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Are You Sure You Want to Use the Best Dating Apps for Hooking Up?

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Due to the popularity of the hookup culture in contemporary society, more and more daters are looking for the best dating apps for hooking up nowadays. If you are one of them, please keep reading.

The hookup culture is best characterized by the popularity of nightclubs these days.

As a matter of fact, bars and pubs were only invented about sixty or seventy years ago. In other words, people have used nightclubs to meet potential partners to hook up with for only a few decades so far.

The potential of bars, pubs and nightclubs is still huge. Never underestimate what you can do in these social environments.

For example, Donald Trump met his ex-wife in a bar. Steve Hussey met his wife Pauline Hussey in a bar. Richard la Ruina met his wife Kate la Ruina in a bar. There is nothing wrong with that. People find both casual flings and serious relationships in bars, pubs and nightclubs. It’s even a legitimate way to meet life partners.

In fact, most serious relationships started as casual flings – you have to assess whether someone is the right person for you by dating this person casually at first, and then if this individual meets all your standards, you can make it official and dating app for hooking up

Frankly, bars, pubs and nightclubs used to be the best way to meet life partners. It is the modern culture that changed the nature of these venues.

Let’s look at it this way: The modern culture doesn’t really need men and women to get married. I mean it’s not necessary to get married if you don’t want to. You can live a good life without being married. Actually, a lot of successful people are single! For example, Tim Ferriss is a role model of all single men and Angela Pan Yin-tze is a role model of all single women.

If marriage isn’t essential anymore, it’s perfectly okay to hook up with whoever you want. We don’t judge that.         We often say that is the least judgmental website in the dating industry because we value free speech.

The best dating apps for hooking up should be an add-on only.

I would like to encourage you to frequent bars, pubs and nightclubs to meet potential daters for casual hookups because that is a good way to practice your social skills effectively.

Meanwhile, I think using the best dating apps for hooking up is a nice add-on because this is 2019, not 1979 – everything is digital now, so you shouldn’t miss out on unlimited opportunities online.

Let me tell you a real story which happened ten years ago.

In 2009, my best friend Amber just left a painful relationship. After working on herself and reading a wide variety of books about dating and relationships, she joined a marriage agency in her local area.hook up

That marriage agency is very small. The owner of that agency ran only one singles’ event for their members and merely two people rocked up. The event was a flop.

The owner of that marriage agency sold their members’ contact details to a bigger marriage agency in the local area, because two weeks later Amber received a spam email from a bigger marriage agency.

Normally, people would delete all spam emails, right? But when singles are looking for love, they don’t delete spam emails about dating and relationships. In fact, they read those emails!

I know this is true because a lot of singles have told me that they think reading those marketing emails from random strangers is also a way to seize more opportunities to find love.

Anyway, Amber read that marketing email and joined that marriage agency’s database. She not only joined their online platform, but also went to the office of that marriage agency and created a dating profile there.

That marriage agency introduced a relatively suitable guy to Amber. But they didn’t see each other again after the first date. Amber says that guy is weak. She wants a strong man.

Then Amber asked the marriage agency if they have anyone with advanced degrees from prestigious universities. Then the marriage agency introduced another guy to her.

Amber got married because this guy is a strong, alpha man.

However, Amber divorced him four years later because the alpha, strong guy became weak after a few years.

I wouldn’t say her first marriage was a failure because Amber got a lot out of it! In many ways, she changed her destiny forever with the help of her ex-husband. But he is just not the right man for her anymore because her value increased, whereas his value decreased over the years. And that’s very normal. We shouldn’t blame them.hookup dating apps

Then Amber joined the best dating app for hooking up because she doesn’t need a marriage anymore. Nowadays, it’s okay to look for casual dates only.

After using the best hookup dating app, Amber has met several hot men. Some of them are creative artists; some of them are published authors; some of them are successful entrepreneurs.

Without these hookup apps, Amber wouldn’t have the opportunity to date so many interesting men in her life now.

Clearly, Amber is a smart woman who never misses out on any opportunity in love, business and life. She seized the opportunity to join the bigger marriage agency. She also seized the opportunity to join the best dating app for hooking up.

But all her digital actions are an add-on. Actually, Amber’s main strategy is to meet attractive men in real life. She is always looking for hot men in coffee shops, bars, pubs, nightclubs and parties. She is a switched-on woman.

“All I need to do is to make eye contact with attractive guys, and I remember to smile like the sunshine in Brazil,” says Amber, “If I do more than that, I would attract weak men.”

What Amber is trying to say is she always let men take the initiative and be proactive. She gives men signals. She encourages men to chase her. But she doesn’t chase men. If a guy can’t approach her, that means he is a beta man. Only alpha guys would approach her with confidence. Therefore, her approach is a great way to filter men that she meets every week.

Although Amber’s story is a woman’s story, it’s very inspiring for men as well. If you are a man reading this article, you should know that real women only want masculine, alpha, strong men. So, it’s your responsibility to approach women!meet potential partners to hook up

Men should be assertive, strong, alpha on the best dating app for hooking up.

A lot of people complain that they can’t find results fast on the best hookup dating apps. Further examination reveals that most men don’t really ask women out on dating apps. They just keep chatting for weeks until they are pretty sure this woman wouldn’t give them a rejection.

That’s beta men’s behavior, unfortunately.

An alpha guy always asks hot women out on the best hookup dating apps quickly. Usually, after chatting for 20 minutes, he would ask her out for a date immediately because he needs to see her and check whether she is the ideal woman for him without wasting his time.

Remember: high-value men don’t have time to waste.

The best dating apps for hooking up in 2019 should only be an additional method of looking for casual hookups. It shouldn’t be your primary source of leads.

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