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RSVP dating app review (dating in Australia)

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RSVP dating app is the No. 1 dating app in Australia. Because it attracts approximately 1200 new users per day, this Australian dating app has already become the most popular dating app in Australia.


  • Register a dating profile for free.
  • Indicate thatyou are interested in someone for free.
  • Automatic responses for you to choose: You can show interest in the person who likes you; alternatively, you can show lack of interest – these messages are already written for you. All you need to do is to select a response.
  • Stamps: If there is a positive response from a member, you can buy stamps to initiate aconversation with that member.
  • Inbox: RSVP dating app automatically organises your Inbox. There is no spam.
  • You can hide your photos and only give certain users access to your photos.
  • A modern and chic interface.
  • Use your Facebook account to log in. RSVP dating app won’tpost anything on your Facebook wall.


  • From $14 to $20 each month, depending on the length of your subscription.
  • A premium member can see who’s viewed their profile and has access to priority customer service. A premium member’s dating profile will be highlighted and appear at the top ofsearch results on RSVP dating app.


  • Most people on RSVP dating app are looking for serious commitments rather than casual hook-ups. This is the ultimate dating app for traditional relationships.
  • Absence of bellsand whistles means it’s easy to join and easy to use.
  • It is the most trusted Australian dating app. It’s been featured on Australian TV for multipletimes. RSVP dating app is the most main stream dating app in Australia.
  • You don’t haveto buy stamps. You can buy stamps after someone shows interest in you (theylike you back). Replying messages to other users is totally free.
  • Lock your photosand only give certain members access to your photos. This is a great way toprotect your online presence and privacy.


* RSVP dating app doesn’t have enough young members. Most people on this app are relatively mature daters


“RSVP dating app is the best dating app in Australia because I found my boyfriend via RSVP on Day One. It isthe single most efficient and effective dating app in this country. Highly recommended!” (Anna, 45, Brisbane)

“I don’t like RSVP dating app because men on this app are so ugly. I prefer pretty boys on Bumble instead.” (Lucy,22, Melbourne)

“RSVP doesn’t have enough database because it’s not very well-known compared to other dating apps such as Tinder.” (Steve, 35, Perth)

“Women on RSVP are so desperate. I’m not a fan. I think Sydney is an extremely easy place to get girls because there are so many hot women in Sydney who arelooking for the dream guy. But the dream guy is often times a dream only because the majority of ladies don’t have the skills to get a dream guy anyway.” (Baart, 30, Sydney)

“Getting girls in Adelaide is super easy because most men who are ambitious have left Adelaide when they are about 22 years old. That’swhy there are so many lonely and hot women in Adelaide. RSVP dating app is the perfect place to get these beautiful ladies in record time.” (Nathan, 29, Adelaide)


“Australia is currently experiencing man-drought because a lot of men have left Australia for the United States and Europe in order to find better career opportunities. Honestly, Australia doesn’t have enough resources for career success. No wonder so many successful entrepreneurs have moved their companies to the US and Europe. Also,the tax is very high in Australia, so running a business in this country isn’tthe most profitable thing to do. That’s why RSVP tends to have a lot of female members who are looking for men that they actually admire – it’s hard for many Australian women to meet high-quality men in real life.” (Jade Seashell)

“RSVP dating app was featured on my most popular dating blog, so apparently, it has done something right!” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

RSVP dating app is an Australian dating app for singles looking for love on the Internet. It is said that over 30,000 Australian singles join RSVP each month & 1 in 3 couples that met each other online, met on RSVP dating app, according to 3316 Australians surveyed by Nielsen in 2015. You can even search anything from star sign to eye colour on RSVP.

“RSVP dating app is the single most important dating app in Australia.”

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  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. James R. says

    Yes, it’s pretty good and easy to use. There are a lot of girls here, so it’s very easy to just pick one and try. not sure about serious relationship, found mostly just hook-ups, but I won’t complain about that at all!

  2. Martin says

    Greed of authors does not allow to use the application. you just can’t use it until you pay. the authors however propose to change settings to use for free, but there is no entry in these same settings!!! smartly :)))

  3. Ann says

    In the settings you can not change what you want:) take a screenshot of your review and contact me inside the application (the button “write to us”) or through the support form

  4. Kevin P says

    Interesting app, but no shooting. In cities it is difficult to find a couple, besides free access is given for only three days, and pay for anything you do not want. I would use it if it was not paid. M: If you offer a free subscription – the application is rehabilitated

  5. Pedro says

    Divorce is complete. It turns out this way: download the app, pay the money and like your favorite pictures. And all in response, of course, silence, more in the application functions or any not. So guys, at least you don’t get fooled by this stuff

    1. Julie says

      Your search is broken. Promised to fix it 3 days ago when you wrote in support. Nothing has changed since then. I understand if the app was free, but I pay you for a certain period and it turns out I lose my money every day.
      M: Boris, for the lost time do not worry – we will restore with a bonus! Please write me along with let’s deal with your problem

      1. Emily D says

        The application itself is well implemented, at least performs its function. What is more strange is the work of the support service. Yesterday at 8 PM faced with the fact that when trying to send a message to me writes “something went wrong.” Sent through internal chat message in support, the answer came in 4…

  6. Thomas says

    hi! please write to me, I will answer the questions why this happens and restore the lost time

  7. Erica says

    Still alive little girls and a lot of divorce, which normally do not ban. He suddenly got the ban, it is unclear for that, the support is disassembled for 2 days, great service.

  8. Ralph R. Olson says

    Hi ! Write me-solve the problem with the ban and draw you a bonus time!

  9. Kathy J says

    I don’t even know if it’s worth it. For guys the situation is as follows: Prime time – evening and night from 20:00 to 2:00. At this time, an average of 4-6 girls online. A friend (also uses) argues that on average this number accounts for 15-20 guys. So it seems to be better for the girls. Conti.…

  10. Nancy R. says

    Deception. Offered 3 nights free of charge, but in the end took the money. Terrible app.

  11. Mirna says

    the app is super! a lot of guys can be found here! tell girls now, too, became paid?

  12. Edward P says

    There is some problem, clicking on button “Place in 1 hour,” that was something program, and after error Location. Although geolocation is enabled and the application has access to it.

  13. Edgar says

    on the first day blocked, communicated well, is now over the third day, write on service support and one time said only that we’ll know soon enough. And understand until now. paid for the account for 1 month. Here is an application

  14. Eileen says

    Ummm…. That is for girls now it is paid? And so it was much less than the guys, and now it seems the boys are left alone… Sorrow

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