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Top International Dating Apps in 2019 and Beyond

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International dating has become increasingly popular in contemporary society due to some big changes in western countries such as the popularity of feminism and homosexuality. As a result, more and more western men have decided to join top international dating apps, and there is nothing wrong with that.


  • The most popular girls on top international dating apps are from Eastern Europe and South America.


Eastern European women are well-known for their beauty, so I don’t need to further explain that. You will know it’s true when you go to Russia and Ukraine – most women in these countries are extremely hot – they can easily become models in the United States.


By the way, Donald Trump’s wife was a Slavic model as well. And she is the hottest First Lady in US history! But she wasn’t born in the United States.


Due to the attractiveness of Eastern European girls, they are the most popular women on top international dating apps. Now let me talk about South American women who are also very, very, very, very sexy.


When you go to Brazil, you will notice that girls in Brazil have bigger bottoms but smaller boobs. That’s because the Brazilian culture values big asses more than big breasts – that’s their beauty standards.

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As a result, you will see Brazilian women working on their butts in the gym every single day. This is not very common in western countries where women want to get boob jobs done.


If you are a White man, you are more likely to attract a lot of Brazilian beauties’ attention because you look different. However, if you are a mixed-race guy or you are actually from Southern Europe, chances are you look a bit like Brazilian men, so you’ll probably get less attention from women in Brazil.


By the way, Brazilian ladies have a natural tan, so they all look very healthy and fit. If you are a guy into ass, you must go to Brazil!


A big ass also naturally creates a fertility curve which is a term coined by wealthy dating expert Ginie Sayles, so that kind of attraction is real!


  • How about women in Asia? Are they on top international dating apps, too?


I have a discovery: western men who are interested in Eastern European women and South American women are usually those who don’t really like interracial dating. However, western men who are into Asian women are very interested in interracial dating. There is nothing wrong with that.


Frankly, many western men have an Asian fetish, and that’s okay! No wonder many top international dating apps are all about introducing Asian women to western men.

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Here are some reasons for the Asian fetish:


  • It is true that the Asian box is much tighter than the White box or the Black box. The first time when I entered an Asian girl, I nearly had a seizure because I had never felt that kind of pleasure in my life! I highly recommend you to try that at least once in your lifetime – you will enjoy it. Just hook up with an Asian girl at least once & you will know what I mean.
  • Asian women are even more feminine than Eastern European women because their looks and behavior are the most feminine in the world. It is said that Asian culture is the most feminine culture on the planet, whereas Anglo-Saxon culture is the most masculine culture of all.
  • Asian beauties are willing to make your sexual fantasies come true. They feel happy when they do that for men, so they are very happy to accommodate your needs in the bedroom.


Yes, many beauties in Asia are on top international dating apps these days because they are curious about the western world and want to date western men.


Yet Asian girls fall into different categories: East Asian women have fair skin and they are the hardest to get because they are very practical & they have already seen finer things in life; South Asian women are darker and they are a bit easier to get because they are very eager to marry western men. Please forget about West Asian women because those women are mostly from India who believe in arranged marriage.


If you are filthy rich, you should consider marrying an East Asian woman, i.e. someone from China, Japan or South Korea. There are many multi-millionaires and billionaires in East Asia, so you are basically competing with local Asian men who are very wealthy.


Nevertheless, if you aren’t filthy rich, you may want to meet women from South Asia, i.e. girls from the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. The cost of dating South Asian women is lower.


That’s why there are many South Asian women on top international dating apps in 2019. There are fewer East Asian women on these interracial dating apps these days.

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  • How about African women? Are they also on the best international dating apps?


As far as I know, African women who actually live in Africa aren’t on top international dating apps nowadays. I have heard stories about scammers from Africa on dating apps, but those scammers’ profiles are deleted by dating apps immediately as long as users report them to the customer service team.


If you want to meet a Black woman, you should just join a mainstream dating app and meet an African American woman who actually lives in the United States (or Canada).


There are many Black women living in western countries, so it shouldn’t be too hard to meet a Black girl that you like. Maybe you’ll meet someone who looks like Beyoncé or Halle Berry!


Actually, there are many Black women who want to date White men and that’s very normal and common in North America these days, as evidenced by the fact that Meghan Markel’s mother is a Black woman and her father is a White man.


I know many Black women who have joined interracial dating apps in order to meet White men. Some of them are on rich men dating apps because they think most rich men are White anyway.


I still remember when I was young, I watched a movie called Cinderella in which the King was a White man and the Queen was a Black woman – and their son was Asian. Unbelievable! In that movie, Cinderella was a Black girl.

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There are also different types of Black beauties. Some Black ladies have lighter skin (or fairer skin), e.g. Beyoncé, Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams and Whitney Houston. They are usually more popular.


On top international dating apps, some Black ladies have darker skin, but the quality of their skin is better. As the saying goes, “Blacks don’t crack”. In other words, darker skin rarely has wrinkles & is very smooth and soft.


Science has proved that darker skin is less likely to suffer from skin cancer because darker skin has natural SPF in it. That’s good news.


If you have tried the best international dating apps, which one is your favorite? We have reviewed many international dating apps on this website, so don’t forget to check out our honest reviews today.

International dating has become mainstream already.

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