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Skout dating app review (meet, chat, go live)

Skout (meet, chat, go live) dating app

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Skout dating app is a flirting app for men and women to find dates. It’s actually one of the biggest dating apps with the longest history because it was founded in 2007 – more than one decade ago!


  • Meet new people by preference.
  • Meet singles by proximity.
  • Chat with others online.
  • Broadcast yourself to promote your dating profile.
  • Watch other users’ streams.
  • See who viewed your dating profile.
  • Receive updates from members near you.
  • Save your favourite members in a list.
  • Browse dating profiles and photos.
  • Promote your dating profile with advanced features.


  • 500 points: $4.99
    * 500 points: $4.99
    * Premium subscription: $9.99
    * 1,200 points: $9.99
    * 3,000 points: $19.99
    * 1,000 points: $7.99
    * One-Month Skout premium membership: $9.99
    * 2,500 points: $16.99
    * 18,000 points: $99.99
    * 8,000 points: $49.99

scout dating app


  • You can choose to meet people nearby or around the world. For instance, if you decide to travel to a new city, you can search singles in that city before you arrive there.
  • Skout dating app is free to download and join, but if you want to enjoy advanced features, you have to pay a membership fee.
  • You can broadcast yourself live.
  • You can find both casual hookups and serious relationships on Skout dating app.
  • Your privacy is protected – your exact location and personal information will never be revealed without your consent. That means you decide if, how and when you want to connect with other users online.

Find dates to hook up or start a serious relationship – it’s up to you!


  • At the beginning, Skout dating app was extremely good. But due to a growing number of competitors such as Tinder and Bumble, Skout has lost a big part of its market.
  • There are many fake profiles on Skout these days, so you need to be more careful now.
  • Skout dating app’s customer service team aren’t very effective or efficient.

Users’ comments:

“Skout dating app is a wonderful social networking app which helped me to meet and date multiple women. Now I’m in an open relationship with the woman of my dreams. Sometimes she drives me to another lady’s house at night and picks me up in the morning so that I can sleep with another woman. I’m super happy!” (Daniel, 28, Atlanta)

“Skout dating app has many open-minded members who are active users online. I really enjoy this online dating experience because the results don’t lie.” (Rhonda, 31, Portland)

“I like Skout because it’s the most useful dating app that I’ve ever tried! I can get laid very easily with the help of this app. No more dinner dates. No more worries. Just direct hook-ups. Simple, nice and easy.” (Anthony, 32, New York City)

“I am not impressed. There are too many scammers and fake profiles on Skout. I tried to contact their customer service team, but I never hear anything from them. I’m very disappointed and I wouldn’t recommend this dating app to anyone.” (Emma, 25, Sydney)

Experts’ comments:

“Skout dating app has a long history and has been in this industry for more than one decade already. It should probably improve its service because there’s lots of competition out there nowadays.” (Curt Coch)

“Skout dating app is a mainstream dating app which encourages both casual hook-ups and serious commitments, so no matter what you are looking for, you will find something here. Actually, it’s much easier to start with a casual hook-up and then convert it into a serious commitment if you would like to play the field and still want to get married one day. However, it’s harder to start as a serious commitment and then change it from something casual to something serious.” (Jade Seashell)

Executive summary:

Skout is a popular mainstream dating app which allows members to look for friends with benefits or long-term partners. In fact, if you are looking for a long-term partner, perhaps this isn’t the right app for you because there are many other dating apps which only encourage people to look for serious commitments. Yet if you don’t mind having some casual fun, Skout dating app is probably something that you might want to try.
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  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Kristian G. Connors says

    Skout dating app is a wonderful social networking app which helped me find dozens of new friends and a lot of interesting men to start relationships with. Now I’m dating with one handsome man from Spain who lives in my city. I can say that he is really a man of my dreams. Sometimes we still use this application in order to find new acquaintances and have a rest with them together or find a company for traveling. I really enjoy this great app, as it corresponds all my desires and expectations.

    1. Jade Seashell says

      That’s fantastic, Kristian.


    2. Cj says

      Your so full of crap lady that site is full of scammers you probably met no one.

  2. Ruth G. White says

    My sister advices me this app, as she had been using it for a couple of months and was able to date some interesting guys. A friend of mine has also met her husband here, so there is no reason to doubt the high quality and honesty of the application. I really like the simple interface, a lot of free features (viewing guests and photos, sending emoticons). All the users who’ve messaged me are not maniacs, but good, decent guys, so there are a lot of interesting people to talk to. I can say that this is one of the few dating apps on which there are practically no bots, and all the users are quite polite and interesting people. It is evident that the administration and moderators are serious about those users who register here. You should not be afraid that you correspond with the bot.

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Thanks for the amazing comment, Ruth.


  3. Dayl Blane says

    Hey everyone! Tell me please, how to login with Facebook? I have been registered for 3 years already and always use Facebook to log in. But now I can’t do it, as it shows me the error. What’s the problem?

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hi Dayl,

      Is there a possibility that this app blocked you for some reason?


    2. Leanne says

      Try to log out and log in to your Facebook account. It should work, otherwise it’s better to contact Skout support team. I also faced with that problem when I used IOS 8. When the app was buggy I just deleted it, restarted my iPhone and downloaded the app one more time.

  4. Kurt K. Hays says

    I’m the owner of an IT company. The position requires frequent business meetings and often I have to attend various events, communicate with partners. And since I am already under 40, many people are surprised that I come to the meeting without a woman. My family, friends and colleagues started to look at me with suspicion. That was the main reason why I decided to download this app. I can say that this is one of the biggest dating apps with great number of users. There are a lot of beautiful and smart women who are looking for friendly communication and serious relationships. I think that this is the best option for those who don’t have a lot of free time, but still want to find true love.

  5. Alena says

    All dating apps have pros and cons, this is the downside of dating apps which is due to polluted spam profiles.And while the app is a great tool for Android users, the most unpleasant thing correctly is the amount of scam profiles that just want to.However, for those of you who want to get on a good date without wasting time with traditional approaches, Tinder is without a doubt a great mobile app that you can use.

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