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The Inner Circle – fine dating app review (with real users’ comments)

The Inner Circle fine dating app review

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The Inner Circle is a selective dating app for young professionals living in the same city to socialise with each other. This is a VIP only dating app.

• The Inner Circle dating app operates on an invitation-only structure. You have to be invited in order to join this app. This is a great way to make sure that users are legitimate members.
• The interface is very similar to Facebook’s interface, so it’s very user-friendly.
• Browse photos and send likes.
• Build profiles to attract other singles.
• Interact with other members and chat online.
• Use social network analysis to make connections.
• Post your plans to go out on your timeline.
• Organise meet-ups.
• A member can invite 5 friends who will be screened before approval.
• Although it’s an app on iOS and Android, you can also use its website version.

$5 per week

• Every user has to be invited in order to join The Inner Circle dating app, so the quality of its members is extremely high (social proof + screening).
• It has received six major awards and nominations since its inception: Newcomer Website of the Year (UK), Best London Dating Event, Best Dating Events Brand of 2015 (UK), Best Niche Dating Site 2016 (Europe), Online Dating Brand of the Year 2016 (UK) and Most Disruptive Innovator 2017. Clearly, The Inner Circle dating app is a well-respected dating product on the market.
• You not only join an online dating app, but also can join their live events if you want to. That’s a perfect way to meet people online and offline.
• In 2018, The Inner Circle dating app has about 1 million members and nearly half a million applicants on the waiting list. Apparently, the huge database indicates a high possibility for you to find a good match here. You need to meet enough people and filter them before you know who is the best one for you.
• Its design is similar to that of Facebook, so anyone can use it easily without an issue – even your grandma is also on Facebook.

The Inner Circle – Fine Dating

• The Inner Circle dating app is very popular in European cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, Milan, London and Barcelona. It’s not very popular in North America and Oceania. Hence, if you are from the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, perhaps this fine dating app isn’t the right app for you. Thus, you may want to use other more mainstream apps such as Tinder and Bumble instead.
• It’s actually quite expensive – you have to pay $5 per week in order to access all the features of this app. That’s about $20 per month.

Users’ comments:
“I joined The Inner Circle dating app in 2014 and met the love of my life within 2 months. We chatted online and then met each other in person when both of us attended a live event organised by this app. It was definitely love at first sight with a prior understanding of each other because we talked a lot on the internet before the event. I think this is a great way to meet people via both URL and IRL.” (Naomi, 35, London)

“My girlfriend and I met each other through The Inner Circle dating app which is a fantastic platform to meet singles looking for love. At the beginning, I only wanted to meet more people and expand my network because I moved to Paris from Australia and would like to know more local people in Paris. Then I met Celine who became my girlfriend. Our relationship is going really well, so I’m very grateful for this phenomenal app.” (Timothy, 34, Paris)

“Excellent app brings excellent results. I’ve met many high-value women via The Inner Circle dating app. They are so intelligent, well-educated and sophisticated. I dated a few of them. Now I’m not in a relationship yet, but I quite enjoy the dating experiences offered by this app. Currently, I’m seeing an elegant and fine lady who looks like Audrey Hepburn.” (Kyle, 29, Milan)

Experts’ comments:
“The Inner Circle dating app is a sensational, professional and phenomenal online dating product. We have seen a lot of dating products on the market and this is probably one of the best.” (Curt Coch)

“A seriously perfect dating app if you live in Europe.” (Jade Seashell)

Executive summary:
The Inner Circle is a fine dating app which only accepts new members who are invited by existing members. Because of its strict screening process, the quality of its users is very high. All of its members are young professionals such as lawyers, doctors, engineers and teachers. As a result, if you identify yourself as a well-educated young professional with a good career, you should probably join this app to look for the love of your life online and offline (this app does organise offline events).

The Inner Circle fine dating app is the single most important dating platform in major cities in Europe.

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  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Corey E says

    I downloaded this app on my iPhone, so that in my free time I could try to find a girl. I have tried a lot of different dating sites and dating apps, but this is my only love! Here I can find a lot of extremely beautiful, smart women that have a great sense of humor. Payment for dating is small, I think, but at least there is hope that you can still meet a good person for serious relationships. Moreover, this is one of the safest application, presented in the online store. Every user of the app is verified, and there are no fake profiles. However, it is worth remembering that begging for money, any manifestations of fraud, requests for assistance and sending out spam are prohibited. This app allows every man to feel like a real king and become really happy thanks to the decent women who are ready to fulfill all your dreams.

  2. Judith says

    This dating app is the best for me. The Inner Circle offers you wonderful candidates for acquaintance, which the system has found suitable for you both in character and in search criteria. This is quite convenient, since it is difficult not to drown among the abundance of profiles and photos on modern dating sites and sating apps. At some point, all the faces begin to merge into a variegated mass. It can also suit busy people who do not have time to view thousands of profiles, but still want to love.

  3. Jason says

    I never believed in online dating, considering it a mere waste of time… But at some point I was tired of passing acquaintances, and a friend advised me to download this fine dating app. He met his bride there, so I decided to trust my friend. As a newcomer, everything was new to me, did not dare to write to anyone, just looked at the questionnaires, sighed and closed. But one day I saw a profile a wonderful woman and made a first step. Since then, we are inseparable.

    1. Pearlie says

      Wow, this is so romantic story! I hope I’ll be able also to find my love with the help of the Inner Circle. I like the app, because it has user-friendly interface and convenient searching system. I hope to find my soul mate as soon as possible.

  4. Daniel D says

    This is pretty bad dating app. The girls judge men by the appearance and even if you write to them, they keep silent. I don’t think that it’s possible to find true love over here. Moreover, I’ve noticed that very often the personal data doesn’t correspond to the reality. That’s why I would like to ask the app administration to make the complete verification of the provided information and block all the scammers.

  5. Sarah says

    I met my fiance on Inner Circle ❤

  6. says

    We’ve got more to offer than just swiping. Inner Circle is the app that helps you discover a new way to date. * We screen every member On Inner Circle, you know the singles you’re speaking to are serious. When you join, you’ll be asked to accept The Pledge, a commitment to being respectful, reliable and inclusive as you communicate through our channels. * Our profiles dig deeper Are you a Tennis Player, Board Gamer, Art Lover or Road Tripper? Make like-minded connections using our unique set of filters. When you find someone with the same hobby, we’ll highlight the common ground. * Better conversations We designed the dating app we wanted to use. That means swapping 30 notifications for one or two meaningful conversations. Skip the small talk with our Profile Prompts – what would be your Ted topic? * A worldwide community Inner Circle is home to more than 2 million inspiring singles, and we make over 150,000 introductions every week. What’s more, our users can chat to one another from anywhere in the world. Who will you meet? Let’s get started. — MASHABLE: “The ultimate dating dream: a place filled with top-notch single people.” ESQUIRE: “Inner Circle is the best all-rounder out there with the highest quantity of people you d actually like to meet.” BUSTLE: “Their main mission is for their members to respect fell 7 ow members. Yes, please.”

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