Adult Affair Finder – Yboo dating app review (2019)

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Adult Affair Finder – Yboo dating app is the most creative dating app on the market because it gives men the opportunity to be creative and design their ideal dates before meeting women.


  • Women can choose men based on their idea of an ideal date.
  • A woman who likes a man’s dating ideas can start chatting with him. There will be 24 hours before all the conversation is deleted by the system.
  • People can only see your profile when you click like on someone’s profile. In other words, nobody will know you are on Yboo dating app unless you’ve liked their dating profile.
  • No means no: if a member doesn’t feel comfortable on the date, they can report the annoying member so that this person will be banned by Yboo dating app.
  • Male members simply create their ideal date ideas by clicking several options and then all they need to do is to wait to be chosen by women. No more swiping left or right = you can save a lot of time!
  • When a female member likes a male member’s profile/date ideas, they can chat with each other immediately and arrange the date.
  • It’s free to use; premium memberships are available for extra services.


  • It’s free to join and use Yboo dating app.
  • Premium memberships: Meet & Chat Access – $11.99; VIP Access – $6.99 and $10.49; Extended Hookup Dating Access – $32.00.


  • Yboo dating app is the most creative dating product in the world. It allows members to be creative, too.
  • It’s very efficient. Men only need to click on a few options and wait for women to like their dating profiles. Nice and easy.
  • Women already know what men prefer before talking to men online, so only when mutual interests are found can they contact each other. That’s why Yboo dating app is very effective for women as well.
  • It’s a free dating app.
  • Yboo dating app also offers premium membership services because some users want advanced/extra dating services.
  • This app is a place of possibilities – you can find normal/traditional dating, extramarital affairs, casual hook-ups, etc. on Yboo dating app.
  • It’s beautifully designed.
  • Its dating culture is very cool – No means no! You can report users with inappropriate behavior to the app any time so that those users’ profiles will be banned by the system. This is a great way to make sure it is a healthy online dating platform.


  • Yboo dating app isn’t a location-based app, which means you might meet members who are too far away from you, so it may waste your time and energy!
  • There are limited options for men to choose in terms of ideas for an ideal date, meaning it limits users’ creativity in some ways.
  • This app has significantly more men than women. Apparently, most women would be put off by the name of this app – Yboo (taboo?) & Adult Affair Finder. How many women do you know actually want to find affairs (not to mention finding affairs online)? This idea is simply not realistic.
  • Some date ideas are not realistic at all. For instance, one of the options for men to choose is ‘candles and wine for the first date’. How realistic is that? Most restaurants don’t even offer candles for dinner tables. And if it’s just the first date, how many men are willing to pay for a dinner date when they meet a new woman for the first time? – This guy is meeting with a complete stranger that he knows nothing about! She probably needs to prove herself first before being rewarded with a dinner date in a fancy restaurant which provides candles for the dinner table!
  • It is said that Yboo dating app has some spammers and scammers (a lot of its female users’ dating profiles look like scammers or spammers rather than legitimate users who are looking for casual hook-ups and affairs online).Yboo-dating-app

Users’ comments:

Yboo dating app is so original – their concept is creative and fantastic. However, I haven’t had any results on this app yet, so I can’t provide further comments.” (Joel, 22, Austin, Texas)

“I’m not a fan of Yboo dating app because it doesn’t work for me. I looked at their users’ reviews on iTunes’ App Store – several reviews are clearly the same, and they are posted by different users whose display names are obviously generated by a robot. Therefore, I don’t think it’s a reliable dating app that I can trust.” (Katherine, 21, Phoenix, Arizona)

“I like Yboo dating app because after I verified my photo, I can chat with matches for free, which isn’t very common on other similar dating apps. It’s very user-friendly, so I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for affairs or hook-ups online.” (Sam, 30, NYC, New York)

Experts’ comments:

Adult Affair Finder – Yboo dating app is a unique dating platform which introduces individuals who have similar date ideas to each other. But I’m not sure whether it has a high success rate.” (Jade Seashell, relationship advisor)

“We posted several articles about looking for affairs online on our blog –, yet we haven’t posted anything about Adult Affair Finder – Yboo dating app yet because we don’t know this app very well. Having said that, I’ve noticed that this app has nearly 5,000 reviews on iTunes and its average rating is 4.9 out of 5. I’m not sure how realistic that is.” (Curt Coch, Founder of iDateAdvice)

Executive summary:

Adult Affair Finder – Yboo dating app is a casual hook-up app for people who are looking for all kinds of affairs online. It’s a legitimate app, but it has many more male members than female members.

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