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Secret Desire dating app review (hook up dating)

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Secret Desire dating app is a hook-up app for men and women to flirt with each other and find instant dates. If you consume instant dates just like instant noodles, then this app is for you!


  • Members don’t need to enter any personal information.
  • Only upload a profile photo!
  • Meet new people nearby.
  • Friendship, hook-up and serious relationship are all possible on Secret Desire dating app.
  • Push the like button to show your interest in someone’s profile.
  • If someone also likes your dating profile, that’s a match & you can start chatting with that person instantly.
  • Filter questions: Some members use filter questions, i.e. you have to answer their filter questions before contacting them. You are allowed to set up your own filter questions which have specific answers or can be answered in various ways. Be creative! Only those who have answered your filter questions can talk to you.
  • A very simple and elegant interface.
  • These aren’t allowed: phone numbers, email addresses, fake profiles, advertisements, and disappointment!
  • Secret Desire dating app is best characterized by anonymous dating for fun.Hook-up-Dating


  • Hookup access: $9.49
  • Premium access: $36.99.


  • Secret Desire dating app is the most open-minded community in the world. You can find friends with benefits here easily and nobody will judge you. Also, if you are in a relationship, you can also join this app because it doesn’t matter – it’s your life & you should live your life as you wish. Therefore, nobody has the right to judge you! You are a free person.
  • Multiple subscription options are available, so you can choose which plan you want to buy. The lowest price is $9.49 which is very affordable. Please note that prices are in US dollars on iTunes & if you live in another country, prices may vary accordingly.
  • Secret Desire dating app has many different languages for you to select: English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Japanese. That means you don’t have to live in an English-speaking country in order to use this hookup app.secret-hookup


  • This app allows people above 17 years of age to join its community. But we believe that it will be better if it says only those who are above 18 can join this app. Not everyone on a hookup app is interested in becoming Hanna Schmitz of The Reader.

Users’ comments:

“Secret Desire dating app is growing its database so fast. Now I can see there are new members joining this app every single day. Super happy to meet new people frequently! I’m pretty sure that my hookup dating habit has transformed my life fundamentally because this is a very effective way to meet people who can help me in various ways. For example, some of my best friends hooked up with me via this app and we are still very close friends & we look after each other in other ways as well. Recently I’ve found a good job through a friend with benefits. Seriously perfect – I get laid and get paid because of this wonderful app.” (Helen, 36, San Francisco)

“I love Secret Desire dating app because it has a lot of horny women looking for hookups online. Unlike other casual dating apps which have many more men than women, Secret Desire definitely has a large number of eligible women who just want to sleep with men without asking for commitment. I highly recommend this app to people who are looking for NSA relationships.” (Ben, 35, Seattle)

“Secret Desire dating app is the only app I need these days. I don’t think I’ll ever need Tinder or Bumble again because Secret Desire is simply the best dating app of all. It has everything I need and I’m very satisfied!” (Edward, 29, Vancouver)


Experts’ comments:

“Secret Desire dating app is probably the best adult hook-up app in the world. It has thousands of positive reviews and very few negative reviews on iTunes, which isn’t very common for a dating app like this. I believe it is very well done!” (Jade Seashell)

“If you are looking for an instant date that works like instant coffee (but tastes better), you must download Secret Desire dating app. This online dating product has simplicity at its finest.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

In today’s hook-up culture, Secret Desire dating app is definitely, positively a winner in the casual dating niche. Many dating experts have recommended this app to their clients. Also, this app has extremely positive reviews on the Internet, which is uncommon for any dating app in the world. Therefore, if you are looking for a quick date with someone hot, you would be well-advised to join Secret Desire and hook up with someone cute now. Life is short; savor the pleasure when you still can!

This is the most vibrant hook-up community in the universe.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Joan D says

    Guys,,, I, got on the bait with the account withdraw money automatically….Although I do not use the site….and the account can’t be removed . Who knows, the money goes back?????.I blocked the map….?

  2. Larry M says

    The site is paid and it’s good! You don’t write one, who just came to chat, those looking for second half! And if you find someone who you like, then you will be sure that he does not just say beautiful words , but also wants to build a serious relationship! after all, he paid for it!

    1. Schultz says

      I am hoping your upcoming movie is going to be online dating app referrals or even just event in the uk where you can mingle with other individuals

  3. Donald says

    The site is a complete Scam. Was two weeks. I bought the service for 1400. And then it turned out still 3600 must for two months. Where did this amount is no one will say. They only write one thing: You signed an agreement. Do not get fooled and in any case do not register on this site. There is nothing there!!!

  4. Arnold says

    I do not like to write reviews, but then the soul could not stand. Offered paid service (without which is on the site is meaningless), the price is for a month, and the money I have written off for the year!!! 4800 grew. RUB the type of discount This is not normal. Offer a price list of the cost of services for the month-take a month! Money is not sorry. Nasty attitude. Who in this case is the site designed for? And who are we girls gonna find? Suckers who can’t defend their opinion? Protect yourself?

  5. Danielle D. Tate says

    Good day everyone. I read and was surprised. In fact, don’t blame the site for not being able to use it. All information provided. Just read and do everything according to the instructions, and no one will remove a penny from you without your knowledge. I met my husband here three years ago. Now we have a child. we’re happy. A lot of questions when registering, it is very important to fill in, because it is thanks to this information that the program selects you candidates. And it is important to write the truth, then you will like the candidates. My husband and I are half the same. the program very competently selects. And I advise all my friends and acquaintances. And yesterday even registered on the website our nanny. Sites not my fault that you can’t find a couple, you just is probably not very necessary. I wish you luck.

  6. Jenny says

    This application is very simple and I really like it. If you want to find quick sex and do not want your friends and colleagues to see you online – this is the best choice. Everything is anonymous! You can quickly delete your profile and then come back later when you want to go on a date again.

  7. lelia says

    If you are an adult that is seeking a relationship, you can use the Secret Desire Dating App to meet others. The hook up dating concept is simple: search for people that match your needs and desires. You’ll have fun finding dates online!

    1. Annie says

      While many partners seek casual sex as a substitute for married life, there are a lot of people who are not aware of this very new technology, so they’re probably looking for a way to find it. The creators of HOOKUP-IV thought of everything.

  8. Lola Lowe says

    It’s easy to get hooked by the many hook up sites and advertisements out there, especially since you may think you want to meet someone immediately. But wait until you meet someone first, and then make an informed decision. There are many dating sites that meet your needs, including Secret Desire Dating App, in case you want to be discreet about your preferences.

  9. mabelle m says

    Secret Desire Dating App offers convenience to those looking for love and romance. It allows members to meet different singles in your area. As soon as you create an account, you can choose the kinds of people you want to meet and their interests and preferences.

  10. Allen P says

    Before joining, you should know that there are free ones, but also paid sites that cater to specific interests. You can also join for free if you want to search on your own. However, if you need some time to think things over, you can choose paid ones. With paid services, you can receive notifications when you’ve been contacted.

    1. Aguilar says

      This is the most advanced form of online dating, and you can use it to stay safe from the modern dating world. You can make your choices without worrying about the person’s past. You can select your desired partner in a timely manner without exposing your past or family secrets.

  11. minerva says

    The thing members will enjoy most is the way they are able to search through profiles. When you search for someone that matches your tastes, you’ll be given a list of all the profiles with which you could contact. Plus, each profile can be searched by location, interests, as well as status.

  12. craig says

    Members can also access features from Secret Desire Dating App that allows them to post comments or photos on other people’s profiles. You can use this feature to compliment the person, add more information about yourself, or create a friendship. You can get freebies like stamps for creating your own signature or creating a status update.

  13. Hunter says

    When you search for dates with people through Secret Desire Dating App, you’ll find online profiles. All of the profiles are free and are updated regularly. You can browse through profiles on the map of your area, but make sure to select several profiles that you want to contact.

  14. owen mclaughlin says

    Once you contact someone, you will receive a verification code by email that will allow you to login with your login and password and verify the person’s name. In order to start chatting with someone, you can send messages using text messaging services like Google Talk, as well as various instant messaging systems.

  15. Lettie says

    It’s important to understand that the success rate of Secret Desire Dating App depends on the quality of profiles that you look through. Thus, it’s important to select profiles that are informative, honest, and have some kind of depth. Many members had real problems and unfulfilled desires that others in the same situation as them have solved with the help of this service.

    1. Young says

      Oooo these are generally amazing! My partner and I use GoogleKeep for distributed lists and information and to dos

  16. cory f says

    Some of the challenges and concerns expressed by online users include compatibility issues, not finding someone who suits your interests, and needing someone who will let you communicate in a discreet manner. No matter what your particular problems are, there are plenty of members to chat with.

  17. Carrie H. says

    Other benefits of joining Secret Desire Dating App are having a completely free service that offer plenty of incentives, including FREE gifts and matching gifts, plus dating tips and tutorials, freebies, and free tools. As long as you take advantage of these incentives, you can find someone that suits your needs.

  18. Bertie M. says

    Another great benefit of Secret Desire Dating App is the ability to search for members based on location. Many people have enjoyed great success when finding a date and meeting new friends from this site. Many couples have become hooked with the possibilities of meeting someone right at home, and it’s not difficult to get started either.

  19. Singleton says

    The HOOKUP-IV is completely free, so it’s like the perfect app to test out before you decide to pay the hefty price for any other “serious” dating or hookup app. Most people are able to try it out for free, and it has no advertising.

  20. Caldwell says

    In america Venmo is the ideal! It’s extremely easy and has preserved my interactions with my girlfriends on our springtime split 🙂

  21. Bobby says

    Partnerships are similar to operating a company. I remember this first came out throughout a drunk guidance.

  22. Henrietta says

    If you are looking for a chat room app that will hookup with other men, this app will give you the freedom you need. It’s not necessarily a place to meet your boyfriend or girlfriend, but it could just be the beginning of something more exciting.

  23. Dale says

    Men and women both can find another man to connect with. They don’t have to be married to make a lasting relationship possible.

  24. Sophie says

    Men and women can now feel free to search for partners from all around the world. The app gives you complete control over whom you want to hookup with.

  25. Johanna says

    HOOKUP-IV is the latest in the long line of secret desire apps. It offers “more than just ‘one-night stands.” Like other apps, it can be used by both sexes. In fact, it was designed with one particular goal in mind: to create a market for the sexual encounters that the majority of married men and women never get to enjoy.

  26. Ramsey says

    This has lead to a new type of world where the two genders can have sex at anytime, anyplace, even at work or in bed. It makes it easier for men and women to find the right partner. You don’t have to be lonely when you are not married.

  27. Allen says

    Men and women both can find another man to connect with. They don’t have to be married to make a lasting relationship possible. With the addition of the “hookup”, you can fulfill all your needs without a commitment.

  28. Green says

    Men and women can now find each other. It’s the best way to ensure you enjoy your relationships. With the Secret Desire App, you’ll always be able to find someone you will truly connect with.

  29. Abbott says

    I could only suggested the provided grocery list! I have even one with my level mates while we talk about many of the food items. Can make daily life much easier and makes it easier to talk about the mental fill that accompanies writing a grocery list.

  30. Bush says

    Instead of stressing about finding the right person, you can simply go to your computer and check this app whenever you’re ready. Because you can set up meetings at your convenience, you don’t have to spend too much time searching.

  31. Nora says

    This became this kind of interesting and valuable online video! I’ve been with my man for two yrs and a one half, undertaking great distance for nearly two years and i believe we deffo need to use the joint work schedule!

  32. Bishop says

    Many thanks for viewing! So you know how I say in the movie that it’s an indirect to Dan about how exactly he should make use of a personal calendar and will support our connection? Effectively he was seeing over my shoulder blades once i was examining the revise and then he just laughed… nonetheless focusing on it! What are you favourite apps you employ in connections?

  33. Swanson says

    I’m transferring with my boyfriend in July so definitely utilizing some of these! We’re with a uni spending budget in a pupil level so budgeting apps will likely be so valuable!

  34. Morgan says

    Hannah an appropriate sneeze proves having an found Windex explosion out from the oral cavity. The sneeze you shown is repressed rage. I will clear windows with the way I sneeze. All I need can be a dry towel. The only real app I have for connections is my right hand. Anyway, do you realize Hannah spelled backward is still Hannah?

  35. Smith says

    a sensible app i seriously advocate is cozi, my family just utilizes it for your work schedule, but there are more capabilities like grocery store listings. it is much more forwarded to households because you can include many individuals but it is always good for any romantic relationship too!

  36. Thornton says

    Some popular hookup apps offer brief descriptions of their services and the type of person who may be interested in having an experience with a stranger. With , you’ll find lots of features for your messages. It features the most popular ideas used by clients, and some features that were not present on any other apps.

  37. Myers says

    Really would like the And but seems like it’s not available for android but just received Wish! Expect this is enjoyable!!

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