kids, e.g. Oprah Winfrey, Julia Gillard, Julie Bishop, and so on. Most self-made rich women are rich because they focus on their careers rather than their families.

A regular person only has about 30,000 days on average in his/her lifetime, so we must make every day count. If we have to spend a large amount of time looking after kids, how meaningful is that for ourselves? Of course, I think taking care of kids is meaningful and important, but I understand why some women don’t want to do it – because they love themselves more. And I don’t blame them because there is nothing wrong with that.

Most ladies on rich women dating apps are child-free and successful.

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