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NoStringsAttached Review – “How to use this adult website?”

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Member statistics

Top features to use

Registration and first steps

Chatting with hot singles

Why purchase VIP?

Real users’ opinions


NoStringsAttached is one of well-organized and popular adult dating sites focused on intimate photos and videos shared between the users. Local hookuping in real is its purpose as well.

The site is an affiliate of GetItOn, Passion, and Alt, that belong to the same owner, Various Inc. They all serve horny singles, married personals, and couples in seeking fun and adventures.

Member statistics

NoStringsAttached is active and popular enough to be compared to such leaders as eHarmony. The research shows, their statistics of joining and success is approximately similar.

With over 1.5 members from the USA, NSA can be considered a good site for local hookups. The variety of options allows to find a match quickly in any state or city, including smaller towns.

The bad thing is that male members severely prevail, there are 70 percent of them in the database. On another hand, women are much more active with the chat initiating and video uploads.

Female members are mostly in their 30s while male members in their 30s and 50s. Other age groups are presented too. Not to forget the site is famous among the couples of all ages.

Top features to use

NSA offers many various and effective features for online hookuping and it also explains its popularity. Not many platforms care about creating special options for their users’ best results.

Many of them are free while others are for paid members only, some are classical and others have unique names. Here is the list of the most convenient features one finds on No Strings Attached.

  • High-Quality Member Videos is a sector with the bravest and frankest home movies.
  • Hotlist is in fact the list of favourites, it’s easy to compose and save the hot profiles.
  • Live Webcam is the most frequently used tool for virtual sex and getting acquainted.
  • Cheating Tips is a king of hookuping blog with a piece of advice for newcomers.
  • Match Reports allows to see the most precise matches basing on one’s preferences.
  • Open The Door is a VIP option allowing free users to contact the paid user.
  • Rate This Photo allows to compliment other users and raise their hookuping

Registration and first steps

The casual sex site starts from its entrance, the registration field. It matters a lot how this part is organized and whether it’s comfortable. Signing up is simple on NoStringsAttached.

One needs to start from creating his username, which is typical for anonymous hookup sites. The username is used instead of the real name and creates some fun and amusing atmosphere.

The gender is indicated along with the desired match’s gender, and email address is needed for the user’s verification. Then, at least one profile photo should be uploaded for activating the profile.

The password is created automatically though and can be changed after. The profile photo isn’t too much pre-moderated, it can even show body parts and nudity, just not the aggressive stuff.

Chatting with hot singles

Erotic video chats and spicy conversations are the main purpose of NoStringsAttached. The site even encourages married personals to encounter erotic models on webcam instead of real cheating.

Chatting is simple and easy to initiate. One can contact another user from his Hotlist, from the general gallery of users, from the Live Member and Live Model webcams, or use the group chatroom.hookup online

Why purchase VIP?

NoStringsAttached is basically useless without the VIP status. A free user can arrange his profile in any way, even make it private, but he cannot start messaging the others or view their profiles.

Extra features for VIP members are video chatting with erotic models and private phone calls. One can also change the gender if he wants to experiment or hookup online as a couple.

VIP subscription is fair and affordable, it makes 19.98 USD a month only. It’s considered an average price on the casual dating market, and the quality of services responds to that price.

Tokens are mostly spent on erotic models, either virtual gifts or the tips for them. Is it a pro or a con to have professional webcam girls in the adult dating site member base? Opinions differ.

Some think only real women ready to meet, should be in the member base. Others just want some qualitative online relaxation without any judgement, so professional models serve ok.

They know how to present themselves, how to please a man, and how to keep it bright and kinky until the happy ending. That’s why it is rather an advantage on adult dating site.

Real users’ opinions

“NoStringsAttached became my ticket to the world of pleasure as I was pretty stressed and introverted after my last breakup. Now I’m literally breathing again as I have like-minded friends.

With some of them we’re just video chatting, while with other ones, I was lucky enough to get laid in real. Such a freedom of choices is vital for a modern person especially after stressful times.

I would admit the quality of services surprised me, I thought it was just another adult dating site with non-decent photos and lots of scam. But no, it’s very decent and secure indeed.

As a bi-curious guy, I appreciated the VIP option to switch the gender in the profile settings and meet both boys and girls. I would enjoy it even more if my future girlfriend accepted.

The site inspires me to be myself and I’m sure other users feel the same. I am very grateful to No Strings Attached an I would gladly purchase the lifetime VIP subscription if it was available”.

“I am a very busy person who has the high sex drive, nonetheless. I don’t like the idea to use escort services and I am against the porn viewing, so NoStringsAttached is a great solution for me.Sexy young woman

For some small money, I get the full access to model’s profiles where they upload sexy video files and stream all day long. Most of them are very beautiful and young, so I enjoy that.

I can view their stream and video materials at any given moment between my negotiations and paperwork, which is super convenient. Along with that, the main page looks very elegant.

So it isn’t a problem for me if I get caught. Also, I rather like the fact that there’s no mobile version of the site. It would distract me a lot. I have more control over the desktop version.

I have male friends who are interested in this kind of services too, so I do not hesitate to give them recommendations about this site. I enjoy those cheating tips too, they are fun and helpful.

Thank you NoStringsAttached for great concepts and their realization. It’s important for an aesthetic person like me, to have access to such gorgeous girls worldwide, and to enjoy their virtual help”.

“I am an older single committed to meet sugar babies, as more of them as possible. At the same time, I do not have enough resources to provide them all. Meeting them online is easier.

NoStringsAttached offers the database full of young hot personals, both professional and amateur ones. They know how to treat someone like me, and make all the process highly enjoyable.Sexy young woman in lingerie posing on the bed

I am happy to find the place on the Internet where I’m appreciated, respected, and desired. The subscription fee I’m paying, is worthy of each penny since I am getting everything I want.

I am completely ready to meet one of that sexy girls as soon as we’re both impatient enough to make it happen. But No Strings Attached makes things possible even when finances are limited.

All models who performed for me, were polite and genuine. It’s indeed the second youth for an older person so I am fully satisfied and thankful to the site. I am staying online for hours.

When I had any issues or questions, the support team was always there for me. It’s truly the qualitative service and I’d share the link with all mature singles interested in elite virtual sex”.


NoStringsAttached certainly meets the users’ needs and shows its commitment to develop further. These two factors are sufficient for rating it high and recommending it to the others.

Like a true casual sex site, it acts beyond the ethic and unites naughty users despite their age, gender, marital status. Yet, it does this in a non-vulgar way and makes sure the quality is high.

It involves a lot of work from providing technical safety to the quick customer support and anti-spam filtering. Webcam models should be pre-moderated to not allow any fraud.

The casual dating blog on NoStringsAttached also requires constant attention and progress. It is noticed the so-called cheating tips are frequently renewed and new ones added, which is great.

The site doesn’t restrict or stress its members too much, only fair conditions are set. All they do is making sure a person is real, non commercial minded, non offensive, non aggressive.

While the rest is allowed, including very seductive photos and extremely erotic behaviour in video chats and online streaming. It sets people free and helps them fulfil all sexual desires.hookup online as a couple.

In other words, No Strings Attached does good work and offers all possible tools for the utmost success, like the elite dating site would do with the much higher cost and big demands.

It’s easy to see then why this site grew so famous and widely used, even with the certain flaws such as the smaller number of female members and the lack of options for LGBTQ users.

However, such sexual preferences as threesomes, swinger exchange, bi-curious experiments, are completely possible on No Strings Attached. One just needs to adjust the gender field in the settings.

Everything looks like it’s going to reach the top positions in the casual dating field and become the leader. Its further success depends on its team and the owner’s initiatives.

For now, we find it satisfying enough for all possible groups of users, and keep on recommending it to all kinky or naughty personals interested in cyber sex and offline experiments.

  1. Hallie says

    And, according to a 2012 review article, online dating doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll meet someone who is close to your heart.

  2. Mendez says

    It is a good way to meet people

  3. Lida says

    If you’ve ever wondered whether dating online is really a worthwhile endeavor, you might be surprised to learn that the answer is a resounding “yes.

  4. David says

    ” This is because the vast majority of people who use dating websites have been burned by it.

  5. Hicks says

    While many people have different opinions about the effectiveness of online dating, a survey by the Pew Research Center found that one-third of users say they are a good way to meet new people.

  6. Adam says

    It can be jerky

  7. Taylor says

    However, more than one-third of online daters have not met their partners offline.

  8. Delia says

    In fact, many users have had negative experiences with dating websites and apps.

  9. Tony says

    It’s possible that a match can be as good or better than you think, and the fact that you’re not even in the same country as your potential date makes it all the more frustrating.

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