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Flurv Dating App Review: Meet, Chat & Friend

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With a logo which looks a bit like Facebook (blue background with a white letter F), Flurv dating app is a popular dating product for singles to find romance on the Internet.


  • This is the biggest social network for meeting new friends according to your location.
  • Interested: indicate who you like.
  • Travel: travel dating is so fun!
  • Feature Me: exclusive feature on Flurv dating app – your dating profile will have more visitors and potential partners viewing your information.
  • Buzz: you can connect with new friends to do interesting things together. You will never be lonely here.
  • Its location-based technology helps you to meet people in your local area instantly. This is faster than instant noodles or instant coffee!
  • You can also search for the type of new friends you would like to meet, no matter they are in your local area or not (you can even find someone in another city or even a foreign country).


  • In-app products: ranging from US$1.10 to US$111.60 per item.
  • If you want to find something meaningful on Flurv dating app, you probably have to spend some money. Otherwise, you are only wasting your time. You can always get your money back, but you’ll never get your time back – that’s why it’s wise to invest in a good dating app – you are investing in your own love life and happiness. Time is the most valuable asset in your life! That’s why we don’t really recommend offline dating which is very time-consuming and less efficient. And we also don’t recommend trading hours for dollars by working for a corporation. Anyway, we don’t want to be judgmental, and those are our preferences.fluvr couples


  • Flurv dating app was created by a very strong team in California – they know what they are doing because they have a lot of experience in the dating space.
  • It is not expensive to use. You can afford it.
  • Its IT team is constantly updating this product by fixing technical issues. Now it’s a very stable and fast dating app.
  • Its interface is very similar to Facebook, so it’s very user-friendly and fun.
  • Most people on this casual dating app are looking for friendships and flings, so they are not worried about looking for long-term, serious relationships (they are not needy).


  • As a free member, you can’t do much in this community. Only VIP members can enjoy all the advanced features and benefits.
  • This casual dating app has many interesting and stimulating features that will fascinate you.
  • You can meet new friends on this app, so you don’t have to feel the pressure of finding a partner now.
  • Sometimes it crashes and logs members out automatically.Flurv-Meet,-Chat,-Friend

Users’ comments:

“Flurv dating app is a very trustworthy dating app. I love it. I have met many new friends in New York since last year. Because I moved to New York City in 2018 and I didn’t know anyone here, I downloaded this dating app and found it very useful! Now I have built a cool social circle in the Big Apple already.” (Lily M., 27, NYC, NY)

“This app looks very similar to Facebook, so sometimes it’s confusing – When I wake up in the morning and begin to stare at my phone, occasionally I can’t even tell whether it’s Facebook or Flurv dating app! Well, perhaps I should drink less from now on for my own sanity.” (Ned U., 26, London, the United Kingdom)

“I don’t know why Facebook allows this dating app to imitate their design. It’s bizarre. But anyway, I’ve had some good time on this flirting dating app recently and I shouldn’t complain.” (Alex W., 24, Melbourne, Australia)fluvr singles online

Experts’ comments:

“Flurv dating app is a fun casual dating app for people to find romance and friendships online. Many members are only looking for friendships rather than serious relationships, so its ambience is quite relaxed.” (Jade Seashell)

“I guess this dating app is imitating Facebook because they know Facebook’s interface is proved to be correct.” (Curt Coch)

“Flurv dating app’s advanced features are indeed very fascinating.” (Serghei)

“If you are a young guy at university, you shouldn’t completely rely on online dating. Online dating can be an add-on, but it shouldn’t be your primary source of hook-ups. What you must do is to build a social circle at university because this is your best time to meet hot and young women who have something in common with you – you are studying in the same university together. Once you have some good friends at university, your friends will introduce sexy girls to you and that’s your opportunity to get laid quickly. Therefore, you must leverage this window at university and only use online dating and cold approach as additional methods.” (Roosh V)fluvr happy couples

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why is it important to begin with a friendship?
  • If you start from a serious relationship, it’s not practical – you don’t know this stranger at all, so how can you expect a long-term relationship with this person? It’s impossible. You have to start somewhere casual, e.g. a friendship. Then you can see where things go later on and make a decision based on what you’ve seen.
  1. Is Flurv dating app reputable?
  • Yes, it’s a very reliable and trustworthy dating app in general. Ideally, you may want to join more than one dating app to maximize your chance of getting what you want if you don’t have an existing high-value social circle full of high-quality friends.
  1. Is this the only dating app that introduce new friends to me apart from dates?
  • In fact, Bumble dating app also introduces other categories to its members (friends and business contacts). Many people enjoy that as well.
  1. How can I find someone suitable in record time?
  • You must be very active on this dating app. If you only log in once a week, then you aren’t spending enough time on Flurv dating app, so you shouldn’t complain about it. Actually, we recommend that you’d better spend at least 10 hours per week doing online dating because you have to put effort into it & it’s not automatic.

Executive Summary:

Flurv dating app is a fun, casual and flirty dating app for singles around the world. You can find new friends and new dates in this community pretty fast if you spend enough time and pay enough attention on this platform. We believe that Internet dating is already mainstream in this day and age, so it’s totally reasonable to join a dating app and start chatting with new people now.

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It’s always easier to meet high-value people on a casual dating app like Flurv because people who are interested in friendship are more likely to be high-quality daters – they are not needy or insecure. Those who directly want to find long-term, serious relationships are usually less confident because they need a serious, long-term relationship to feel good and secure. Therefore, it’s always better to start from a friendship or something casual and then move things forward later.


  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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