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Is Fling of the high quality?


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Fling is a popular site among those people who look to hookup. Its main page with naughty GIFs leaves no doubts about its purpose. The number of members reaches 3 mln. around the world.

The ratio of men and women is more or less equal, and the age of 30s prevails. Fling exists since 2006, so it’s one of the second wave dating products with quite modern look and features.

Is Fling of the high quality?

After a deeper analysis of reviews, it’s easy to notice that Fling did use some tricks in the first years of its existence to catch new members, such as bots and fake users, but later they stopped.

There are bigger and more famous sites for casual meetings but Fling is worthy of one’s attention and rather effective. There are probably fewer women in its database but most are real.

Many of them are ready to jump to the nearest cab and have a hot night with you. The site is sex-focused and offers a sexual compatibility test, along with such search options as group sex.

Mostly, those are the couples in need of the 3rd player. It’s easy to sort your potential matches’ videos by their quality, hotness or closeness to your area, and watch the most matching ones accordingly.

The couples’ profile photos are seen already on the main page of the site, along with the singles’ photos. These provocative pictures leave no question about the nature of the platform.whats a fling


Signing up is free on Fling. Only Silver and Golden membership allow to contact women and chat with them without limit. The Silver membership cost is 24.95$ for 1 month or 49.95$ for 3 months.

You cannot pay for the whole year to save the maximum of money. If you aren’t demanding though, we’re glad to inform you this site is somewhat cheaper than many other adult dating sites.

Cons and critics

The users of online hookup sites are never fully satisfied with the services. Fling also has slight imperfections that could be improved if the site owners cared more, and here are some of them.

  • It’s funny that they guarantee to each user he’ll get laid within 3 months. No one is joining such sites with long perspectives, impatience is the main reason for their search.
  • Fling doesn’t verify the users’ identity. It’s understood that all of casual sex seekers prefer to stay anonymous but others want to make sure they are speaking with real persons.
  • There’s no mobile app so you cannot stay in touch 24/7 from any place you go to or monitor your new contacts in the most effective way. Only the adapted version.
  • The quantity of members is considerably smaller than on other popular sites for adult dating and hookups, but the owners do nothing to attract new users more hot flings

General recommendations

Although the is a frank and naughty dating site, it’s not recommended to just post your intimate parts and leave the profile rows empty. Short, dumb and vulgar letters aren’t recommended.

Even those women who are ready for casual sex, need at least an imitation of courtship. Be classy and tell them compliments. Discussing your likes in a bed and your sexual demands, be honest.

It’s not fair if you advertise only your “serving” skills and then demand hours of blowjob during the real meeting. Ask her first whether she likes pleasing her partner in this or that way.

Discuss all “tabooed” things in advance too. If both of you are after classical sex then it’s fine but any experiments should be accepted by all participants, to make sure no one is harmed.

Aso, always arrange the intimate video chat with a girl before meeting her in real so you won’t be disappointed by her figure or body language when you finally meet in person.

Real users’ stories

“I met my current boyfriend on Fling although we were just seeking fun”, Jane shares. “We hookuped once, then met another time and then it just continued, which we do not regret at all.

Was Fling convenient and easy to use? I guess so, although many profiles seemed commercial and some men wanted to be paid for their escort services. So, girls should be cautious.

It’s usually enough to reject the users with the most attractive profiles, where they look too muscular and well-groomed on their photos like the real professionals. Better choose simple guys.

The features are only few but they are sufficient for making contact. I chatted with many male users who called me sexy so it improved my mood and self-confidence a lot, before I met Mike.

I would rather rate it high although let’s be honest, there are much cooler apps and sites in the market. Just I am thankful to this one because of our unexpected happy relationship”.fling review

“I am a kinky single and I usually need special niche apps for my needs”, Tina says. “But friends recommended Fling to me and I met many like-minded folks there, both online and offline.

My impression is, people there do not hide who they are and like putting the most provocative photos to their profiles. Sometimes it looks cheap, yes, but in other cases, it looks stylish.

On my experience, some users of Fling indicate their BDSM or other fetish preferences right in the profile self-description, while others share this during the first chat with a new person.

In other words, it’s enough to know what you want and be persistent, in order to find someone compatible for one-night-stands or vacationing together. I gathered a lot of people for themed parties.

At the same time, I encountered some problems as well, such as the absence of geolocation feature or a small quantity of spam. Be careful, use common sense, and you’ll benefit from Fling”.

“I wouldn’t say the quality of girls on this site is worthy of payment,” Richard says. “But I’m paying because most of them seem to be available in reality and ready to meet me, even at their cost.

For example, one flew to see me from another state, just to spend one night together. I honestly didn’t get such results on other hookuping sites, and I’m very flattered by that.

In another case, a girl agreed to keep a total anonymity although she was young and surely expected some appreciation or taking her to public places. She accepted all my conditions.

I won’t mention here less successful stories I had on Fling, of course, there are some escort girls and catfishers as well. But most of my experiences, I enjoyed and they brought me satisfaction.

For today, I can say I met almost ten girls through this site, at different periods of time. So my conclusion is, one can easily and quickly find a down-to-earth chick on Fling for casual sex”.

The audience feedback

People are in general satisfied with the Fling and there’s nothing severely annoying: no ads, no bots attacking you with automatic messages, no offensive porno. It’s a typical adult dating site.

Reportedly, it is helpful and easy to use. It’s somewhat cheaper than its main competitors but the results aren’t any worse. The site seems to be attractive for women too so they readily join it.

Fling is one of many dating sites that offer a big database of beautiful women’s profiles. It’s not more expensive than the others and the scam rate isn’t any higher than in average.

So it seems to be worthy of trying. But is it really so? What are the hidden nuances? Actually, they aren’t even hidden. A modern dating expert is a demanding person with a broad experience.fling dating

Expert’s opinion

This site has nothing to offer to such experts. The interface is frankly poor with the modest design and the lack of options, but it cannot even be called minimalistic which would be stylish.

Looks like some middle-school boy produced it as a part of his homework. The site claims it’s just “simple and user-friendly”. We could see such kind of sites everywhere about 20 years ago.

The next discovery is that women aren’t all beautiful. They look like they arrived directly from the old-fashion porn times, including their hairstyle and clothes. Most aren’t even cute.

The vulgar pictures prevail, and the quality of photos is strikingly bad. Even those photos which are placed on the main page. It’s no surprise there aren’t many scammers among them.

Since it’s easy to believe these ladies are too desperate and want to exactly get laid. However, the typical male users of Fling aren’t that determined at all. Many are ok with just cyber sex.

Surprisingly, some success stories published on the site, contain chauvinist statements and frank disrespect towards the chosen women. While adult dating normally doesn’t have such a concept.

There are lots of tips and helpful articles on the site. Some of them are just brilliant, for example, “Use some naughty words in your message!” For sure, one could never get this idea by himself.

On a serious note, Fling can be a waste of your time. There are only 10K active members which is rather small comparing to the popular dating sites. The lack of female members is felt.fling app

Seems the database of women wasn’t really updated since a long time just like the interface. Some bonus options are: creating favourites list, blocking the member, viewing private photos

There aren’t many though and they won’t impress you anyway. Also, advanced search is available, and seeing who checked your profile. The site is equipped with detailed FAQ.

The absent options are: sending friend requests, lifting your profile to the top of search, checking whether your emails are read, uploading videos, suggestions of good matches, rating the photos.

As well as using chatrooms, the automatic translation software. However, there are ladies of any age, including very young ones. For some men, those are good arguments to use it.

The company owns 2 more dating sites and promotes them but there are even fewer members or options. There are English-speaking girls in the database and those ones who don’t speak any English.

As you can see, Fling is good for men who want the affordable membership and who aren’t picky about the women. For the others, there are much better and brighter alternatives.

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