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Waplog – Free Chatting & Dating App to Meet Singles (dating app review)

Waplog dating app review

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Waplog is one of the biggest dating apps in the world with millions of users around the world. Now let’s find out why this dating app is so popular!

• Only meet with people nearby.
• It’s a free dating app which allows you to contact other singles for free.
• Its security and privacy protection measures are advanced.
• Watch stories online.
• Add your own stories.
• Relationships, hookups and friendships are all allowed on Waplog dating app.
• Verification system ensures a safe environment.
• Turn your videos into cash – you can create locked videos. Waplog not only asks zero dollar from you, but also helps you to make money online.
• If you’d like to have a VIP membership, you can buy a VIP subscription and boost your dating profile for 15 minutes so that you’ll get more matches in your local area.

• Free to join and free to use.
• VIP features: $1.13 – $139.99 per item.

• Waplog dating app is the only social networking app that helps you to make money while using this service for free, even though new users claim that making money from this is a myth rather than a reality.
• Its massive database means finding a partner here isn’t hard.
• You can find friendships, hookups and relationships on Waplog dating app easily. Anything is possible.

• The reason why Waplog dating app has so many reviews on Google Play Store is that every user is forced to write a review frequently before they can keep using this apps for free.
• It’s a bit hard to find the “delete” button which allows you to delete your dating profile on Waplog dating app.
• It is reported that the number of active users is decreasing nowadays.

Waplog -Dating app

Users’ comments:
“Although Waplog dating app is similar to Tinder, its features are better because it allows me to upload videos and make money from my videos. I love it. Even though I’m not really looking for a partner online, I still use Waplog to make money. This dating app is highly recommended to anyone who is interested in monetizing their videos on the Internet because the traffic is sent to you automatically.” (Monica, 26, Toronto)
“I have no interest in finding a partner via Waplog dating app. All I’m interested in is how to add videos and turn them into cash. However, unlike some early users’ experiences, I find it impossible to monetize my videos on this app.” (Will, 23, Birmingham)
“Waplog dating app is good because it’s free. But the quality of its members doesn’t seem to be very high. I’m not impressed.” (Bianca, 29, Melbourne)
“I like the fun energy on Waplog dating app.” (Luke, 30, San Francisco)

Experts’ comments:
“Waplog dating app is a successful dating product in the online dating industry. Even though it was not created by a company in an English-speaking country, it has certainly dominated a big part of the market in English-speaking countries.” (Jade Seashell)
“I think Waplog dating app is a reasonable app for people to look for all kinds of relationships online.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:
Waplog dating app is a popular, mainstream dating platform for singles to find love online. You don’t necessarily have to look for a commitment; you can look for friends with benefits, one-night stands, casual hookups, etc. No one is here to judge you, so it’s totally up to you in terms of what you want and when you want it.

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Waplog monetizes their users’ attention by selling ads in the community. Meanwhile, it also sells VIP memberships to its users. That’s a good business model because members find it affordable. It’s a win-win situation.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Ella P says

    Waplog is a very nice dating app, no wonder it’s so popular. I’ve been using it for a year now, and looking for hookups was never easier. Most of its features are not unique in any way, but when used together they create a really outstanding experience. The app is very good-looking so you don’t get tired from looking at it all day, and it’s free. Of course, there are some VIP features, but I don’t really need them as the database is really huge and there is a lot of matches anyway.

  2. Stefanie E says

    Amazing app! My favorite feature is locked videos – the app literally allows you to make money online with very little effort, and doesn’t charge you for that. I’ve been making tons of money that way lately, and I can’t remember anything similar in any other app. So even if you’re not looking for anybody in particular, you can still chat a lot, exchange some compliments and make some money. If you’re planning to do that, don’t hesitate to purchase a VIP account, because with that status you can always be on top of search results, and that means more attention and more money. Really, go try it out.

    1. Jovelyn says

      How to make money here in this apps, because someone handle me only and i want to make my own money for my self. I heard that not easy to added to be host in here.

  3. Johnny M says

    This app is not that great. I mean, it has all the options any good dating app should have, but it just does not feel the same. Waplog relies on social media features too much, and if you don’t want to purchase VIP features it’s pretty much useless. That thing about mandatory reviews is true, too – every free member is kind of forced to write them. Still, you can find some hookups here without too much effort, so what else do you need?

  4. Robert says

    Waplog is a huge app, and you can find all sorts of women here. I personally look for a serious relationship, and the app looks very promising in that sense. Users are encouraged to describe themselves in more detail so you always can choose the most interesting women to talk to. And there are also these stories that help you to get to know people very fast. Anyway, you should purchase VIP features to be able to do about anything here, but I don’t consider it a problem. After all, it’s a dating app, not a charity. And these features allow you to be more popular by sending special messages or boosting your profile, and that’s quite nice.

  5. Kenyetta says

    I’ve met my boyfriend here a few months ago, and now I’m really glad I’ve used this app. Verification system means you can trust people in this app, and special features can promote your profile, which is pretty cool.

  6. Angel says

    How to earn money?

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