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PURE Dating App Review (Anonymous hook up dating)

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In this day and age, not everyone is looking for a serious relationship and that’s understandable because everybody can be financially independent – no one really has to rely on anyone in most cases. Emotional neediness can be cured quite easily as well, so hook-up dating apps are becoming increasingly popular these days, including PURE dating app.


  • Your privacy stays private: there is no social media link or email address here.
  • End-to-end encryption means your information is protected all the time.
  • Your chats are deleted automatically, so no one will see what you are up to if they take a look at your phone. This makes cheating on your spouse easy.
  • The maximum time for a conversation is 1 hour only. After that, your conversation will be deleted because PURE dating app is about meeting someone hot online and hooking up immediately. No one wants to waste their time talking to people on the Internet without taking real action.
  • Upload a photo and match with someone cool.


  • PURE dating app is free to download and join.
  • Premium membership options:
  • Pure Hookup App Membership: US$39.99
  • Monthly Subscription: US$29.99
  • Pure Membership (Weekly Subscription): US$14.99
  • Pure Local Hook Up App Membership: US$14.99
  • Pure Singles Chat Subscription: US$19.99
  • Pure Hookup App Pass: US$38.99
  • Pure Date Hook Up Membership: $4.99
  • King of the Hill: US$0.99


  • PURE dating app is just like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get. If you are into a surprising and exciting lifestyle, this hookup dating app is for you.
  • Your desires should be spoken aloud in this community so that you will get exactly what you are looking for.
  • You can meet hot singles nearby in record time because it’s popular enough.
  • Once you’ve joined PURE dating app, you will meet people that you never would have met. Something like this can change your life forever, because it is said that the easiest way to change your life is to meet a partner that will change your destiny instantly.
  • Because PURE got an investment of US$200,000, its marketing is done very well and has attracted a large number of female members, which is very important to a hookup dating app,because most casual dating apps don’t have enough women. That’s why most hookup apps can’t keep male members who are willing to pay membership fees and most apps fail fast.
  • People are online late at night, so if you are on PURE dating app, you may get laid within 15 minutes.


  • Although it has a lot of female members, the number of male members is still much bigger than the number of its female members. That can be a problem at times because the competition among men is fierce here.
  • You can only have a 1-hour conversation with someone you meet on this app. Some users complain that it’s not long enough, because they think if the conversation can last for a day, that will be much more helpful.
  • It is reported that there are many prostitutes on PURE dating app. For instance, when a guy drives for an hour to hook up with a woman in another suburb, she literally asks for his money. That’s not fair because this guy already paid for his membership fee on PURE.
  • Some people will ask for gift cards from other users because their goal isn’t really to hook up with someone hot. They are just looking for a treat. But fortunately, that doesn’t happen very often.Pure-the-hookup-app

Users’ comments:

“PURE dating app is very useful. I’m glad that I’ve found it so that I can use it whenever I need it, e.g. sometimes my libido is really high and my husband can’t satisfy me because he always feels a lot of pressure whenever I ask for more in the bedroom. That’s why I have to hook up with someone else at times in order to make myself feel better, thereby saving my marriage. Otherwise, I will have to divorce my husband who can’t meet my sexual needs. Thanks to PURE, I’m still married.” (Jane Y., 34, New York City, NY)

“Because I’m in my middle 30s, my libido is incredibly high these days. But my boyfriend can’t satisfy my needs in bed anymore. I have to look elsewhere. Actually, I asked my boyfriend if we can find a third leg for a threesome so that I can be penetrated by two guys at the same time, but he says no. Therefore, my only option is to hook up with other men on PURE dating app. I don’t feel guilty because I’m the most important person in the universe and my happiness is important. When my sexual needs aren’t met, I feel depressed and anxious, so I couldn’t concentrate on anything in life. That’s why I’m very glad that I’ve joined PURE.” (Leeanne R., 35, Los Angeles, CA)

“I think PURE dating app should advertise in magazines such as Cosmopolitan because it has too many male members and doesn’t have enough female users. I’ve been looking for a girl to hook up with for months now, but there is no result! I’m unhappy with this app now.” (Jack T., 30, Dallas)

“PURE has nobody in my local area and I’m completely disappointed. I think it works well in big cities where there are a lot of horny people. I can’t hook up with anyone via PURE dating app, so I’m deleting this app on my phone now.” (Jonathan E., 29, Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Experts’ Comments:

“PURE is a trusted hookup dating app that actually works. All you need to do is to pay a membership fee that you can afford, talk to someone hot for an hour maximum, and buy some condoms as well as certain ‘items’ from the local convenience store because it’s so convenient.” (Jade Seashell)

“This is very direct and easy to use. You will only meet like-minded people on PURE dating app.” (Curt Coch)

“I like the idea of hooking up with random strangers. It turns me on.” (Alex Ainsworth)

“PURE dating app is a great place for people to get rid of loneliness and horniness.” (Serghei)

Editor’s Notes:

  • Most women on this hookup dating app are in their 30s because that’s when women begin to have very high libido.
  • Some younger women here are in their 20s & they are curious about the hook-up culture because they think hooking up with random men makes them feel sexy and look cool. And that’s okay!
  • There are many men who are ready to hook up with pretty women and the quality of these men is very high because this isn’t a free dating app. That means if people are willing to pay for this dating service, they can’t be broke and they are usually established men.

Executive Summary:

PURE dating app is a fantastic hookup dating app for people to have flings and fun easily. It’s all about after-dark adventure, so you may find yourself having intercourse with someone hot on the rooftop at 1am when your spouse is sleeping alone in the bedroom.Pure download itunes

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Do you think cheating on your spouse can be justified?

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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  1. Beck says

    This is a bullshit scam! Total prostitutes looking to make money and they are upfront about it if asked. Didn’t ever come across a genuine hookup that was looking for just a hookup they always asked for money or gift cards, how can this be legal?

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